Zeke's Successor: A Boondocks Story Prt. 2


It's been five years since the demise of Zeke Lucas, the evilest Warlock who has ever lived. Now twenty-one year old Huey Freeman and his girlfriend, Jazmine DuBois thought they were going to live their lives in peace…but you can never be too sure. When mortals and Mediums start dying left and right, its up to Huey and his annoying counterpart, Zackary Jameson to stop the one person whose powerful enough to become Zeke's successor.


Setting: Woodcrest Cemetery; Silver Springs, Maryland

Date: November 15TH, 2015

Time: 5:15 P.M.

Chapter One

Zeke's Successor

Emerald Johnes

This cemetery hasn't been used in five years…thanks to that damn Wartile Huey Freeman. It is my mission to make Freeman pay for his mistakes, even if it means doing the one thing that my father, Zeke Lucas couldn't do. The tombstones still look broken through the eyes of a Wicctale like myself, but though a mortal's eyes…they looked untouched. Through the eyes of a mortal alone, they could not see the large, black cauldron that broke in two thanks to Huey Freeman and that Warlock, Zackary Jameson who decided to marry my half-sister, Kentigerna Lucas-Jameson. And the grass below looked as though it shrunk because of the Body Acid that spilt in a straight line back then. I turned around and saw my partner-in-crime, Draco Zane striding beside me in large steps.

He was an African-American boy, with curly, dark brown hair and silver eyes. He had a well-built body and he was at least 6'2". If he wasn't wearing his black cloak over his black pants and red tee, then I could've mistaken him for a mortal. I took out my wand and muttered a spell. "Revelous." A light blue light sparked from my wand and went towards the cauldron. It lifted the two halves in the air and we watched as they slammed together and the blue light sealed the cauldron back together.

"There. That's better," I said putting my wand back in my right cloak pocket. I tuned to Draco, who was gave an impressive whistle. "It's nice to return to my roots. I've stayed hidden in the background for far too long."

"What roots? Your only eighteen," Draco said. I looked at him pointedly and started walking around the cemetery. He started doing the same as the sun in Woodcrest started setting to the hills behind the cemetery.

"I grew up in Woodcrest, doofus," I said. "Then when I was thirteen, he came here and started plotting a plan that was so powerful that all of the Magicians came to visit during his special Meetings."

"Who?" he asked.

"Are you a total idiot?" I asked him refusing to give him a name. I then continued with my story. "It was almost perfect too, then Zackary Jameson had to get in the way…helping that mortal girl and her Wartile boyfriend. He only did it because of love.

"He was in love with his daughter, who wanted to break every rule in the Magicians rulebook. That included dating a mortal…in fact it was that damn Wartile's brother, who wasn't anything."

"Its not wrong to date mortals, Emmy," he said. I shuddered at my former nickname.

"Don't call me, Emmy," I reminded him. My Mom, Molly use to call me Emmy, but I dropped the name two years ago. "What I need is revenge. I need revenge on him for killing Zeke."

"Who? Huey Freeman?" Draco asked stupidly.

I turned around and sighed. "Yes, Draco. I need to kill Huey Freeman, to avenge Zeke's death. An eye for an eye…you know the mortal saying."

"And how exactly are we going to avenge Zeke Lucas's death?" Draco asked me. "I mean think about it, Emerald. Zeke Lucas killed mortals and those of lesser value." I paced my cemetery, thinking of how exactly I was going to avenge his death. After thinking for at least fifteen minutes, I finally had my idea. And it was perfect too…just the right thing to avenge his death.

"I know exactly how I'm going to avenge his death. I'm going to become his successor. And you're going to help." And with that, we turned into two bolts of lightening and teleported out Woodcrest Cemetery.

Setting: East Main Abandoned Gym; Washington, D.C.

Time: 8:30 P.M.

Huey Freeman

"You do realize that I have a lot of homework, don't you?" I asked Zackary Jameson at the East Main Gym, which has been abandoned for more than twenty years. It was bad enough that Jazmine had to barge into my room around 6:30 in the morning, telling me that I should be happy about my birthday. Then I get a call from Zackary in the middle of my Physiology class, telling me that Jazmine and I had to meet him and his wife, Kentigerna Lucas-Jameson at East Main Gym at 8:15 that night. I was staring to regret being here, I had to get back to my dorm and start on my homework.

Ever since I killed Zeke Lucas five years ago, the name Wartile was stuck in front of my name like honey. Every Magician and medium I met always said things like: "There's Huey Freeman, the Wartile who killed Zeke" or "Huey Freeman: the Chosen Wartile" or—and this is my favorite—"Meet the greatest Wartile that ever lived: Huey Freeman." I was sick of the title Wartile and they always call me this at the worst time. It always happens whether I'm in class or hanging out with my vegetarian, revolutionist counterpart Chad Downey. After the person who called me that wretched name passes, Chad always gave me the oddest look.

"What was that all about?" he would ask and I would say, "Don't worry about it. Let's just go back to the dorm." I was about to get out of it in my freshman and sophomore year at Georgetown, but after my junior year, Chad started asking more and more questions. I was running low on excuses on how to keep my true identity hidden.

"Will you relax? It won't take that long, we'll let you and Jazmine go fuck once I'm done," Zackary said. He was a twenty-three year old who was a constant pain my the ass. He was able to save me and Jazmine from death back when our senior year of high school, but he kept the part about me being a Wartile out until the last minute.

As in, he waited until I was ready to fight to tell me that I was a Wartile, along with my great-grandfather, Gerald Freeman. My great-grandmother, Patricia Anderson was a Wicctale (a woman who's a cross between Wiccan, Wical, and Medium). Unfortunately, she died a few months after my true birth date in November.

"We're not going to have sex," I told Zackary. "In fact, Jazmine and I aren't even having sex yet. We want to wait until we're married…unlike you and Kentigerna, who has a baby girl at home with your mother."

"Hey, we're married. We got married after you started your sophomore year at Georgetown," Zackary said. On either side of us, Jazmine and Kentigerna rolled their eyes. Their probably thinking the same thing: This is just like old times. Out of the two women, Jazmine was the most beautiful one—and no I'm not saying that because she's my girlfriend.

Her hair was long, strawberry-blonde hair that fell in curls after being in two large puffballs from ages 10-15; and her emerald green eyes were round and they sparkled in the moonlight. Her skin were smooth and reminded me of caramel. Tonight, she was wearing a pair of white jeans with a black-tee with black sneakers. She was sitting on the floor beside Kentigerna.

Kentigerna was a fairly beautiful blonde. Her hair was in a pin-straight ponytail that was tied with a clear rubber band and her eyes were laser red. They complimented her pale skin and her body became more curvaceous after having Patricia; her three-year-old Wiccan daughter. She was on her knees since she was wearing a black mini skirt with a red Bubblicious Bubble Gum tee that looked worn in a little and red sneakers.

Zackary still looked the same as the last time I saw him. He had jet-black hair that were in cornrows and round, forest green eyes. His skin was definitely darker than last time, but it was still mocha brown. He became more built too, wearing a pair of dark blue jeans with a white button-down and black sneakers.

"Why are you taking me away from my homework again?" I asked Zackary, forgetting about the marriage subject. "And as I've said before, this better be good."

"Look Mr. Wartile, I'm suppose—"

"Stop calling me that! Why can't I be a normal person like Jazmine?" I asked him.

"Because you killed the evilest Warlock of all time. I know its old news now, but people still talk about it. Your famous, Freeman," Zackary said.

"I don't want to be famous," I said. "Until five years ago, I lived an ordinary life."

"OK, let me explain it to you. You decided to keep those memories at the Hill five years ago, only on the account that if Kenni and I needed you and Jazmine again, you'd welcome us back with open arms. Now stop bitching and let me get this cauldron ready," Zackary said. He had the miniature cauldron in the middle of us and he took out a small bottle filled with clear potion. He poured the containments into the cauldron and it started bubbling. I held Jazmine's hand and the four of us looked inside the cauldron. We saw a clear picture of mortals, disappearing and dying left and right.

"What's going on?" Jazmine asked.

"Mortals are starting to disappear. And its not only happening here, its happening all over the world. In Richmond, we've had about 10 mortals disappear; Arizona had 15; and in Chicago, its about 30," Zackary explained. "That means somebody's up to something."

"How do you know its someone in the Magical Community?" I asked.

"Look at the numbers! No mortal can kidnap that many in one day," Zackary said.

"Neither can Magicians, so it's not my problem."

"The Magician(s) behind this is are also after mediums," Zackary said. My mother, Carmen was a medium so it would be a matter of time until she was captured. But my mother was strong…she would put up a strong fight before she would get captured.

"Fine, how do you want me to help you?" I asked Zackary.

"Well, this is still relatively new, but its best to at least let you two in on it." I rolled my eyes and got up.

"I'm going back to my dorm, I'll see you later, Jaz." I gave her a kiss on the cheek and turned into that signature bolt of lightening, heading back to my dorm.

Setting: Georgetown University; Washington D.C.

Date: November 18TH, 2015

Time: 12:30 P.M.

Emerald Johnes

"Alright…how do I look?" Draco had driven me down to Georgetown University a few days later on the account I was starting school there. I wanted to get as close to Huey Freeman as possible so that way when the time of attack came, I would be right there. I loved going undercover as a mortal, it's the best part of all this scheming.

"You put mortal girls to shame," Draco replied. I smiled evilly and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I did all the incriminating work last night in my old bedroom. My hair was now onyx-black and shiny, reaching to my hips in light waves, while my eyes were as emerald as the actual jewel. The only difference was the sparkle that I gave them. My skin was peach and smooth, while I was tall and curvaceous. I was wearing a pair of tight, bell-bottom jeans with a black halter-top and black kitten heels. My black drawstring backpack that held my laptop, notebooks, and textbooks was on my right shoulder while my binder was in my hand.

"Now you know what to do while I'm here, right?" I asked him. A couple mortal passed by me and gave me disgusting looks because of my shirt. I ignored them and turned back to Draco, who nodded and I gave my evil smile once more.

"Good, see you at Christmas." As I headed onto the campus, I heard Draco's car drive off and I didn't look back. It took me a long time to get to Deviere, the upperclass girls' dorm; but once I arrived, I walked towards my dorm and opened the door. The dorm had a sitting room, a kitchenette with a mini-bar, and two doors that led to the actually bedrooms. One door was already open, that had to be my roommate's room.

I peeked inside just out of curiosity of the mortal girl I was sharing the dormitory with. Her room was painted a sapphire blue with white furnishing. The bed was neatly made, with lilac bed sheets and a black comforter that was folded at the foot of the bed. A small amount of clothes were on the hardwood floor, but other than that she was clean. On the white Ikeda desk chair, there was a red gymnastics bag that hung off the back and her black, shiny Sony Vista laptop was still open. I was about to step further into the room, but behind me somebody cleared their throat.

I turned and smiled as I saw my half-sister Kentigerna Lucas-Jameson standing in front of me. She changed her hair color (no surprises there) and now it was platinum blonde and tied in a tight ponytail. Her eyes were still laser red and even though I hated to say it, it matched her pale white skin. She was wearing a pair of red jeans with a white, long-sleeved tee and black sneakers.

"Hello, Kentigerna. Please tell me this isn't your dorm," I said snidely. "I don't think this school would accept young women with babies."

"What are you doing here?" Kentigerna asked ignoring my baby comment.

"Sweetie, I go here now. What brings you here, might I want to know?" I asked walking over to the kitchenette and opening the fridge.

"I felt a disturbance," she said coldly. She walked closer to me before taking out her wand. "Do I have to blast you to the next state?"

"No need," I said standing my ground and pushing her wand the way. "Just know that I'm on a very important mission."

"Mind telling me what that is?"

"I would…but then I'd have to kill you. And you know me, I'm a very good murderess." The door to the dorm opened again, but this time a girl with curly, strawberry blonde hair and emerald green eyes walked in and behind her was Huey Freeman. Oh…I picked a good roommate.

"Kenni?" Kentigerna turned around and smiled at the girl and Huey Freeman. The girl looked confused. "What are you doing here?"

"I just dropped off something I want you to look at later. I'm going back home, see you later, Jaz." Kentigerna gave me one last, cold look and walked out the door patting Huey Freeman on the back as I left. The girl turned towards me.

"Who are you?" she asked me.

"I'm your new roommate, Emerald Johnes. You pronounce it like Jones, but with a silent H," I said. The girl's smile brightened, but Huey Freeman looked unconvinced.

"I'm Jazmine DuBois and this is my boyfriend, Huey Freeman. We're just going to let you get settled and go inside my room." Jazmine grabbed Huey Freeman by his arm and they entered her bedroom. I walked towards my bedroom, which was empty and put my ear close to the door…listening.

Setting: Jazmine DuBois's Bedroom; Georgetown University

Time: 12:45 P.M.

Huey Freeman

"Jazmine, there's something off about your roommate," I told Jazmine from outside her closet door. Because we've never had sex, Jazmine never changed in front of me whenever I was in her dorm and vice versa. She was changing into her practice clothes…she loved doing gymnastics and she even kept up with it after her classes. Her schedule was busier now than it was in high school.

"There's nothing off about her, we just met her," Jazmine said on the other side. She opened her door and had now changed into a pair of black booty shorts with a white sports bra and a pair of white slippers.

"Normally, I don't agree with Kentigerna, but something's off about her," I said. Jazmine sighed and slid in my lap, making my dick extremely hard. She gave me a long, French kiss.

"Relax," she said once we left go. "I want you to let it go. There is nothing wrong with that girl, she's just nervous. It's her first day and I want you to try to be nice with her. Its not very hard." My cell phone started ringing and I had to reach into my left pocket to retrieve it. I looked at the caller ID while Jazmine packed her gym bag.


"Hi, Huey. How's school?" asked Jazmine's father, Tom DuBois. I rolled my eyes, because he always called whenever he felt something off between Jazmine and I. That's the real reason why I haven't made love to her yet, because I knew Tom would call me—probably during the damn thing. I've been craving Jazmine for five years and her practice outfit only made it worse.

"Everything's going fine, Tom. Is there a reason why you called, because if not then I need to head to the library to—"

"Actually, there is a reason why I called you, Huey. Your grandfather died last night in his sleep," Tom said. Well, at least he wasn't murdered like Riley. Granddad died of natural causes. But still, the fact that he died hit me like a wrecking ball. I knew he was in poor health, but when my Mom (who decided to stay with him) and I tried to put him in a retirement home last year, he refused.

"Your mother says that the funeral is going to be held in Chicago, but I think he should be buried right here in Woodcrest," Tom continued.

"No, Mr. DuBois its family tradition. We have our own burial ground in Chicago," I interjected. "Is there anything else?" Tom told me the day of the funeral and what time they were going to move Granddad's dead body. Once he told me that my Mom would call me later, I hung up the phone without saying goodbye.

"Huey are you OK?" Jazmine asked me.

"Granddad died last night," I said. Jazmine hugged me real tight and it wasn't long before she started crying. Just like with Riley, Jazmine cried for the both of us. I patted her back softly, doing anything I possibly can to get her to stop crying. I hated it when she cried on my shoulder, it made my whole back wet. After I while, I pulled her off and got up.

"You have to go to practice and I have to finish my homework, so I'll talk to you after I talk to my, Mom later." She nodded and we walked out the room, Jazmine stopping in her kitchenette for a bottle of water.

"I'll be back later, Emerald," Jazmine called out.

Setting: Movement and Sound Gym; Washington D.C.

Date: November 20TH, 2015

Time: 12:53 A.M.

Emerald Johnes

Movement and Sound Gym was like the gym on East Main St., abandoned and it has been for the past five years. It closed due to a rat problem, but I didn't see any rats and if I did, then I would kill them on the spot. It felt good using my wand after being Jazmine DuBois's roommate for the past two days. This was where I'll set up my cauldron, that way I can communicate with Draco whenever I wasn't in Woodcrest.

"Hello, Draco," I said once everything was set and the cauldron was bubbling with a thick, black liquid. Draco's face appeared at the other end of black smoke. "Did you do that little thing we talked about?"

"You mean killing Freeman's grandfather? Yes…and he didn't even put up much of a fight now that I think about it," Draco said. I was confused. Gerald Freeman was a very powerful Wartile, he would've done everything in his power to prevent himself from being killed.

"Wait…" I started slowly. "Which Freeman did you kill?"

"Robert Freeman, that's who you wanted…right?" Draco asked. I saw a rat heading towards the cauldron and in frustration, I pointed my wand at it and a red lightening bolt shot out my wand and hit the rat in its grimy back. It died.

"No, you were suppose to kill Gerald Freeman! Robert Freeman is Gerald's son!" I shouted. I took a deep breath. "Draco, please don't ruin this for me. I need to exact my revenge on Huey Freeman."

"But isn't Robert Freeman related Huey Freeman?" Draco asked me. "Why don't you disguise yourself as a Freeman and go to Chicago? From there, you can kill Gerald Freeman." As much as I hated to admit it, Draco had came up with a clever plan. I needed Gerald Freeman dead and soon.

"Alright, I'll go to Chicago and duel Gerald Freeman myself. Now that he's getting old, this should be an easy battle," I said. I decided to leave as soon as possible, so I waved my wand and watched as an identical cauldron popped up in front of me. "I'm taking a second cauldron with me, so that way when Gerald Freeman dies, I can just dump him in Body Acid."

"What do you want me to do with Robert Freeman?" Draco asked me.

"Body Acid, the mortal kind." And with a wave of my hand, Draco's face vanished and I walked out the old gymnasium, closing and locking the doors behind me. If someone found that cauldron, then they'll be dead on sight…Magician or not. This War is mine, I will strive for my long-waited revenge.