*This is my first ever fan-fic so advice would be appreciated *

John Shepard-


Lion of Elysium-


Alenko Died on Virmire-

Wrex is Alive-

Saved Council-

No romance during ME1-

Romanced Tali during ME2-

All squad members survived-

Destroyed Collector base-

Negotiations between Geth and Quarians for Rannoch have begun-

This story takes place 3 weeks after the events of ME2-

Shepard was surrounding my an un-piercing darkness. As he floated he floated in the blackness John Shepard tried to see his surrounding but the continuing night pressed down on him further and further. Then when all hope seemed lost a light suddenly appeared. It was of rich purple and violet and just looking at it brought Shepard a deep feeling of Happiness and fulfilment, as he made his way towards this light.

Suddenly a second light appeared except this glowed with a dull amber tone . As Shepard looked upon it brought pain but also distant memories of love and friendship. As Shepard stood there in-between the Nexus of these 2 lights he finally made a choice and moved towards the bright violet light, that was when he woke up.

''Shepard… John, wake up!''

John Shepard jolted upwards with a quick forward motion startling the young Quarian girl lying next to him.

''Oh Tali, I'm sorry, its just,A nightmare.'' He looked down the beautiful Quarian lying beside him who in turn looked up at his with her cute glowing eyes.

''Are.. Are.. you alright now?' Asked Tali hesitently. The uncertanty in her voice clear.

''yes im fine now Tali.'' As he continued to look at her

'Shepard! Stop staring your starting to make me blush..' Squealed Tali in mock anger and she playfully slapped his bare chest.

'Can you really blame me? I mean with a face like that who wouldn't stare . And with hips like those.' Shepard added letting his eyes run across her naked form.

'John, what is it with everyone and my hips surely they aren't that good and also just because I've adapted to you doesn't mean we can.. Erm.. Well.. Do it again so soon…'

Tali blurted out suddenly turning purple from embarrassment, especially since she didn't say it with any great conviction.

Shepard found it extremely cute when Tali stumbled over her words, which unfortunately is happening less and less with her growing confidence with Shepard.

''Well.. Only if your entirely sure..'' Shepard said in a dejected ( yet false) tone.

''Aww you know I cant resist you when your like that' smiled Tali and she pulled the bed covers over and passionately kissed Shepard

''I love you Tali''

''I love you Shepard'' As they slowly began to make love in his cabin.

Meanwhile down in the Mess hall Garrus and Legion were sitting at as table with Legion while the Geth was building consensus of the Creator/Geth peace treaty currently in debate, aswell as this unit relationship with the oragnics aboard Normandy

''Vakarian, Garrus we pose a query, with Creator Tali'Zorah low immune system is it advisable that she and Shepard Commander have intercourse again so soon? As they enacted such an event last night at precisly 11:32 shipboard time. Does Shepard Commander not know that he cannot have a child with Creator Tali'Zorah due to her Dextro-Amino biology?''

Garrus just simply stared at Legion until finally he burst out laughing , as he calmed down a thought entered his head.' Legion how do you know what they are doing in Shepard's Cabin? and the exact time?'

Legion simply stared at Garrus until a monotone reply came ''We placed survaliance camera's in Shepard Commanders quaters at the request of 'Joker' incase Creator Tali'zorah became to rough''

Garrus just sat there for a full 2 minutes before finally letting out a bellowing laugh before finally standing up and walking to towards the elevator to see if he could get a copy of the video from Joker.