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Unbeknownst to the happy couple and their daughter, Delphine Fournier watched over them relaxing and enjoying the French sunshine. She had also been present at their wedding, and the birth of their daughter, they didn't know that either.

Delphine watched as Hermione walked down the aisle on her father's arm, the crisp white gown clung to her curves until it gave way to a slight flair from her thighs. Her hair was curled and pinned up with a white lily settled above her ear. Her grin was enormous as she looked up at her husband-to-be. Draco was waiting by his best man, Dom, who was still quite shocked at the change he had witnessed in Draco, from a snobby Slytherin to completely the opposite who was ready to marry his childhood enemy. The groom's face was a picture of delight as his eyes connected with his fiancé's. The room was decorated very tastefully in ivory and mint green. Ginny was her bridesmaid, dressed in a pale green strapless gown that went wonderfully with her red hair.

Delphine couldn't stay long, but she made sure she stayed until the couple were married before she faded away as everybody celebrated.

Delphine Elizabeth Malfoy made her screaming entrance into their lives four years ago on the 17th November. The elder Delphine watched proudly with tears in her eyes as Draco held his daughter and she witnessed the pure love and adoration on his face for his wife and newborn daughter. Stepping closer, the small pink features had Draco's eyes and Hermione's nose. The Malfoy grandparents stood timidly at the door not wanting to intrude on the precious family moment, Delphine put her hand on Draco's shoulder before she vanished once more.

Draco and Hermione's fifth wedding anniversary took place in the romantic setting of the old French restaurant. Draco and Hermione made the permanent move to Paris after the wedding to run the restaurant full time. A few changes had to be made to accommodate a growing family so the two apartments were combined to make a larger living space which proved useful when they had an excitable toddler running around the place. And very helpful when Draco bought the toddler a toy broomstick with a harness and declared Delphine "a born flyer".

Old enemies had turned to new friends who had joined their families in celebrating their five year union. The candles threw a soft and delicate light over the restaurant providing an intimate setting for a gathering such as this. Little Delphine was dressed as a carrot and running around the room with Uncle Ron.

"Tell me again Draco, why is she dressed as a carrot?" asked Hermione in a puzzled voice.

"The girl knows what she wants." He replied with a smirk on her face.

"Why do I have a suspicion that you influenced that decision?"

Draco remained silent and Hermione rolled her eyes before departing to greet the incoming flurry of guests.

The blonde-haired male smiled to himself as he unknowingly looked in Delphine's direction, the old woman smiled back, knowing he couldn't actually see her. The youngest Malfoy jumped into her father's arms, laughing excitedly.

They'll be ok. The old woman closed her eyes and faded out once more.