Angels Don't Exist

Chapter 16


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-No matter where,

No matter when.

Call out my name

And I'll see you then.

With the courage of a hero,

You left this place.

And taught compassion,

To the people of space.

I'll never forget you.

In my heart you'll stay.

There's no end to our love.

And it will always be that way.

I'll see you again.

There's no doubt to that.

But until then,

I love you.----

- -- - -- -- - -- -

"Who are you!?" Sisk shouted and spun around at the same time.

"Ha!" the mysterious person said, "I am the one who died, only to be returned to this world. I have a mission, and will NOT rest until I have accomplished it, even if it means my death."

'Can it be...?' Sisk thought, ' can it?'

"You destroyed so many courageous souls, so many innocent MUST be stopped." he said, "You have no place on this world."

Sisk was paralyzed. No matter how much he tried, he could not get his limbs to move. It was as if someone or something was restraining him and that something wanted him dead. He saw ghost-white many faces! Each of them chanting the same thing:

"And the inevitable, begins."

Sisk, for the first time since he was little, was afraid.

- -- - -- -- - -- -

-I'm lost in a world,

Forgotten by time.

Can you find me?

- -- - -- -- - -- -

The mysterious person struck out for the people who died in this war. He struck for the future of everyone. He struck for world peace. And he struck for his friends.

- -- - -- -- - -- -

In the end,

The inevitable always wins.

Can you stop it?

- -- - -- -- - -- -

The armour on Sisk's suit was strong, made from a metal not known in this universe, and strengthened with magic.

Sisk started seeing more and more faces, each one of them of the people he killed. His fears rapidly consumed him, turning him mad.

- -- - -- -- - -- -

Lost in self-pity,

Afraid to go on.

Can you help me?

- -- - -- -- - -- -

"I'm sorry..." A pitiful, broken voice said, "I didn't mean to..." Then, he began to laugh crazily. "The inevitable begins...there's no stopping it! Even you are not strong enough, Taf Alak!"

Taf's eyes widened at this statement.

"Don't deny it!" Sisk said, "The inevitable, begins." he said and chanted the phrase over and over again. Even as he self-detonated, he was still saying those three words.

- -- - -- -- - -- -

Finally, I've found peace.

Away from their violent clutches.

I'm free!---

- -- - -- -- - -- -

Hotaru sat, surprised and stunned. "What did he mean...?" She asked Heero.

"I don't know...but I will find out." Heero said in a determined voice.

Another voice connected to their communication line.

"We have one more task at hand. We MUST destroy Silver Rose." It was Quatre. "I have a feeling that they are more than evil, possessed even, in their greed."

"I agree." Heero said and then thought to himself 'I have enough fuel to propel myself for this final task. I'm sorry Hotaru...'

"Heero!?" Hotaru shouted as Heero blasted off in the direction of the Silver Rose's base. "You can't fight them! Your suit is destroyed!! Heero, COME BACK!!!"

"I'm sorry, Hotaru." Heero said, "I must do this. Silver Rose must be destroyed. Hotaru...thanks for believing in me...thanks for being there for me. And most of all, thanks for being my angel. I love you..."

"HEERO!!!" Hotaru shouted, but it was too late. Tears streamed down from her eyes as she watched as Heero piloted his gundam into the heart of the Silver Rose, and self-detonated.

- -- - -- -- - -- -

-From my heart you were torn.

Just when we were so close.

And I want you to know,

That I love you too.---

- -- - -- -- - -- -

Yurici watched the battle between Taf and Sisk.

"Stupid fool." Yurici said, "You got what you deserved."

Unknown to him, Heero was coming in from the back. He crashed into the base.

"What was that!?" Yurici asked.

He never found out...

- -- - -- -- - -- -

Relena, too, witnessed the explosion. 'Heero....'

"Hurry up!" She shouted, "Go to the site and see if he's alive!"

"No one can survive an explosion like that!" Someone replied.

"Heero has before.." Relena said, "Now GO!"

"Yes m'am"

- -- - -- -- - -- -

The crew searched through the wreckage. Although the explosion destroyed much of the base, the structure was still intact.

'Where is he?'

"Sir! I've found the one called Heero Yuy."

"Is he alive?"


- -- - -- -- - -- -

The paramedics put Heero into a floating hospital stationed (in space) just outside of the wreckage. Relena was there as well.

"Heero!?" Relena called, "Heero!!"

Heero woke up, "You're right Relena, angels really do exist." he said, 'And I've found mine. Till we meet again Hotaru, I'll always love you.'

And so, Heero Yuy died.

- -- - -- -- - -- -

-Trained to fight,

With no emotions.

Trained to be,

The Perfect Soldier.

How was it that I,

Who had no emotions,

Got lost, and found,

In them.

Maybe it was to be,

Maybe they wanted to prove,

That angels can exist.

And do, whenever I think of her.---


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