All the Little Bit Harder

Disclaimer- Sadly I don't own Dragonball z, I wish I did though. Oh and sorry if it's not any good, that's one of the many reasons why I would never ever own it!

Note- Death, it comes and goes. It happens to everyone yet being wished back alive happens scarcely and only when something bad happens. It's not every day where someone refuses to return. It's happened twice to Gohan, first his father refused because he thought it would be best for the human race if he didn't return. Secondly to his mother, who was unable to return with the Earth's Dragonballs yet she could have been brought back by a simple trip to the planet Namek. She wanted to stay with her true love, his father thus leaving Gohan on Earth defending everything he knows and loves including his little brother. Yet danger is constantly Following Son Gohan which makes his life all the little bit harder.

Chapter One - Bad Luck Comes In Three's

What started off as a good day turned into a bad one? It wasn't over just yet and things seemed to of been getting worse. Here Gohan was waiting for what seemed like an eternity for the Doctors to deliver his baby brother however this wasn't meant to happen For another two months. His brother was being born premature which could only be a bad thing for both the baby and his mother.

The eleven year old half breed saiyan gently swung his feet forward and backwards, awaiting for his mother's best friend and his godmother Bulma Briefs to arrive. He felt this was all his fault that his mother was in the hospital having his brother two months early; he should have realized that she was ill before she dragged him out of the house. He should of realized the symptoms' of being ill as well and he knew if anything happened to the baby or his mother, he would hold himself responsible. Gohan and his mother travelled to East City's Natural History Museum where he studied about the infamous tribes that founded the very same city. They were leaving the museum and heading off to the local park to have a mother and son picnic when the bad things happened.


"Gohan I hope you're out of bed now because we are leaving in half an hour" Chi Chi yelled at the top of her lungs, she waited for another two more minutes before she shouted at the child for the last time."Food"

With hearing the word Food, Gohan leaped at of his bed. He quickly threw on blue jeans and a random white top sprawled across his desk. He flew down the flight of stairs and started gobbling down the large pile of food resting on the kitchen table. Chi Chi sat opposite her son and watched as he started to eliminate the pile of food in front of him. When it came to his appetite and fighting, Gohan was defiantly his father's son.

"" Gohan said with a mouth full of food. He quickly spat it out after his mother swung the frying pan across his head. "Ouch"

"Gohan what have I said about talking with your mouth full, now repeat what you just said young man or I will swing that pan across your head one more time" She threatened, the frying pan was brought up high ready to swing the boy around his head if he messed up again. For some strange reason all saiyan's had a weakness far worse than pulling their tales. It was the frying pan of doom. They could easily remove their tales and escape that weakness but they could never escape the wrath of the frying pan.

"Sorry Mother, I said Mum have you already eaten because your just watching me eat it all"

"No sweetie, I don't feel hungry at the moment"

"But mum that's bad for a pregnant lady to not eat when she's seven months pregnant especially with a saiyan." Chi Chi nodded her head in agreement and grabbed one slice of bacon from Gohan's mountain and eats it. She then stood up and started placing allot of food sitting on the kitchen side into a capsule. It took the saiyan half-breed four in a half minutes to finish of eating all of the mountain and he and his mother left their house in the 439 mountain area. They were off to East City's Natural History Museum.


After looking around all the artefacts in the museum, Chi Chi decided that it was time to go for a relaxing picnic in the city's oversized park. Gohan went to look at one more thing again in the museum that had caught his interest earlier that day. His mother went off into the closest ladies restroom's in the museum. She told Gohan to meet him at the museum's lobby in eleven minutes. The artefact that caught his attention was a large rock. Across the rock were inscriptions and pictures of a legend. A legend that somehow had something to do with Shenron on. The only thing from the inscriptions that he understood was the name of the dragon. Behind him an twenty nine year old curator was watching the young boy study the rock with such interest.

"I see you have found the rock of some interest to you" She said as she moved out of the shadows. Her hair was long yet its tight red curls shortened it. Her face was free of makeup; her eyes were a calming blue. "It's rare to see someone actually interested and they are not an scientist"

"Yeah. I just wish we know what the inscriptions read."

"It's an ancient language which has been forgotten by us but we do however know something from the rock."

"Really, what is it and how do you know about it if the language is forgotten." He asked curiously.

"With that rock there was another inscription yet the language on the other inscription is recognisable. It said one day he will come. It said it would be only him who will understand the fate and read it. However the rock with that inscription on got destroyed about two hundred years ago as it was believed to be carrying a curse or something. Luckily enough the woman who discovered the first clue towards the language wrote down the message before she was brutally killed by the beast from the curse"

"Wow, a curse, this rock sounds more interesting than I thought, well thank you but I have to go now my mother is waiting for me." With that he left the room and the girl returned to her corner. She stood smiling, the rock started calling her. In her mind she could hear the sound of pure tranquillity. The sound was strongest as she moved closer to the rock. The emptiness inside her head called out.

"Touch me" She said. It was repeated throughout her head; she couldn't help but say it out loud. Gohan was about to reach the staircase again when he felt a strange Ki go off from the room he was in. He rushed back, unknowing at this time that his mother was bored of waiting in the lobby downstairs and was on her way back up to find him. The curator reached her hand out, she was an inch away. The rock started glowing a rough red. Gohan saw her. She was about to touch the object when he heard it speak.

"Touch me" It said, the sound grew louder the closer she got. "Touch for we must..."

Gohan flew at supersonic speed, knocking the red haired girl away from the rock. A scream was admitted from it and the glow lifted up from the rock and burst out of the door. It was heading for the window in the room across from this yet as Gohan was following it. The energy emitted eventually died out. He stood staring at the wall where the energy disappeared. Behind him the red haired woman appeared.

"What was that?"Gohan muttered to himself, he didn't know the girl was behind him.

"I think it urm might have been the cu...curse "She whispered "You sesee the woman who discovered the first clue was related to me, that's why I chose to work here because I wanted, I, I wanted to know the legend."

"If I was you I would quit the job then, do something else just stay away from that rock or you will get hurt."

"Thank you for saving me, my name is Lucinda Gallaw, what's yours boy"

"Son Gohan and I really have to go now; my mum is at the top of the stairs waiting." With that she hugged him goodbye, then she went off ahead out of the museum. Gohan walked over to where his mother was standing at the top of the staircase. Something wasn't right about her. Her breathing was far too rapid; she was swaying backwards and forwards, her hand on her head. She started coughing yet when she saw her son walking towards her she started walking down the stairs. Gohan looked around searching for anything strange yet nothing was strange anymore about the surrounding area. His mother paused at the top of the stairs yet he didn't notice. Then she collapsed. He was too shocked to see this coming; it felt as though he was glued to the floor. It wasn't until she was lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs when he unfroze.

"MOM" Gohan yelled, within a few seconds he was by her side. Members of staff came to check what just happened. They were about to call for an ambulance when they saw the youth pick up the pregnant woman. He lifted his body of the ground so that he was suspended in the air. Then he was gone, leaving the spectators whispering between themselves.


"Sorry Mam, we can't let you into this ward"

"DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM, I'M THE BULMA BREIFS AND MY BEST FREIND WHO IS LIKE MY SISTER IS IN THERE WITH MY GODSON" The blue haired beauty yelled whilst Vegeta and a baby Trunks clutched their ears.

"I'm sorry miss but we need..."

"LISTEN YOU BAKA, IF YOU DON'T LET ME AND MY WOMAN IN I WILL BLAST YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL FOR I AM VEGETA PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS!" He yelled, deciding that it will keep his woman silent if he got her in. It worked though; the poor young male nurse started shaking knowing that right in front of him the world's most dangerous man stood. The family of three rushed through to where Gohan sitting outside in the waiting room.

"BRAT, why aren't you in with your harpy of a mother"

"VEGETA" Bulma yelled at him. "Just shut up and behave."

Bulma sat down next to Gohan with Trunk's sitting on her lap. He had a huge smile across his face as he saw Gohan yet he was expecting a smile back. When he didn't smile back Trunk's smile disappeared. Vegeta was pacing around in circles when Bulma waved at him to come and take Trunks of her. He did as she instructed and now sat opposite Gohan and Bulma holding his kid. Her hand moved towards his shoulders as she whispered "It will be okay"

"No it won't, "He whispered, it was barely picked up my Bulma and Vegeta scowled at him. "Bad things happen in groups of three, first dad died and then mom almost lost the baby."

"No don't say that Gohan, have faith, she will be okay just you wait and see. It is your mother after all" He smirked at Bulma, yet the smirk stayed on his face as he felt a new Ki. Then he heard the screams of his new born brother. Maybe everything was going to be alright. The doctor came into the waiting room holding the baby. He gave the baby to his older brother which caused him smirk even more.

"Goten" Gohan said

"Is that the baby's name then" The doctor asked

"Yes it's what I and mum decided to name him." He placed Goten in Bulma's arms and she smiled upon the Goku look alike.

"He looks just like Goku."

Vegeta just stared at the child. "Great that's the second brat born without a tail. Completely useless."

The Doctor stared at Vegeta as if he was a mad man; it wasn't until he turned to Gohan where he looked sad. "I'm sorry to say but Chi Chi died during the operation, it seems she had something wrong with her heart."

With that the Doctor disappeared because his bleeper started again. Gohan sat there, his face completely emotionless. Then he stood up, took one look at his brother, then at Bulma and then again at Trunk's and Vegeta. "Sorry" he said as he flew through a window and disappeared from sight.

"GOHAN" Bulma yelled. "VEGETA DO SOMETHING; GET HIM OR YOU'RE SLEEPING ON THE COUCH AND NO GRAVITY ROOM BEING FIXED." She saw Vegeta muttered something under his breath as he threw Trunks of his lap and followed the boy. She sat there Crying, it was hard on everybody losing Goku, then Chi Chi. It's harder for Gohan yet he was right. Bad things do happen in groups of three


Gohan landed in a forest in the middle of nowhere, he was powered up as a super saiyan one yet his anger seemed to be growing.

"It's all my fault" He whispered

"MUM" With that yell he started powering up more. Gohan continued to scream, the world started to shake. He was already past super saiyan two yet he didn't stop powering up.

"IT'S ALL MY BLOODY FAULT, IT'S ALL MY FAULT, and IT'S ALL MY FAULT" He repeatedly screamed. The anger was building up; flashes of lighting struck out from his body yet his hair started to grow in length and his eyebrows disappeared. His hair reached to his knees. The world was still shaking violently and fifty miles north from Gohan, Vegeta froze. The power was nothing he had ever felt before. It was unbelievable. All of the Z fighter's became weary of his power; it was far too much for a child to have. They all worried about what got him in this state.

The power was becoming too strong for Gohan to handle; he knelt over and collapsed to the ground. He quickly passed out on the damp grass. Vegeta followed the boy's weak Ki and when got too Gohan he shook his head. "Stupid baka using up all of his power "He said as he slung the eleven year old half breed across his back.

He took off and returned to the hospital where the staff demanded to keep him in whilst he recovered from the exhaustion. Bulma agreed as long as she could get started filling in the adoption papers for both Gohan and baby Goten. Vegeta also willing sighed his name to state that he agrees with the adoption which surprised her. She gave him a weird look which he noticed.

"What onna, I'm not going to let two of the remaining saiyan race get separated and have no training at all."

"Sounds like someone cares Veggie."

"Shut it onna."

"Hah you care about Gohan, you care about Goten" She sang, Vegeta once again scowled knowing that his mate was right.