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Chapter twenty eight- For I must kill you Kakarot

"You haven't met the true meaning of suffering"

It ran throughout his head as he stumbled into the hotel at the world martial arts, carelessly he walked up the stairs as he reached the room where he was staying in. He pulled out a key as he slid it into the door and turned it, the door clicked as he pushed it open and began walking in. The lights were already on and the first thing he saw was Vegeta leaning up against the wall scowling at the child.

"What time do you call this?" He asked as he moved from the wall and walked towards the boy. "Where have you been?"

"Out." Gohan hissed as he walked towards the door leading to the room. He felt Vegetas hand firmly placed on his shoulders as he paused.

"If you were out then why did you hide your ki?"

"Leave me alone." The boy growled. "I just want to go to bed."

"What and let you chance of that. Tell me where you were now."

Gohan chuckled slightly as he knocked his hand of his shoulder. "I was in town, saved a girl from being raped and wandered so I can think of where Goten and Trunks are." He half lied as he moved forwards a few more steps. "Anyway you don't have to worry."

"I'm going to worry if I think that woman might find out about this."

Gohan shrugged his shoulders as he walked into the room, closing the door shut on his way in. He then made his way over to the bed where he allowed his body to collapse on top of it. His eyes began to shut before he had the chance to get change. The lights dimmed thus leaving him in the darkness.

His eyes reopened; there he was, standing in the middle of the stadium. He searched around his surroundings as he tried to find someone alas there was no one. Just him and the nothingness. His eyes once again searched around, this time he was taking in his environment,

It was as though a war went of here, a war between ki users. He shrugged his shoulders as he began walking forward, searching for some survivors who could inform him however there was none. He heard the demonic chuckle of the man who held onto his brothers as he turned around.

"You thought you could escape me and my master in the land of the dreams, how you were wrong Son Gohan." He laughed as the boy attempted to look for him. "Like what I said, you haven't met the true meaning of suffering."

"Did you do this?" The boy growled fiercely whilst the demonic chuckling continued.

"This is only the first stop."

"You did this because of me...because I can't do it..."

"Well I wouldn't say can't, I'm warning you Son Gohan, you have many more stops to take and this is only a dream."


"Where's the fun in that?" The voice rhetorically asked. "You're going to suffer Son Gohan, suffer like nothing before."

"NOO" He screamed towards the emptiness, violently he tossed his body around as he began searching for the man. Nothing, not even a reply. His eyes slammed shut as his body crashed down to the ground.


The sound of the drums filled the stadium as Gohan and Goku walked onto the stage, the crowd erupted in cheers as the two moved into the centre of the rings. Gohan stayed still as a smile spread across his face, Goku moved into a defensive stance as he too smiled rather gormlessly at the half-breed child.

"You ready to fight Kakarot?" Goku asked confidently whilst Gohan chuckled.

"I can take you on any day."

With that the fighting began, Goku launched his body to the half breed whilst he just stood there. Within a few seconds the full blooded saiyan stumbled forward into the silhouette of Gohan, he quickly regained his posture as he stared at the boy.

Goku grit his teeth as he launched his body forward for another attack. Gohan moved his arms into defence as he blocked each and every one of Goku's strikes; the full blooded saiyan attempted to push further into defence and was thrown down to the floor by a sudden jolt of the half breed's aura. Without even trying, Gohan defended the other boy's attacks once again where as with before Goku fell back down to the floor.

The crowd watched, surprised as the man who came second was unable to have an effective attack on this boy. To them they noticed that he wasn't even trying, it wasn't like how the match went with his father. Son Goku was defenceless against this child.


Goku panted as he released a slight growl from underneath his warn out breath, he gazed at the other boy and how he couldn't hurt him or make him out of breath. "Damn it..."

Gohan continued to stare, his facial expressions on his face changed as the boy floated into the air. Goku watched carefully from down below, sweat slithered down his face as the hybrid continued to stare at him, a sad look was upon his face and from what he could see, tears began filling the boys eyes.

"I'm" He cried as he pulled his hands to the side. "!"

The boy paused in mid speech as a look of pain shot across his face, the crowd watched carefully as they heard a sudden scream from the boy that Son Goku was unable to harm. His body fell to the ground as his tears began to fall. They watched as he screamed; the sound of pain and loss was within it as he began smashing the floor. His hair tuned blond, electricity started to swirl around his body as the ground began shaking. People screamed as the boy continued to scream. Goku just stood there confused as he moved his hand behind his head.

"...Trunks..." He cried as the floor underneath him began to crack. "I'm sorry"

One minute before

He watched as the saiyan hybrid kept turning his head towards him within the fight, in his arms was the other saiyan hybrid. Vegeta's son Trunks squirmed from the hold as he watched the child float into the air; he too copied the half breed's action as he floated in the air.

"You're taking too long Son Gohan." He said, knowing that he was within hearing distance. "Now you must suffer."

"NOO" With that he threw the purple haired child into the sky and shot an energy beam straight through his heart. He began laughing as he watched Gohan fall to the ground, crying like a little baby. Vegeta just stood there, open mouthed, unable to move as he watched his son die. The anger began swelling up inside him.

"Gotens next." The man said as he disappeared in thin air, Vegeta let of a whimper as his eyes began to fill with tears as well.

"Trunks, my son..."

Back in the main battle

"I should have done it earlier." Gohan angrily growled as he continued slamming the floor. "Goten is next...I have HAVE TO DO IT."

Goku walked a few steps closer to the crying boy. "Do what Kakarot?"

"Kill." He whispered under his breath as he forced himself to stand up. A dangerous look was in his eyes as he turned to face the younger version of his father.

"You can't kill." Goku yelped with a face of determination. He moved his hands to his side as he began charging up a kamahamaha wave. "I won't let you."

"You can't stop me." The boy whispered. "One of my brothers was just killed whilst the other one is meant to be killed yet...I have goes against my nature...BUT I HAVE TO."

Goku shook his head whilst Gohan began laughing. "No you don't."

"You won't stop me."

"No." Goku roared with courage. "KAMAHAMAHA"

The blue energy beam headed straight towards the boy, he didn't attempt to move as his body was engulfed by the blast. Quickly it cleared revealing the boy standing in exactly the same position without even a scratch on his face. Goku stared dumbfounded as the boy pulled his arms to his side and began producing his own Kamahamaha wave.

" can't know that..."

"But I do, for I must kill you Kakarot." Gohan smirked with a cold expression upon his face. The crowd once again stood confused; to them they wondered why the boy was calling Son Goku by his name.

As this time the boy released another ear piercing scream, this time he fell to the ground. His body began convulsing backwards and forwards whilst the crowd stared directly at the half-breed saiyan.

"What's happening?" The full blooded saiyan asked as within seconds he heard the yell of the boy's father.

"NO NOT AGAIN GOHAN!" Vegeta yelled as he made his way towards the stage, he was about to climb on when he saw Gohan lift his head up. A happy smile emerged on his face as he Gohan walked towards the edge of the stage whilst Goku stood with his mouth wide open.

"It's okay Vegeta; we have to go now before it's too late." Gohan believed as he turned to face Goku. "I'm sorry da...Goku. It's not a fair fight and you should be fighting someone with a similar power level to you and someone from your own time."

"What do you mean from own time?" Goku asked as he scratched his head.

"Nothing" Gohan quickly stated as he jumped out of the ring onto the green grass, his eyes moved over to Vegeta who flew into the sky. The boy then took a leap into the sky. "Let's get going Veggie."

Both began flying of whilst the crowd watched gob smacked, Goku stood there, his lips were parted as the hybrid looked back before him and Vegeta powered up and disappeared from their sight.

With Vegeta and Gohan

The two continued to fly fast, Gohan was leading them as he was only a few feet further forward and he seemed to know where to go. Vegeta's face had a scowl on it as Gohan released a sigh.

"What happened brat?" The breed snarled. "What did you see?"

"You were right." The boy chirped. "For once you were right about them."


"NO NOT AGAIN GOHAN!" Gohan continued to shake, his eyes attempted to stay open as they eventfully shut. Images began pouring into his head as the boy screamed.

He heard the sound of rushed footsteps, the man holding Trunks was standing above them yet this time instead of being on Earth. They were in space. He looked around to see Kakabard standing next to him.

"I'm sorry for giving you the sight." The alternate version of him said whilst the man with Trunks laughed.

"It's not like the last round Son Gohan, this is the real deal."

"No, I was tricked once before. I'm not going to fall for it."

"Sure you're not but this is the real Trunks, the other boy was an innocent bystander as well as the other Goten."

Once again the half breed blinked. Now he was standing in a small laboratory. The man from the tournament, the one who ordered him to kill his own father was standing there whilst Vegeta laid on the floor unconscious, there was blood around his ears. A sudden screech made the half breed fall to the floor; his ears appeared to begin bleeding just like Vegeta's whereas the other man chuckled.

"Say bye bye to little Goten." The man sniggered as he pointed his hand at a little boy in a cage. A Ki blast was emitted from it and as it was about to come in contact with the boy, something happened.

The Goten in there wasn't the real Goten. His appearance changed from the look alike of his father to a little blond boy with slightly long hair with a completely different facial structure. A look of terror was upon his face as the blast impacted the child and he was gone.

If the Goten in there wasn't real then that meant that Vegeta was right. It was a trap to catch the hybrid out. They disguised to innocent children and he killed them but at least his brothers were safe.

For now anyway.

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