Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers or Harry Potter. No way, no how. But I do own this little story.

Summary: Snippets of Harry's life with three giant robots. Who said that the life after Voldemort was boring?

Warnings: Hinted slash, strange situations and maybe too short of a read. /cringes/ Sowwy! Anyway, the pairings are: Harry/Megatron, Harry/Barricade, Harry/Starscream. Oh, and there's no definite timeline.

1) Bachelor

Much to the surprise of anyone who knew him, one Harry James Potter was still a bachelor; but not for the lack of trying from ladies' side. It was just… he seemed to be married to the racing car that came in his possession roughly two months ago.

2) Squishy

For someone as big as Megatron was, it was understandable to regard the… humans as squishies. However, Megatron decided that one particular squishy intrigued him, and just for the sake of curiosity, he would let that squishy live.

3) Fly

Harry whooped in delight as F-22 raptor made another barrel and then seamlessly slid into the corkscrew. He had the time of his life; unfortunately, the co-pilot didn't share his sentiments, judging by the green tinge of his face.

4) Drive

Hermione disapproved of his… participation in car races, no matter how many times Harry told her it was completely safe. And for some reason, Harry's car hold a grudge against the bushy know-it-all witch. Gee, wonder why?

5) Possessed

The pilots whispered that this particular F-22 was cursed. Until now, it ejected every pilot, except old McLahan, but McLahan was relocated, and they wondered how would a newbie pilot the 'Hellspawn', as they 'lovingly' nicknamed the Decepticon.

6) Red

Megatron was never scared more than when he had seen the snake squishy 'kill' his Harry. And then, he saw red.

7) Spark

He may not have a heart, but he had a Spark; and it belonged to one Harry James Potter. Barricade didn't mind – after all, he had gotten Harry's heart instead.

8) Name

To hear his name from the mouth of that particular fleshling was one of the most beautiful sounds in universe.

9) Hedwig

Even if the snowy bird was old, she still hen-pecked the strange suitors of her Master-Harry into order. How in the hell did she do that, it would remain a mystery; but it provided great entertainment for Harry and Weasley twins, and caused eternal bafflement on the mechs' side. But they did gain a healthy dose of respect for the old bird.

10) Rival

The three of them wanted the slender wizard for themselves, and they were willing to fight tooth and nail against each other. However, with appearance of one Ginny Weasley, they called for a truce and agreed that presenting united front was for the best.

11) Holoform

Remus Lupin frowned. His godson's new… friends were strange. One with silver hair and violet eyes that occasionally flashed red, one with unruly copper mop and sky blue eyes, and the last with black hair and black eyes. Oh, they were polite, alright. But what concerned Remus the most, was the metallic under-tinge in their scents. And what scared him, was that they definitely had designs on his innocent godson. But he was fucking terrified of their power. Just what were they?

12) Hate

If there was anything they loathed more than squishies – with some rare exceptions – it was Ron's pet owl, Pigwidgeon. Somehow, Pig was dumb enough to constantly choose their alt forms for his temporary home, and it was driving them bonkers, especially when they were forbidden to do anything to the feathered menace.

13) Veela

Like all women, one Fleur Delacour, soon to be Weasley, had a healthy appreciation of beautiful male forms. And like any sensible Veela, she wanted a beautiful mate. Smiling coyly, she began to radiate her allure as she approached the three males Harry brought to the celebration. Imagine her surprise - no, downtight shock, when they just glanced at her and continued their heated debate.

14) Wash

If Barricade had any weakness, it was a wash. Not any ordinary wash no – he had a weakness for the car wash done by Harry himself.

15) First

Harry nearly had a heart attack when he had seen the metal behemoth with red eyes crouching in front of him. 'But didn't Hermione say that electricity doesn't work in close quarters with magic?' His subconscious managed to squawk out, before Harry' s attention was grabbed by the speaking mech.

16) Hope

Harry didn't know, but he gave the three mechs hope. For Megatron, it meant he didn't feel as outcast anymore. Slag the Matrix and Allspark; he was just fine without them. For Starscream it meant that he appreciated the sky again, awed at the freedom which it offered; especially when shared with Harry. For barricade it meant acceptance and sharing the joy of adrenaline of races . Harry was still clueless, but that was just fine with them; as long as they had Harry.