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The Spectacular Nikki Spade


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Chapter 1

"The Tragic story of the evening. The famous Singer duo Donnie and Lorrie Spade have died in a car crash today. They say a speeding truck didn't notice their car and rammed into them doing at least 180. They leave behind their two daughters, Abigail Spade and budding single Nicole Spade. There have been no comments from either of the girls and Nikki has canceled every one of her sold out concerts until further notice." The Reporter said. Nikko groaned, he had bought tickets to her concert. Nikki Spade had everything he wanted, she had a label, a bunch of hit songs, and was a world renowned singer. Of course it definitely helped that both her parents were famous first, and owned a record label and knew almost everyone important in the business. Nikko could only hope that this Nikki Spade smartened up and had her concerts so he could meet her, woo her and get her to sign him onto her label too.

However Nikki Spade didn't smarten up. Nikki Spade went into hiding, she wasn't signing anymore, she wasn't doing anything anymore. Nikki Spade had all but disappeared and was eventually forgotten. Nothing but a faded legend.

- Two years later-

Nikko had gotten used to the nice guy he could be, he enjoyed the friends he had made, and how everyone treated him better because of his new attitude. Even his brother Stavros was surprised by just how far Nikko had come.

It was late night, and being the awesome younger brother that he was, Nikko opted to take out the garbage before Stavros realized he forgot to do so that morning. Good thing the garbage wasn't being picked up till the next morning.

Across the street Nikko heard the sounds of an argument. He paused to watch. There was a girl across the street on shaky legs, clinging to the wall. She had long blonde hair with blue and pink streaks, she wore a tight blue sequined dress, her arms had a multitude of unnecessary bangles. Nikko couldn't see her face, but from the rest of her he could tell she'd probably be pretty.

"Come on babe get it the car." The older guy with her demanded. He was tugging on the girl's bare arm. It was a little chilly for her to be dressed that summery.

"NO! What did you put in my drink?" She accused.

"Something to loosen you up a bit. Now get in the car." The man growled. The girl scowled at him.

"I'm not getting in your car you horn dog!" She cried. The man grabbed her arm roughly and yanked on her, unsteady as she was she pitched forward, nearly falling to the ground. She was tugging against the tight grip. Nikko was already across the street.

"Hey is there a problem here?" Nikko asked. He was only being polite, he already knew there was a problem.

"Nothing, my girlfriend is being stubborn."

"I'm not his girlfriend, I barely know him. Don't let him take me in his car!" The girl pleaded. She had these watery blue eyes, that were so big and so bright Nikko was lost in them for a second. She was chewing on her big bright red lips as she continued to tug against the man's grip. Nikko shook his head clear of any distracting thoughts and turned to the man.

"Ok, the lady says let go, now let go." Nikko ordered. The man scoffed, and tried to hastily shove the girl into the car. She yelped and pulled away. Nikko took the moment to hit the man, his fist painfully colliding with the man's jaw, sending him sprawling to the ground, taking the very unbalanced girl with him.

Nikko bent down and grabbed her arm, he then hastily dragged her across the street towards his apartment door.

"Come on, before he gets up." Nikko told her, unlocking the door. The girl paused.

"Oh, no I'm not going anywhere with you. I barely know you. No I have to go home. Where's my car?" She told him, looking around. She turned too fast and began to sway back and forth. Nikko grabbed her before she could plummet to the ground. She looked up to him, a hand on her head, she was probably feeling dizzy.

"Look, I can't let you drive home like this. Why don't you come inside for just a little bit, until you feel better, and then we'll go find your car." He offered. The girl winced. Across the street the guy called to them, he was trying to stagger forward.

"Ok, it couldn't hurt." She whispered. Nikko kept one hand on her as he ushered her upstairs. She tripped regardless, and landed halfway on the landing. She laughed loudly. Nikko put a hand to her mouth.

"SHH! You'll wake up my brother!" Nikko pleaded. The girl giggled a little and put a hand to her mouth, the other hand took off her impossibly high heels. Nikko helped her up again and found that she was no more steady on her own two feet then she was in her heals. Nikko had to grab onto her just to keep her from landing on her ass again.

"Geeze, what did that guy give you?" He snarled mostly to himself. The girl leant up against him and pressed a kiss to his cheek. Nikko could smell the alcohol on her breath, clearly it wasn't just what the guy had slipped her that was attributing to her lack of coordination.

"I unno, but it's nice to know that knights in shining armor still ride to the rescue for damsels in distress like little old moi." She told him. Nikko nodded.

"I think we should get you lying down. Maybe you should stay the night." Nikko mused. The girl shook her head.

"Nope, not staying the night, but lying down would be nice." She told him, she let him go and wobbled over to his door, walking into this room. She jumped onto his bed and crawled up to the pillows.

"I think I've got something for you to sleep in, you can stay on the couch for tonight it's very comfy." He called to her, digging through his extensive collections of very tight tees, he came up with the loosest thing he had, now that she had shrunk three or four inches, at first being almost his height and now without the heels coming up to his shoulders, he figured this would cover her body. Not that he'd be looking.

He preferred his girls sober.

He turned back to her and found her unconscious on his unmade bed, her mouth open holding one of his pillows. Nikko sighed.

"Guess, I'll sleep on the couch tonight." He whispered. He threw the tee back in the closet, pulled off his shirt and pants, figuring the girl was asleep and she wouldn't care about him stripping in front of her and then pulled on his loose cotton pants. He stopped briefly to pull the blanket out from underneath her long bare legs and cover her. The girl curled up immediately pulling her legs into her chest. Nikko smiled at her.

He then pulled a second blanket off of the floor and stomped to the couch. Good thing it was comfortable or this would suck completely.

Nikki's eyes flew open, her head hurt. She rubbed her eyes trying to get the pounding to stop, but that only made it worse. Last night had been hell, she got trashed as per usual and got hounded by some guy and then….

Nikki's eyes flew open once again and she sat up, though her body hated her for every movement. She wasn't in her room. Nikki groaned, what had happened after that guy had bought her that drink. Clearly he had put something in it. She remembered a boy, with brown shaggy hair and an impossibly tight tee.

Cautiously Nikki got out of the borrowed bed and tiptoed out of the room, at least she didn't wake up with some random stranger again. She found her purse by her discarded heels by the staircase, she bent down to put them on. Behind her came a staggering snore. Nikki turned.

There he was, her own knight in shining armor, asleep on the couch. She must have forced him there. How sweet for him to take the couch and let her have the bed. Nikki crawled over to him, she pet his hair softly. She kissed his cheek lightly.

"Thanks." She whispered.

"Who are you?" Someone asked. Nikki turned and eyed the man in the suit. She probably looked horrible. Nikki pulled frantically at her short skirt trying to make it longer.

"Uh a friend. Um… tell him I say thanks. Sorry. I've got to go." Nikki blurted out. She didn't even stop to put on her shoes, she merely picked them up and then ran down the stairs.

She got outside and took in the fresh air and the sunlight. Her sister was going to kill her.

Now she just had to find her car.

Nikko stretched as he awakened, his feet hitting the arm of the couch. He groaned. He wasn't in his bed. That girl was in his bed. Nikko bolted up, his brother stood over him.

"You're probably wondering why I'm on the couch." Nikko laughed nervously. He was actually wondering why his brother wasn't at work.

"Why was there a girl here?" Stavros asked. Nikko grimaced.

"I found her outside. She was drunk and some guy was trying to force her into a car. She wanted to drive home. I did the responsible thing!" Nikko cried. Stavros nodded. Nikko glanced past Stavros' big head to look at his room. His bed was empty. Nikko cleared his throat.

"Uh, where is she?" Nikko asked.

"She left, this morning. Obscenely early." Stavros responded, going to get his blazer jacket and his brief case.

"She did? Really?" Nikko asked, feeling let down.

"Yep, she said to tell you she says thanks." Stavros listed. "Now if you don't mind I'm late for work."

Nikko bade him a good bye and then flopped back down onto the couch. He was more than just a little disappointed. He never got the girl's name, or her number, or where she lived. He'd never see her again.

Did she even get home ok?

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