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Prologue: Father, Brother, Son

Edward POV

I never thought I'd see his day ever happening – 8 months after Jasper first arrived at our doorstep; him and dad finally embracing as father and son should.

To be honest, I'd be lying if I said I had been welcoming when he first arrived. After all, he was the other son that should have never been. The bastard. A result of dad's ultimate betrayal of mom's trust and love. His appearance uprooted everything that was good and wholesome in this family, well everything that I thought was good and wholesome. He was the thorn in the thicket, the flea in my bed, he was a living reminder to mom of dad's betrayal, to dad of his weakness, to me of the fact that my hero was not the hero I had always idolised him to be.

Jasper's appearance after 17 long years destroyed my pretty little universe. And it was a valid enough reason for me to hate him.

Even if it wasn't his fault.

Yes. I am a self centered brat, I admit that. But I'm improving. At least I think I am. Give me a break, I am a teenager.

Emmett, my older brother – adopted when I was a year old to keep me company thought the scandal of Jasper's arrival would be a good thing for me at least. Easy for him to say, he wasn't around to witness the storm that came with pretty blue eyed boy. No, Emmett could say what he wanted because he was in far away Singapore for two fucking years.

"It'll be good for you Edward – to have someone else get mom and dad's attention away from you. Now I don't have to contemplate returning to sort your shit out.."

I had seriously wanted to deck my brother, even if there was a good deal of truth in what he said regarding yours truly.

Look, call me whatever, but the way I see it – the only biological child of a pair of wealthy, upperclass couple, is it really my fault that my parents doted on me like I was black diamond? Neither is it any fault of mine that I have an astute mind and learnt from early on that I could probably use their unconditional love towards me to my benefit. If anything I should be called genius for that! And it clearly isn't my fault that my parents only started realizing about a year ago that they probably should have used the belt or their hands on me once or twice when I was younger to let me know that they were still the parents and I was the kid. If there is someone to blame – it's the parents. Just sayin.

The first few months, I treated Jasper like shit. He responded with the same approach he gave dad, that of indifference. If I expected him desperate for "daddy's love" like I thought he would be, I was wrong. He made it very clear one night when dad tried to 'speak' to him that he wanted nothing and owed nothing to him. Hearing him say that to daddy-o, for some odd reason made me feel a little better. I guess I was pretty mad with dad too.

Okay, I felt cheated. Happy?

The only person he regarded with respect and well, if I could be bold enough to say this – love, was mom. Even if mom, for the first week or so, looked like she couldn't bear to even see his face. Initially I thought it was due to the fact that Jasper was the obvious reminder of dad's betrayal – especially since he resembled more like dad than I ever would. In time I would learn of the history between dad, mom and Jasper's mama. The gist of it was this – it made dad look like a rightful bastard. All of this, the scandal that would have been average fodder on a daytime soap, but definitely not on fucking real life, was due to dad's inability to keep his stupid chinos on.

I fucking hope stupidity isn't hereditary.

I didn't know when the hatred changed to indifference to acceptance, I guess it had much to do with how mom treated him and vice versa. Mom with the big heart and warm smiles, even if her own heart was bleeding. She accepted Jasper into our lives sooner than I thought. I got even angrier at that. SHE was MY mom, not his – what right did he have to go loving and making her smile the way he did?

Stupid reason, I know. So shoot me.

I used to get up to all sorts of shit just to rile him up, whenever he did something to make mom smile or laugh. I swear Jasper has to be one of the most tolerant human beings there is in the whole wide world, the way he just ignored my taunts and sneers and downright bullying. Then the bullying and jibes became stale and before I could even pin it down, the initial hatred and icy cold bitterness I felt for him had completely disappeared. It wasn't long before the angel and demon perching on my shoulders started waging a personal war for the selfish, brat-ish brute in my heart.

But it wasn't until that fine day in school when he stood up for me and got a couple of bruised ribs in return that I sort of changed my tune. Sort of.

Even if I was pissed as hell at him for trying to defend me in the first place. The popular jocks in school – Tyler Crowley and his group of buffoons tried to teach me a lesson about school monarchy and how wrong it was that I was supposedly trying to steal his girl, the new girl - Bella, from his hands. Hah! One, that Bella was never his and would never be his, two- I wasn't even mildly interested in the brunette from Phoenix, pretty as she may be. There was one girl and one girl alone who could ever make my heart race like a bullet train and sweat pour out of me like stormrain out of a gutter and her name was Angela Lilly Webber. Angela the bespectacled angel with jet black hair and the sexiest gams I'd ever laid my eyes on, and an intelligence that would put my own MENSA worthy brain to shame. Angela the red thong wearing devil who had been the object of my wet dreams for months! Angela the heart breaker when she started dating Spartan's popular athlete – Ben Cheney last year. Angela Lilly Webber who was now single again and became Bella's first and closest friend in Forks. Honestly, I only got close to Bella because she was my Willy Wonka ticket to winning Angela, finally.

Dad's scratchy voice pulled me back from wherever I was lost in my inner dialogue. I felt myself shudder again when I realized we were still at the store, huddled up on the ground with tin cans and what not strewn all over the white linoleum floor like mismatched puzzle pieces.

An attempted robbery gone wrong.

Wrong – because this was Forks. Small sleepy town where NOTHING ever really happened, and everyone still slept with their doors unlocked. Wrong because this was a convenience store, not much money here to rob anyway. Wrong, because right now my brother was lying in our dad's lap, a puddle of blood spreading from underneath him because he'd dived in in front of dad when the shot rang.

"Jasper …just..just hold on…it's almost over…just hold on okay?"

Jasper didn't answer this time, but his knuckles were white from gripping dad's hand tightly. They were almost the same color as his face.

"Please…..please…just hold on son.."

In all of 17 years, I'd never seen dad look the way he did right now.

I gulped, trying vainly to swallow my heart that had seemingly made its way up to my throat. I hadn't realized my own eyes had been leaking for sometime now.

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