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Darth Vader: Luke, I am your Father

Carlisle POV

"Dr. Cullen, what are you still doing here? It's long past your shift..." Sue Clearwater, the unmatronly looking head nurse called out to me from behind her station this evening. I looked up at the wall clock hanging on the wall above her head, sure enough I was way past the end of my shift.

"I'm heading out now, just have some paperwork for the Wagner patient to fill and submit," I answered neutrally, slipping her one of my trademark grins. I got a skeptical brow raise in return but thankfully not a word more. If I knew Sue Clearwater at all, she would have probably spoken to Esme already and would have therefore been updated with the news of who was joining us for dinner tonight. After all, she was only Esme's closest friend in this little town named after a cutlery since we moved here 20 or so odd years ago.

I was hedging, delaying from the inevitable. And she knew it.

When I didn't move from my spot by the station 2 minutes later, I got the perfunctory throat clearing next.

"Go home, Dr.C,"

It was very much an order instead of a request. Left with no other option, I gave up my pretense of filling said paperwork and closed the file. She was right though, I had to go home sometime this evening.

"Okay.. I'm going. Have a good evening Sue."

"I will. Have a good evening yourself Dr. Cullen and say hello to Esme and Edward for me."

"I will,"

I thought I heard her say good luck just as I entered the lift.

I'd need that.

Forks had always been a bit on the chilly, cloudy side most times of the year, something the Irish blood in me was pretty grateful for. Unlike Esme, who always tanned beautifully under a hot Californian sun for instance, I stood a bigger chance of looking like a lobster under too much UV ray. Even in the warmest of months, which was now – August; it was pretty hard to get a sweat going in such weather as what Forks offered unless one engaged in a heavy activity like hiking.

But driving back towards home, with the window rolled down and a cool breeze breathing against my skin, I still felt the tiny beads of sweat forming on my forehead and back of neck.

I was anxious. No doubt about that.

Make that scared.

Just a little.

Honestly, any grown man in my place wouldn't feel too disimilar.

Tonight would be a reunion of sort for me…and.. my son. My son!

Jasper Lee Evenson. Jasper Lee Cullen.

I had another son.

I hadn't even known he existed until Esme broke the news to me 6 - 7 months ago.

"I..I have a son?Another son?"

"How was it that I never knew of this? Never heard of this until now?"

She explained. I might have glared at her accusatorily after that. In response, she glared back at me. And we proceeded to have the biggest fight in almost 20 years after that.

We made up of course. I could never be angry with her for long. And neither could she. It was partly why we worked so well together.

People make mistakes all the time. And married couples would be so lucky to if they made only one huge blunder in the course of their married life. We weren't any different, even if our group of friends preferred to think otherwise.

I loved Esme. Loved her with all my heart and soul. There was nothing, absolutely nothing that I wouldn't do for her. That included keeping a blind eye to her transgression as a person. I did it not because I was in denial, but because I loved her enough to know she was human. That, and the fact I knew she would absolutely do the same for me. That there - was our not so secret secret to a working marriage. A willingness to consider and accept each other's flaws and weaknesses. Working on having a forgiving heart.

If anyone was a saint in that department, it was Esme.

I wouldn't be where I was now if she hadn't had a big enough of heart to forgive me almost 20 years ago.

I had an affair.

A one night stand would probably be more appropriate really.

Even if I would never in a million years think of her as a one night stand experience.

But it was a mistake nonetheless.

I was married.

To Esme.

Eve's baby sister.

Whatever mistakes she'd done subsequent to my stupidity would never add up to or even match my one big fuck-up that almost cost us our marriage and future happiness. If she had kicked my sorry ass out that very night two decades ago, I would have never had the chance to experience the wonderful life we were blessed with now. I wouldn't have known the bliss of being a father , first to Edward and then later to Emmett when we decided to adopt him. And I surely wouldn't have gotten to the position I was in now - as chief surgeon of Forks Hospital. Everyone in town knew Esme was the biggest driving force behind my career success. I myself knew it. Her dedication and sacrifice, her huge heart allowed for me to pursue my career despite having a growing family.

I almost swerved off the road when my cellphone made a wail and vibrated rather violently on the holder on the console.

"Honey? Are you on your way home? I called the hospital and they said you had left,"

"Sorry love, got bogged down with some paperwork. But I'm 10 minutes away."

"Well, okay… I'll reheat the food quickly. You okay?"

Was I okay? I couldn't help but cringe at the genuine concern in her voice.

Should tell her that I was sort of scared of this impending reunion because I frankly hadn't the slightest clue what to expect or how to act? Or how to even address Jasper?

Hi Son.

God, that would be too much.

Or what of the fact that I also hadn't the slightest idea how to introduce myself?

Hi Jasper, I am your father.

Duh… I might as well be Darth Vader saying howdy to Luke Skywalker.

Har-dy–fucking hah.


"Yes, I'm okay. Can't wait, see you now sweetheart."

I hung up before she could slip in another question.

Can't wait?

I could almost imagine my mental self laughing at me for that fake answer. Yes, I couldn't wait enough that my heart was practically racing me right home right now.

Before I could even take 10 intakes of breath, the driveway leading to my home appeared before me.

Be still my jumping heart.


Esme greeted me at the door as she usually did.

There was a glimmer in her eyes that I couldn't quite make out, if she was happy or sad. A tiny voice inside me somehow felt that she was projecting both feelings simultaneously. Normally I would be quick to ask her what was bothering her, but I was too distracted right now to be thinking of anything but the boy, the new boy in the house.


"Both him and Edward are in the dining room. Come on, we'd better join them quickly..Edward's been cranky because dinner's not served yet,"

I rolled my eyes at my wife's statement. Our son was the absolute drama queen in the house. Not that I could really blame him, we'd been spoiling him for years and only in recent times had we come to the realization that that probably wasn't for his best interest, if his brat-titude was any indication.

"How did he take to uh..Jas..Jasper?"

"What do you think?" Came her obvious answer.

I shouldn't have even asked. Ever since the day we told him that Jasper was joining our family, Edward had been somewhat cutting with his remarks to me and his mother. He couldn't understand why on earth Esme would allow my mistake to even enter this house. Of course we gave him the best excuse we could give.

"That's the decision and it's final so suck it up young man!"

Even if Edward was a brat, he had a reasonable head and heart. Somewhat. I hoped. At leasts he still respected the fact that we were his parents and our say was final.

Whatever thought was running in my head about Edward died a quick death when I stepped into the dining room and Esme finally stepped away from my line of sight.

He was seated on the dining table directly opposite where I was, head bowed down, long wavy blonde hair hanging loosely on the sides of his face. Fair, fair skin, just like I was but more milky, like someone I knew a long time ago. In the sun, I reckon he would tan wonderfully instead of turning lobster like I me.

Do you look like her?

I wondered quietly and a flash of memory – amber greenish eyes – flooded my vision for a split second. As if he'd heard my silent question, I was unprepared when the blonde mass of hair lifted and I was caught staring at an almost mirror, younger version of myself. Blue eyes, defined jawline, penetrating gaze. The only difference being he inherited his mother's elegant and softly blunt-ended nose instead of my sharp one.

Thankfully I caught my own surprised gasp before it got the chance to be heard. If Esme noticed my reaction, she didn't make know of it. I swallowed the lump of saliva in my throat and stilled my excitable heart instantly.

"Carlisle,say hello to Jasper." "Jasper, this is Carlisle," Esme, ever the perfect host made introductions quickly.

I felt the smile freezing on my face before I could even stop it. He, Jasper looked every bit like Luke Skywalker did when the masked master Vader spilled the truth to him.

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