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Naruto finally remembers… some memories.

"Medusa, what kind of ridiculous body did you get this time?" Arachne sat atop her favorite web inside the main hall, below her was Medusa, her little sister, sporting the body of a twelve year old girl. Naruto was, of course, resting his head on her lap probably napping. He never did pay attention to the most important of times.

"But you can get away with so much with a body like this!" Medusa did a courtesy that made her look cute. "Isn't this fun? We get to celebrate the rebirth of two sisters!" She started to twirl in place, laughing the whole time. Medusa might have enjoyed it but Arachne had enough. She snapped her fan open and in a split second, Naruto had Medusa by the throat high in the air.

"Enough of your senseless squawking! I know it was you who betrayed me 800 years ago! I was winning the fight with the Shinigami until someone stabbed me in the back!" Around Medusa Giriko, Mosquito and the newly hired Mifune appeared. Medusa smiled wickedly before frowning innocently;

"Eh, Onii-san you're hurting me!"

This triggered something inside Naruto. What was it? It was an image of a little girl with navy blue hair and lavender eyes. She was wearing an orange yukata, holding up a butterfly in her hand. The girl suddenly spoke, her voice filled with happiness and amazement, "Look papa, a butterfly!"

Who…? This made Naruto's eyes widen like saucers as he dropped Medusa, gripping his head in the process, who are you?

"I love you papa!" The little girl said as she jumped into the arms of Naruto, a woman that looked like her appeared beside him too, "I love mama too!"

Tears and blood started to stream out of his eyes. I… I should know you two… but! Naruto suddenly roared loudly, creating a shockwave of sound that blew back everyone around him, the kyuubi's full potent power bursting out. A spiral of energy and madness blasted high into the sky, bathing the background in red. And just as sudden as it came, it disappeared as Naruto collapsed.

"My, what a powerful pet you have here Arachne! So fascinating!" Medusa pulled up her hood before leaving, "I hope I can play with him again soon!" Medusa soon disappeared into the castles darkness

"Hey lady, what the hell just happened?" Giriko asked as he picked up an unconscious Naruto.

"A miscalculation"

"Eruka, who was that boy?" Medusa asked as she grabbed a broom from the wall. She was heading outside along with Eruka the Frog, who was dressed as one of the followers of Arachne.

"A-as far as I can tell, he was one of Arachne's original followers, Along with Mosquito and Giriko."

"What is he?"

"From what I dug up… He is a being more powerful and more ancient than the Shinigami himself. He is… was a creature known as the Kyuubi No Kitsune…"

"Was?" Medusa asked as she turned around to look at her.

"Y-yes, Arachne has brainwashed him and sealed away all of his memories. She can control him and his powers completely."

"Interesting…" They were now outside of the castle and Medusa was about to fly off on her broom, "Eruka, I want you to get as much information on this boy as you can. He might be a useful tool in the future."

And just like that, Medusa flew up into the air and was gone.

Back in the castle, Arachne stood above an unconscious Naruto. She was going through different incantations as she drew a web like design over his abdomen.

"It seems that his memories could be unlocked partially if something reminds him of his past. Be it a person or an event similar to what he has experienced before." Arachne finished as she thrust her open palm onto Naruto's stomach, making the seal glow violet before disappearing from sight. "But I won't make the same mistake twice! Only the Shinigami can utterly destroy this seal but even he would have a hard time in decoding it."

She slowly turned to both Giriko and Mosquito as she gave out an order. "When something could potentially reawaken his memories, the seal would activate and pulse. This in turn will make the web design spread throughout his body. When it does I want the both off you to destroy what or whoever is causing this. This seal is strong but there are too many variables to consider so better be safe than sorry."

"Hai" Both of her servants responded as they watched Naruto sleep peacefully in Arachne's lap.

"You can leave now; I don't want anyone disturbing me or Naruto at the moment."

Both of them left the room without another word.