"Please Harry, just this once, you work so hard at the office, I'm sure-" Harry and Draco were standing in their kitchen both men breathing hard, "No draco," Harry yelled as he slammed his coffee mug down. "I come home every other night, on the dot at six, they want me to work late one day a week, they could easily want me to do more." That was the threat that always made Draco back off, They had a fight like this, a major, about once every other month.

After the war harry got his dream job as an arour straight off the bat, now three years later, he was in a commented relationship with none other than Draco Malfoy. They had got together after Harry contacted Draco, something his shirk had told him would be good for him. And it was, Draco had fallen for Harry almost from their first meeting and he had managed to bring Harry out of his depression surprisingly quickly.

It wasn't that Harry didn't love draco, he did, and it wasn't that there sex life wasn't great, because it was. But…a few months ago Harry had been sent to tail an alleged dark wizard, he wasn't worried about it, it was pretty routine. What he hadn't been counting on was Amelia. Amelia was the total opposite of Draco, although they were both stunningly beautiful. Amelia was dark and curvy, she had long black, silky hair, tanned skin and chocolate eyes. Amelia was also extremely dominant in bed, often telling harry how much she wanted to make him orgasm, and then simply…doing it. Harry was getting hard just thinking about it actually. Draco was wonderful, but...it felt so great knowing someone just couldn't wait until they had him.

Draco had been talking, but harry hadn't been listing. "Draco." He barked. "I am going to work now, I will be back at 11, don't wait up, don't make dinner, I wont be here. " Harry could see his lover's bottom lip trembling, but he didn't care at the moment. "But it's-" "It's not like you do real work, you don't know what its like." Harry knew that was uncalled for, Draco had looked for work after the war but people just wouldn't employ him. In the end they decided he should be a freelance writer and take care of the house while Harry was away. Draco's eyes started to tear up, and harry knew he wouldn't be able to take it if he started to cry, so he shot Draco one last heated look and walked out the door.

"I love you" Draco said softly when he heard the door slam after Harry. For Draco it was obvious. Harry started to come home smelling of sex and reeking of some women's perfume, he even saw lipstick stains on Harry's clothes some times. And when he causally asked Ron Weasly,(they got on…amicably) about Harry's "over time" Ron didn't know anything about it. But he LOVED Harry, he really really did, he woke up every morning grateful that he was next to him, and 6 nights of the week he snuggled up to harry as feel asleep, thinking that his life couldn't get any better than it was then. Harry made him so happy, and harry deserved to be happy too…and if going to some fucking slut made him happy than Draco should just deal. It had been going on for 7 months now. Harry didn't remember the exact dates of anything, but Draco always did. 7 months, 21 days and (Draco looked up at the clock) 14 hours, and 28 minutes ago that Draco found out. Draco sniffed and closed his eyes, "malfoys do NOT cry" He said under his breath. He looked around his kitchen, spotless as always. He smiled as his eyes wandered to the photographs on the wall. They were all of Harry and him, smiling, laughing. Draco's favorite one was of the two of them ice skating. Harry had never done it before, so it kept falling and draco had to hold him up. They looked so happy, it was only a few months after they met, but even then Draco knew that he wanted to be with Harry forever. He thought Harry had wanted it too, but as he looked at the snow falling outside the small window, he wasn't so sure.

Harry had an uneventful day at work, and left at six as he did every day. He was already smiling to himself as he aparated to his normal spot, a nice, dark, parking lot and got in to his car. Amelia was a muggle women, which made some things a lot easier for Harry(he didn't have to worry about her knowing about draco, and blackmailing him…) but it meant he couldn't aparate into her front room. So, he brought a nice, shiny car, a green Porsche. At first the green reminded Harry of Draco, and he felt a pang of guilt, but that guilt quickly got smaller and smaller. Anyways, Harry mused as he started the engine, its not like im hurting Draco…well not that badly anyways. And it is a bit clingy of him not to let me work over time, it's not like he knows about all of this.

"Ame," Harry said as she opened the door for him. She lived in a small house in the country, again, so unlike him and Draco… "I see your wearing my earrings" He reached up and stoked her ear. Harry had brought her diamond and sapphire earrings, with a matching necklace "and the necklace too" His hand dropped to the pendant, which hung in-between her two beautiful breasts. She giggled at him. "Harry, at least come inside before you do that" she took his hand and pulled him in to her front room. "I've missed you" She breathed. "you two" he replied, although, that was mostly a lie, he only really thought about her when he was board and horny...and Draco wasn't there. He pressed her against the wall and kissed her, hard, his hands had cupped her breasts and she undoing the bottons on his top. Harry moved his moth from her lips to her neck and se moaned. "Harry, you have to leave early today." "What?" He stopped grouping her. She looked apologetically at him. "My parents what to see me, they have made a reservation at a restrant and everything." "but babe..."he whined. "I know… but I can see you next week, maybe you can see me twice?"She gave him that smile, the one she knew he couldn't refuse. "yeah, all right…"He grinned foolishly back, Draco wouldn't mind…just this once. "now, I've been missing you…" she let her dress fall to the floor and Harry grinned as he saw that she was wearing the underwhere he got her, pink and silver lace, well worth the money. He had no idea how Draco hadn't noticed the vast amounts of money that disappeared from their joint account (he did of coarse), but in that moment he was very glad Draco didn't know.

She knew. Amelia knew that she was Harry's bit on the side, it was too clear, the extra expensive gifts, the coming every week at the same time. Sometimes she felt bitter, like she was a whore selling her self. But she did it anyways. Some of the time, she thought about him having a cold, bitter, ugly wife at home and felt good that he was getting some love somewhere. And then sometimes she thought about him having a happy wife, with kids, a home, and a cat, and she felt so bad. But when she approached him, she honestly thought he was single.

They lay in bed together, both looking very pleased with themselves. Amelia rolled over on her side, the bra and panties on the floor forgotten. "I need to get going Harry." He moaned, he looked very attractive, naked and next to her. "All right…" He kissed her on her nose and the smiled. He dressed quickly and she watched him, stretching like a cat. He kissed her good bye, and promised he'd call , he'd think about her, he'd miss her. He wouldn't really and they both knew it. His heart was with Draco, not her. He smiled as he got in to his car, thinking about Draco running to great him, ecstatic that he wasn't home as late as usual.

Harry was just placing his key in the lock of his home when he heard voices. He put his ear to the door and strained to hear. "How could you let him do this Draco?" It sounded like Blaise. The only response was crying, harry hoped in his heart of hearts that it was not Draco. " I mean…" But the rest of the sentace was too muffled to hear. Harry quickly reached in to his pocket and extracted an extendable ear, he was in the habit of keeping one with him at all times. As quickly as he could he untangled it and put it in place. "He makes me so happy-" this was Draco, and Harry smiled softly. "he should be happy too, and if…doing this make him happy that should be enough for me" Draco was taking uneven, shaky breaths. "But…its not." "Draco, Harry isn't good enough for you" Gee thanks Blaise, harry thought. "He doesn't love you" Yes. I. do. Harrys blood was boiling now and he was ready too bang open the door but a yell from draco stopped him. "JUST BECAUSE HE IS CHEATING ON ME DOESN'T MEAN HE DOESN'T LOVE ME" "fuuuuck" Harry muttered, he turned his back to the door and slid down it. "Draco can you hear yourself?" Blaise asked, by now he was rubbing Draco softly on his back, and Draco was curled up in to a small ball on the couch. His friend had always done that, ever since they were little kids. "if I can't please him or whatever, it's my fault." Harry's insides were shriveling up and his breathing was becoming laboured. "Oh Draco, I wish I could make you see how wrong you are…how long have you known about this now?" "7 months 21 days and-" there was a pause-"four hours." Tears were running down Harry's face and he had buried his face in his knees, he felt a sob trying to rip its way out of his mouth, but he fought it down; he didn't want to be caught.

"I miss him…sooo much." Draco's voice cracked and harry moaned quietly. "I know you do, I know you do." There was silence for a moment, until Blaise broke it again. "but...there has to be a point where you leave him, a breaking point…he doesn't even notice you anymore." "Yes he does" Draco whined. "When was the last time he complimented you?" A pause "or thanked you?" Another pause. "Its your birthday Draco" shit. Harry thought, shit , shit, shit, I had totally forgotten, he wanted to punch something, to scream at his own stupidity. He felt as if his worl was being ripped apart. "He didn't even wish me a happy birthday" Draco sobbed "He couldn't give up his stupid fucking whore for one night, for your own birthday. How much money has he spent on her now?" "Its his money, he is the one who earns a living." "How much Draco?" Blaise asked softly, but firmly. "A lot" Draco whispered "I don't know, I don't want to know...he bought her two dozen roses the other day." "are you sure they were for her?" Draco laughed bitterly. "Well I didn't get them." Harry's whole body started to shake outside the door, now crying as hard as Draco, "Oh Draco…im so sorry." The three men just sat there, lost in their thoughts. "Look Blaise" Draco sounded horse, but he had stopped crying, harry hadn't. "I know its getting late, and you have stuff to do at ten, I understand that you need to go." Blaise bit his lip and Harry held his breath. "Really?" He asked "Of coarse, you've come here every Thursday since this started, your a good mate." "Well.." Blaise started awkwardly "You'll just have to pay me back later, wont you?" "Corse mate, bye." "Thanks, take care of yourself Draco." "I will." "Night" "Night." There was a soft pop, and Blaise was gone.