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Please note: In this story, Alice isn't as distant from Peter as in the manga. Considering she's been in Wonderland for quite some time and speaking game language, I would say she has about 1-2 hearts out of 5 for her relationship with Peter, so she may seem a bit OOC :/ Oh well, here goes nothing! XD

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-The White Rabbit's Voice-

Chapter 1


It all started with a voice he heard on one of his visits to the Outside world. A voice so hauntingly beautiful but sad that he couldn't help but think of her every day. What was she doing? What was making her despair? Will he, one day, hear a voice that wasn't tinged with silent hurt?

And with that, he vowed that someday he would bring her here, to Wonderland, to make her happy.

And that was what he did.

He was a rabbit and rabbits didn't have a voice, so it was natural for him not to be able to speak… or so he told himself.

But he knows full well that he was a 'glitch' in the game. Speech disabled, and yet, he took on a role just by sheer will alone, and he upholds his role seriously and proudly. He was still the Prime Minister of Wonderland and he ruled it with fear which he found so much easier to do then to try to make people understand him.

To heck with all the pity and scorn others would show him whenever he walked pass; he'd just grace their face with his bullet mercilessly. But she was different, she didn't look at him with sympathy or contempt, she looked at him with…



Peter White hugged the foreigner's waist tightly, not wanting to let go. Ah~! Sweet Alice! How I missed you! Was what he wanted to say but since he couldn't, he let his actions do the talking instead. He inhales her scent deeply and nuzzles into her chest some more, feeling completely at home and much to Alice's annoyance whose face turned a bright shade of red.

"For the last time. GET. OFF!"


Peter lets out a whimper as Alice smacks him in the head hard. He reluctantly releases his beloved to massage the bump on his head while looking at Alice, teary eyed.

"Now don't you dare give me that look Peter." Alice pouted as she points an accusing finger at him.

So cute… The rabbit-man thought to himself while blushing. Oh, how he love to see her do that to her lips.

"You've got to stop tackling me to the ground like that, jeez!" She scolded him while pressing her hand to her aching spine as she picked herself up and dusted her dress. "I think I'm having a backache here."

Seeing his plan of gaining sympathy failed and had caused her unintentional pain instead, he whips out his notebook and scratches it with his pen hastily.

[Sorry, but I couldn't help myself.]

Peter showed Alice his script and neat handwriting that would put any scribe to shame. His white fluffy ears lowered apologetically as he peers at her reaction through his big, round glasses.

She heaves a sigh as she read. "It's alright, just stop doing that." Alice pleaded with irritation.

She forgives me! He thought happily and his smile widens. Elated, Peter hops over to hug her again but she promptly halts him with a hand on his head as he pushed forward.

"Urg… Peter, remember what I just said?" Alice told him dryly, pointing to her back. His ears perked up immediately and he gave her some space. Still unable to wipe off the blissful grin from his face, Peter bows briefly and with a saluting gesture, he taps his forehead with his gloved hands twice to say 'sorry'.

"I know I know. I haven't visited lately but I've got to go." The fair-headed girl replied, adjusting her disarrayed bow as she looks around at the rose bush maze and at the Castle of Heats at its far end, admiring how it bathed in the red rays of the sunset.

"It's getting late and Julius is waiting for me back home." Alice smiles at the thought and casually waves Peter a goodbye. But before she could leave the maze's entrance, the White Rabbit tugs her arm.

Peter frowns as he struggled to tell her what he wanted. His heart was filled with so many emotions; jealousy, confusion and desire, yet he could only express one or else Alice would be confused. He pulls her hand to his chest while his other arm pointed at her and then to the castle. A sequence Alice was all too familiar with.

"We've talked about this Peter, I've decided, I won't stay here." She palmed her face in exasperation while she tried to wriggle her hand free. She was definitely not staying anywhere near that perverted rabbit!

Peter suddenly releases her hand and scribbles on his notebook again.

[Please stay. I love you Alice.]

"That's not exactly a good reason, Peter." She answered, deadpanned and arching an eyebrow at the desperate looking albino. "And you shouldn't keep saying mushy words like that so freely! If you'll excuse me, I'll be going now."

Alice took the chance and quickly slips from his reach and exits maze. The white haired youth could only stare after the girl, his outreached hand grabbing at empty air while he tried to make words sound from his futilely opened mouth:

Alice… Don't go…





"Argh!" A faceless soldier cried as he fell face down on the castle floor, painting the tile red with his blood as it flowed and mixed into others.

Ten. Peter counted as he nudged his specs up his nose and finally lowered his gun-hand, fresh smoke still streaming from the hot barrel. Red, stone-cold eyes surveyed the motionless and bloodied bodies of soldiers and servants alike, realising through the haze of his frustration that he had killed more than usual today.

Alice… how can I make her take my love more seriously? How do I make her understand my feelings more? Peter questioned himself. He had never let the disadvantage of his disability bother him or affect his work, and yet today, his inability to convey his feelings had gotten the better of him.

He looked down at the weight in his pockets and his hands fished out his notebook, a reminder of how powerless he was because of his situation. He didn't like to see himself that way, but the notebook was his only way of communicating more clearly to Alice.

But it's not enough anymore.

He pulled his brow deeper and crushed the stationery in his hand with one single movement. He lets out a dis-satisfactory sound as he threw the craggy notebook into the air and swiftly aimed his gun at it…


Within seconds, the hallway was filled with the pungent smell of gunpowder and sheets of paper that rained everywhere. The place was deathly quiet, except for the rustling of brown parchments as it floated down to the ground.

Suddenly, an odd shuffling movement caught the corner of his eye and Peter turned to see the King emerging from behind the shadow of one of the corridor's pillar.

"O-oh my, the Queen will not like this! I'll have someone clean this up later s-so please don't just shoot them yet." The frail and worried looking man stuttered, earning him an annoyed scowl from Peter that clearly says 'I don't care'.

The bearded man then bent to pick one of the pieces of paper and read its contents. He hummed to himself knowingly before addressing the Prime Minister.

"You know, t-there was an old rumour that ran among the maids in the castle. A rumour… a-and a miracle… born from the hope and hearts of the faceless."

Peter shot him a queerly look as he changed his gun back into his watch and folded his arms, not sure where the man was taking this to.

"I-it was said that if one was able to find a matured white rose blooming from a red rose bush in the Queen's garden…" The King nervously continued. "Drip a single drop of your b-blood into it a-and keep it with you, then your deepest wish would c-come true just for a single moment…"

Awkward silence filled the air between them as Peter debated whether he should ignore the King and walk away now or try and laugh at the man. Finally, he decided to leer at the flustered-looking King while moving his finger in a circular motion at his head.

"I-I'm not crazy! L-like I said, it was just a rumour." The King defended weakly, his wiry moustache twitching in aghast. Peter rolled his crimson eyes and was about to leave when he heard him speak again, this time with such confidence it caught him in surprise.

"But then again, maybe it isn't..." The older man trailed off with a small smile as he glanced at Peter who turned back to look at him skeptically.

"Because we're in Wonderland, and crazy things happen here every day, don't you agree?"

Peter narrowed his eyes warily, but the King could clearly see a conflicted slide-show of emotions passing across the rabbit's face. But then, Peter gave a snort of disdain as he turned away from the King's eyes and stomped off, resuming his way back to his office.

The King sighed in both resignation and relief as he stood among the corpses and watched the White Rabbit leave. But once Peter was out of sight, another familiar voice intruded the blood-bathed space.

"That was pretty mean of you my King, to tell Mr Peter a white lie."

Following the source of the voice, the King of Hearts spots the Knight of Hearts leaning his hip lazily against a pillar with crossed arms and a wolfish grin.

"I-I had to." The timid King said as he wiped the sweat off his creasing forehead. "While P-peter was on a killing spree, Vivaldi was also h-having her fair share of kills as well, seeing how Peter's shooting has disturbed her p-peaceful afternoon tea. The castle c-can't afford to be even more underhand as it is now."

"Ha ha ha, that's true!" Ace agreed, laughing at the King's expense as he made his way towards the centre of the hall.

"But it is impossible right?" The knight asked, cupping his chin thoughtfully. "To find a white rose growing under such a circumstance, and especially when her majesty despises it so."

"I-impossible is a pretty harsh word, knight. I have been in the castle longer than you have, and t-though rare, I have s-seen things, such as the impossible, happen." The King justified patiently. Ace tilted his tanned head at him, confusion apparent on his face.

"They are miracles that can only be achieved through a heart's pure desire and belief. In fact, it is something anyone can do, my boy, but only the bravest can succeed." The elegantly robed man explained with a smile as Ace gaped at him, wide-eyed at hearing such profoundness coming from someone so unexpectedly under-respected.

"I-I'd best be going to Vivaldi's side, least she starts killing again!" The King anxiously squeaked. He passed the scrap of paper he held to his subordinate and took off hurriedly in the direction he came.

Ace stared after the man and tried to shake off the uncomfortable perplexity that was increasing in his mind. He then looked down at the crumpled piece of paper and read Peter's recognised hand.

[Alice, I love you.]

That simple message was probably written by Peter and read by Alice countless of times. He could have just reused the same paper though… Ace simply thought to himself as he looked down at the sheets of paper strewn all over the place and all bearing the same words, even though he knew Peter would never do that, but he could never comprehend why.

"A miracle of the heart huh…" The knight spoke aloud and smiled wryly to himself as he carelessly crushed the paper in his fist and dropped it to the blood stained ground. Ace admitted, knowing Peter's focused and steadfast heart, that if anyone could do it, it would be that White Rabbit.

"Actually, I'd like to see you make that come true… Mr Peter."




Humph! That was merely just a story to entertain! Peter huffed as he walked, angry that the weaker man should actually manage to induce such a fleeting, hopeless possibility in his mind and heart. But he soon found himself pausing in his tracks in front of a grand window overlooking the vast stretch of Vivaldi's beautiful rose garden, deliberating…

Deliberating what? It was nothing more than a groundless rumour... The white haired youth slammed the side of his fist against the wall while convincing himself harshly over and over again as the echo of his pain resounded through the lonely corridor…


And I should know by now… that some things are better left faced in reality than in a dream...


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