Us From Now On

Chapter 1.

Summary: Why is it that we realize the importance of someone after they are gone? For it is hypocrisy and the human nature that blinds us to what matters the most.

AN: First try at K-On! fan fiction. Ugh, I'm nervous.

Disclaimer: K-On! and its characters belongs to Kakifly-sama and Kyoto Animation. Kansai Jyogakuin Daigaku was created based on a real life Women University in Japan. You can look up Kobe College in Wikipedia.

-"One day you will seek love and be sorry that you threw mine away."



"I…I love you. More than a friend should."


"Do you…feel the same about me?"







"I-I'm sorry!"


"B-But…we can stay as friends…right? You'll still be my friend, won't you?"

"…Of course. Don't worry, I'll…still be your friend."

"Thank you."

(_ _)

The left over cold winds of winter blow swiftly across the courtyard. Seated on an empty table, a girl with raven black tresses gave a startled yelp when the wind blew especially hard and messes up the hair she took pride in. With a slightly irritated sigh, she untangle any knots the wind created as her grey –almost metallic- eyes scanned her surroundings.

A large courtyard filled with comfy wooden benches and polished stone tables meant for lunch or just for students to get somewhere new to study other than the library. Situated in the heart of Kansai Jyogakuin Daigaku (関西女学院大学,) or Kansai Women University, the courtyard was surrounded by the green environment the place provided…it was a place where serenity, calm and peace could be found easily.

Until lunch time came, though.

Akiyama Mio could only stare in a comical fashion as a horde of rampaging students exited the buildings and fought hard for the remaining sets of empty tables. Yes, people love this spot so much they'd fought hard to claim possession of the few stone tables even for several minutes' worth of relaxation. In Mio's defense, she'd been here since 9 am to claim a possession of a table. She doesn't even have class today!


The girl with the black tresses turned and spot a slender blonde girl weaved through the crowd and headed for her. She waved.

"Over here, Mugi!"

There's no way she'd mistaken, for there was only one natural blonde in the whole university. Kotobuki Tsumugi gave her a radiant smile as she sat down on the bench across from her, flipping her blonde hair back as she goes.

"Do you want some tea cakes, Mio-chan? I brought a few in case you came today," yes, Mugi hasn't changed much since high school. Except for the longer hair and the now gone Sakuragaoka Koukou uniform.

"Um…I don't think eating here would be a good idea now, Mugi."Mio's words halted Mugi's hands before she could take out the perfectly wrapped snack out of the basket.

Mugi looked surprised at her friend's answer. The blonde then looked around her and sweat-dropped as she saw what Mio meant. The smell of tea cakes would make the hungry students around them go crazy, especially free ones at that. They wouldn't want a riot to start because of Mugi's cakes now, do they? Once was enough.

"Arara…"the Ojou-sama gave an understanding chuckle, and return the snacks where it belonged. For now.

The bassist gave a small smile and leaned back against the comfortable wooden chair, closing her eyes and tried to block out her surroundings.

A small tired sigh escaped her lips. One that her blonde friend would never miss.

"You still couldn't sleep, Mio-chan?" came the worried voice of the keyboardist. Grey eyes snapped open and stared up at the dim sky which suspiciously seems to mirror her mood today.

"I could…but, it's not really…well,-" Mio buried her face in her palms, massaging both her tired eyes "the dreams," she should stop there. Yes, Mugi should know what she was talking about. Mugi was always there for her since it happened.

And Mio was right, for Mugi now wore an understanding expression, accompanied by guilt and sadness. There were things Mugi could say to her sleep depraved friend right now; to say comforting words and to soothe her out of her fears and worries... But that was unacceptable and the Ojou-sama knows that. For she, who has not experienced what the bassist had been through, had no right to say that she understands. The words would sound hollow to the ears.

The only thing Mugi could do was to take one of Mio's hands, wrapped her smaller ones around it and gave her a smile. That would surely be enough.

"Mio-chan~, Mugi-chan~" A familiar voice broke through the slightly murky atmosphere. The two broke out from their positions and turned towards the call.

"Ah- Yui-chan!," a brunette slumped on the empty spot beside Mugi with a lazy sigh, her nose sniffing for familiar smells "good afternoon Azusa-chan."

"Good afternoon Mugi-senpai, are you alright, Mio-senpai?" The twin tailed rhythmic guitarist of Houkago teatime looked worriedly at her raven haired senpai who was knuckling her eyes with both fists with vigor.

Mio nodded furiously and smiled a smile too small to the others and too wide to her liking. Azusa sat down beside her looking slightly worried. Mio glanced around at Mugi and gave her a grateful and slightly embarrassed smile, which the blonde returned.

Hirasawa Yui took the spotlight by rolling her head on the cold stone table beside the keyboardist "I'm sooo hungry…Mugi-chan, didn't you say you bring some cakes?"

"Senpai! We promised not to eat them here, didn't we?"Nakano Azusa hissed low enough so the others around their circle wouldn't hear. Apparently, she didn't forget the riot that had taken place last year.

Yui only shot her a cute pout and whined like a kicked puppy. Azusa had to hold back her squeal from the onslaught of moe-ness. Giving a throat clearing cough, she turned towards her two more reliable senpais.

"Um…so, what was it that you wanted to talk about?"the smallest of the four didn't miss the brief glance shared by Mugi and Mio. The latter shifted her eyes away, always a foreboding sign. Even Yui peeked out from her comfortable spot to listen to what her two friends had to say.

This morning Yui and Azusa received mails from Mugi saying that there was an important meeting this afternoon. Those two had an idea of what the meeting was going to be, but prefer to hear what the sender had to say.

"Well, ne…"the keyboardist looked really uncomfortable talking about it for some reason "um…shouldn't we wait until everyone's here?" a desperate attempt to change the subject.

"But Ui isn't in the band, right? So it's everyone here." Yui said what Mugi had been evading. Their bassist gave a noticeable flinch.

Smiling in sympathy at Mio, the blonde turned to the other two "yes. That's why…um, I think, no-we think…we should get a drummer."

There were no surprised expression on Yui and Azusa's faces. The only thing there were expectations and worry for the one now sulking on the corner. All of them knew the problem, and know that this topic should come up sooner or later if they wanted to stay as a band.

For now that Tainaka Ritsu was not with them anymore, leaving only memories and a sense of betrayal.

Mio fingered her shoulder length black hair, the one she'd cut short when she found out that she'd lost her best friend, silently and morosely. She did not cry or let out a sob when this topic reaches her ears. For she had run out of tears when Ritsu ran out on them 2 years earlier.

(_ _)

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