Chapter 2: The Hunt Begins.


Not even consciously deciding to act, I reached out and at vampire speed, snatched the girl once again from the arms of my mother, and brought her neck to my mouth. The girl's blood was the sweetest I had ever tasted, and as I was drinking, the only sound that reached me was my mother and stepfather's terrified voices, crying out for the girl: "Bella!"

When I finally left the now empty-of-the-living house, the sky was lightening, the sun starting to rise. When I noticed this, I quickly went into the woods and dug a hole deep into the ground, which I then climbed into and piled the dirt back onto me.

A makeshift grave.

I did not yet know that the sunlight would not burn me; I had only traveled and fed at night, lying in caves or graves (such as the one described above) during the day to shield me from the light of the sun.

There were a lot of things about vampires that I did not know then, as I had had no one to teach me; I thought that crucifixes would burn me, that I could not enter a home without being invited. My explanation about how I had sneaked into the cabin and my old house was that a window had been open in both cases.

I obviously considered that an invitation.

I also had no idea how to make another vampire. All I knew were the myths and legends. Most of the legends said something about an exchange of blood. But I had no blood, at least not that I knew of.

All throughout the day I wondered: how would I find my father? I knew I could track by scent, but there had been none at the house other than my mother's and my step-family. I'd have to work with a cold trail, it was not an easy thing to do for a mortal; and the same held true for an immortal such as myself.

Then when I had gotten bored of thinking of my dirt-bag of a father, the one thing I had not been able to comprehend earlier in the night came unbidden to my mind.

My sister, my beloved angel, my Evangeline, was dead, gone forever.

The grief that I had tried to shield my mind from earlier suddenly and abruptly washed over me with the force of a tsunami, leaving me gasping tear-less sobs and clawing at the dirt around me in my despair.

As the hours passed, my grief slowly turned into such a burning hatred for my father that I could barely stop myself from bursting from the earth at that moment and hunting him down.

Slowly the hours dragged by and from an almost unnoticeable darkening under the earth, I knew the sun had set.

An evil smile spread across my face; it was time for the hunt.