One day Jake woke up. He blinked. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He was seeing. He hadn't seen in five years and now he was seeing.

He jumped out of bed, got dressed and walked out of the house without his cane. Outside he ran into Becker.

"Hey Becker," he said, "Notice anything different about me?"

"Um… you dressed good today," Becker said with his gruff nature.

"I can see," Jake said, "It's a miracle… now you have to believe in the one that made heaven and Earth"

"Well if He does exist He's lousy at His job," Becker mumbled, "when Sara was sick and dying I prayed as damn hard as I could but I still lost my little girl. She was only eight years old. If He exists He must be very hateful to kill off my daughter"

"He works in mysterious ways," Jake said, "besides you don't believe in Him and you didn't like Him so why should He do anything for you?"

"You do realize how skewed your logic is," Becker asked.

"HOW IS IT SCEWED," Jake asked

"Okay," Becker said, "Okay lets say I didn't believe in… in gravity for instance. Suppose before I didn't believe in gravity I didn't particularly like it very much. If I go jump off a cliff without a parachute or something would I go un-injured"

"No that's different."

Becker shook his head.

"Okay," Jake said, "So how do you explain the fact that after five years blind I CAN SEE!"

"Not by the fact that there's a GOD I'll tell you that"

"You're wrong," Jake said, "the doctors told me I would never see again. Well guess what—I'm seeing"

"The doctors told me my daughter would never survive. Well guess what—SHE'S DEAD!"

"Maybe it was for the best," Jake said.

"If you want to keep seeing you will never say that again," Becker said

"Why," Jake asked

"Because if you ever say my daughter deserved to die again I will scratch your eyes out"

"Did she deserve to live in pain? I mean you never even got mad at 'er," Jake pointed out

"Fine," Becker said, "but I'm still mad at GOD"

"That's okay," Jake said, "He still loves you"

With that Jake walked away whistling