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A/N: ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ = Flashback.

Ah, a new view. A new town. New faces. A new life! Claire thought as she boarded the boat that was to take her, the new farmer, to Mineral Town. She was alone of course, because no one else was crazy enough to leave the city for the country life. Claire however, was tired of her boring life in the city. A tedious day after another in that dull t with no one else around.

She remembered what had started this all. She was living alone in her apartment with no special other and her parents had passed away. When she sat down to read the paper like everyday, she noticed an ad she had never seen. It was advertising a farm for sale. It has seemed convincing and Claire had almost tripped running to the phone and now she was here. On this boat taking in the wonderful smell of the salty sea air.

"Well Miss Claire, are you ready to get out of here?" a tall muscular man asked her.

He seemed to be the captain although he lacked any proper clothing of a real chip captain. Of course, Claire was not expecting a pirate captain either. He had tall brown hair and a huge smile.

"Please, call me Claire. And you are?" she said extending her hand to greet him.

"Zack, nice to meet you Claire. You all set?" he asked taking her tiny feminine hand into his own larger hand and shaking it firmly.

"Ready for take off! Or, set sail, or whatever." She said stumbling to find the right words and finding herself embarrassed.

"Alright let's go." And with that he started up the engine and began to drive away.

Claire looked back at the dock hoping to see someone to wave good-bye to but the dock was empty.

"Good-bye Mom and Dad. Wish me luck on my adventure, I'll make you proud." She whispered to herself. She opened the locket she had around her neck.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ (Begin Flashback)

"This is for you sweetheart." Momma had told her handing Claire a locket for her birthday. Claire, eight years old at the time had stared at the locked and curiously she pulled a button and opened it.

"Oh no! I broke it Momma!" she had cried.

"Oh, sweetie you didn't break it." Momma had said with a laugh. "It's supposed to open. You see, there are three slots." She had pointed to a picture of herself a picture of Poppa and an empty slot. "This is so you know that you'll have us with you always. And this one," she pointed to the empty slot, "well, this one is for that special someone when you find him." She smiled.

"Just don't find him to soon you hear?" Poppa had said and everyone had laughed happily.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ (End Flashback)

Claire looked down lovingly at the pictures of them. And then studied the empty slot wondering if it would ever get filled. She was seventeen now and she had waited, for Poppa's sake, for long enough.

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