This is my first multi-chapter story. I have no idea how it's going to turn out.

Disclaimer: This is really useless. Why do I have to say i don't own it? Isn't obvious? I don't own Naruto.


Sasuke has been back for six months now. Only three months ago was he released from ANBU care and he will be on house arrest for another two. On top of that he only has probation for a year. Kami damn it. Only the last Uchiha would get this lucky.

Oh and of course Tsunade-shishou made me his medic. Kami only knows why. I have to go to the Uchiha district (which is being remodeled) once a week and check his health (I won't bore you with the medical jargon). The first week I had to go I…um….fainted when Sasuke took his shirt off (I'm a disgrace). I wanted to crawl in a hole and never be seen again. Week two wasn't much better (Again damn you Kami for making an f-ing Sex God). I slowly got use to seeing the shirtless Uchiha (not). I finally decided that it's unhealthy for me to still be in love with him, so I decided…I NEED TO GET OVER THE BASTARD!

So with this epiphany I created a list.

Reasons Why I, Haruno Sakura Need To Get Over Uchiha Sasuke

I wrote this in big letters on the top of the nearest paper I could find. Now I just need to think of some reasons. Um….oh here.

1. Hair- Who has a style like that? With all the gel he must use he's probably the cause of half the pollution in the world.

2. Facial Expressions- That smirk! His face is going to freeze like that. There are many other expressions he could make besides nothing and smirking. Would it kill him to smile?

3. Tomatoes- This is not a well balanced diet. It's as bad as Naruto and his ramen obsession

4. Eyes- Black and cold. Enough said.

5. Communication Skills- Single syllable answers are not acceptable. It's annoying! (Yeah I went there.) How are people suppose to understand you?

6. Emotions- He can't feel anything for anyone. He can't return feelings people have for him. (Especially me)

7. Cocky- Everyone knows you are strong. You don't have to flaunt it! Get over yourself.

8. Me- I have wasted to much of my life on the guy. I need to find someone else. Someone who can feel and care.

And with this I will no longer be under Uchiha Sasuke's spell!

Poor Sakura if only she knew what was in store for her.

So that's the start. I'm thinking of making it 8 chapters long. Chapters based on the list. Any ideas you want to throw at me just include them in your review :)