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I'm sprinkling sugar over some freshly cut tomatoes when I hear crying. I head to the source.

"Good Morning." I greet.

My little boy raises his arms to me and I pick him up.

"Are you hungry Taro?"

He nods his head and we go back to the kitchen. I hand him a slice of tomato and eat one myself.

"Now, don't tell Daddy." I say to the black-haired green-eyed child.

"Don't tell me what?" A voice says behind me, wrapping arms around my waist.

I turn my head a little and kiss the owner of the voice.

"Oh nothing." I say innocently.

A hand reaches for one of the tomatoes, but I smack it away.

"Where's Reiko?"

Sasuke angles his head towards the door and soon enough it opens. A miniature female copy of him comes running inside.

"Dad you cheated!" The six year old whines.

I laugh.

"That's okay honey, because cheaters never prosper."

I grab the bowl of fruit away from the "cheater" before he can get any and hand it to her. I wink at him and he frowns.

"Now, you could share that with your Dad, OR you can take it to your room and eat it all by yourself. What are you going to do?"

She goes running out laughing, with the only thing she inherited from me, my laugh, and possibly my personality.

I take another look at the glowering Uchiha man.

"Aw come on Sasuke. It was just some tomatoes, and you can't blame me, she was the one who didn't want to share."

He remains frowning. I hand him Taro and go to the fridge. I pull out another bowl that I had prepared earlier.

Time to tease.

I place a piece in my mouth and moan.

"Mmm. These are so good."

I see a glint in his eye. He sets down Taro and starts walking over.

"Give me the tomatoes Sakura."

I take a few steps backwards.


"Sakura." He warns.

"Never!" I yell running from the room.

I suddenly trip over a rug.

How did I become a ninja again?

I fall on the wood floor and await to hear the breaking of glass. After a second of not hearing the noise I look around and seeā€¦Sasuke holding the bowl, eating the food, and smirking at me.

"You caught that, instead of me?"

He continues to eat and smirk.

"You bastard!"


I look in horror at my almost two-year old son.

No. No. No!

"He didn't just say that."

I look back at Sasuke.

"He did not just say that." I repeat to myself.


Yep, just another day in my life, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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