so now that i have u many (like 3 or 4) readers confused here's chapter four...WARNING: this chapter has many flashbacks. they aren't really necessary to read to understand the story i don't think but they help you understand the situation the characters are in and how they got like that.

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Hidan: oh my Jashin someone actually read your story

ME: (doesn't even look at him)shut up hidan

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Raven POV:

In the doorway was a tall man with slicked back silver hair around a nice angular face with soft lips, a nice nose, and dark fuchsia eyes. He was pale and looked as if someone was supposed to be here but wasn't. he looked from side to side and behind the door for this mysterious person.

"Where is he?" He asked to the air.

"where's who Hidan?"

"Jashin-sama, i felt his presence"

"you!" I didn't care how sick I was I would kill this Hidan person. I jumped on him and began to pull his hair so hard it came out in handfuls so that he was bleeding down the back of his head. i began to beat his head with my fists. All this time he was trying to pry me off and yelling at Sasori, who was laughing at the situation, to help him.

"Alright you all "-i fell off of Hidan in surprise from the loud voice.-"what's going on Hidan what happened to you?"

"The bitch attacked me Kakuzu" Hidan said to the man in the doorway. The man was the tallest man i had ever seen (a/n: she's like 5' 6" so everyone is tall but yeah), was wearing a mask over his mouth and nose, and had dark, dull red eyes and green pupils.

"This little thing" The man called Kakuzu walked over to me and patted my head (she's sitting like a cat) "She's as harmless as a kitten" He laughed.

I stood up. "Kakuzu, right?"

"Yes I'm Kakuzu"

"I'm Raven" I held out my hand. He shook it.

"Nice to meet you Raven" He bowed and i bowed back.

"You're so respectful. I wish you were my partner. I'm so jealous of Zetsu now." he said very nonchalantly as he walked out of the room.

"Sasori" a voice sounded from no where.

"Yes, leader?"

"Is she ready?"

"Yes, sir she's awake, responding, and violent towards Hidan"

"Good. Bring her here then fix Hidan"

"Yes, sir" Sasori said and helped me to my feet and down the hall. about half way down he pulled a trash can from the wall to bring along for me. about twenty seconds later i looked at myhands, coated in blood with strands of silver hair and pieces of scalp, and threw up my guts. After I was finished he help me stand and walk down the hall to the bathroom really quick to wash my face off and empty out the trash can. "Come miss Raven" he help me down the hall to what i assumed was an office or conference room for the leader. Right before he opened the door i threw up again, after i was finished Sasori lead me into an office with a pierced man sitting at the desk and when i say pierced i mean like twenty in the ear, one ear, i mean that's what his whole face was like. I bowed deeply, he stood and returned the gesture.

"Miss raven" Sasori bowed "Leader" he bowed to who i assumed was Pein. We returned the gesture and he slipped out.

"Raven? Do you know why you are here?"


"I have chosen you because of your special abilities in genjutsu, telepathy, and your immortality and strength" he said while looking at his papers. "I realize its a tough decision and you cant decide yet.."

"I accept"

"Excuse me?"

"There's nothing more i can do in this world so i accept"

"Err...yes... we'll need your measurements for Zetsu" he quickly wrote down a few things, took my measurements, and told me "By the way your partners name is Zetsu" just then there was a knock at the door then it opened to reveal a tall man with a flytrap on his shoulders, half of him was white, half of him was black, and he had big golden, yellow eyes. "Perfect timing as usual Zetsu. here are her measurements, and this is Raven"

"Miss Raven" he bowed politely. I returned the gesture

"zetsu, right?" I extended my hand.

"Yes" he shook it. "You're very polite. I like you already. I'm sorry i can't stay and talk but I'll see you at dinner, okay?"

"Yes Zetsu" I bowed and he returned the gesture. after bowing to Pein, Zetsu left.

"Well then. I believe i must give you your ring and key to your room" he handed me a ring with the kanji symbol for raven on it and the key was a skeleton key with a charm of a raven clutching a skull. "Interesting" Pein said.


"Well it's just that the rooms change with the person who's staying in it. So say you wanted a room made out of Lincoln logs, the room would change into a room made from Lincoln logs and naturally the door is part of the room so the door changes as well as the lock and key. I just find it interesting that you have a skeleton key is all."

"Hn" I said in reply.

"Deidara will show you around" he said as deidara entered the room.

Deidaraled me around introducing me to any members we met along the way. "This is my room he said gesturing to a clay door with a scenery of birds and trees and the sun.

"Wow Deidara it's really cool"

"And here's your room" He gestured to the door next to his.

The door was a dark mahogany wooden door with a burn pattern of a raven clutching a skull. I inserted my key into the door and turned the knob to open it.

"This is my room?" I gasped. It was a beautiful cylindrical room with a glass dome ceiling. the walls were dark red with black raven candleabras about every five feet. a black coffin served as a bed on the far side of the room next to three wooden doors marked 'bathroom','closet', and 'living room'. one quarter of the room wall was made of bookshelves. The carpet was thick, soft, and black. there was a jacuzzi to the far right of the room and opposite that there was a spiral staircase leading up to a loft. I ran up them to find all my art supplies set up and a doorway at the far end, I went in and was staring at a greenhouse filled with moonflowers, black roses, lavender, and sakura trees.

"It's all yours" he yelled up.

"no fucking way" i squealed in glee. I ran back down the stairs and danced around then walked into the living room to see a big black room with a HUGEentertainment center with a 52' LCD HDTV, DVD, blu-ray player, cable, and a microwave and mini fridge on one wall. To my right was a large desk with a computer that had a 26' monitor. On my left was a stereo that as soon as i walked in started playing the happy song. In the middle there was a big, cushy, leather couch. "I love it"

"I'm glad you do. Please come miss Raven i must show you the rest of the house and we have to go to dinner."

"coming" I took his arm again and he showed me the kitchen were a tall blue man was standing at the counter with a shorter man with an orange mask asking a lot questions.

"But why do the girls always laugh and scream your name happily if you're killing them?" thud the blue man hit the mask guy upside the head.

"silence tobi"

"Ahem guys this is miss Raven. Miss Raven the blue guy is Kisame, one of the seven swordsman of the mist"

"It's an honor to meet you, Kisame-san" I bowed to him.

"As it is to meet you miss Raven. Captain of ANBU age twelve retired at age sixteen. you're a legend, that is you and my partner itachi. and please call me Kisame-chan" he bowed back to me then grabbed my hand to kiss the top and lifted up with a toothy grin as i blushed rapidly.

"and this is my other partner Tobi. Warning to you: he's an idiot"

"Hello tobi-san" i bowed

"hi, tobi is a good boy" he said bowing too enthusiastically and plumeted face first into the ground. i laughed-once i made sure he was okay.

"Well dinner will be done soon so be ready...Deidara"

"okay okay geesh,un miss one dinner cuz you're out blowing things up and the whole worlds on your case" he said "come Miss Raven" he took me around the rest of the house, introducing me to the rest of akatsuki.

" time for dinner" Deidara said.

"okay" i followed him into a large room with a big table. about half the akatsuki were there and when i walked in they all started fighting over who got to sit by me in the end kisame and itachi won but leader interupted, telling them that i would be sitting between him and my partner Zetsu.

"Raven" he gestured to the chair by his left side. I sat in the seat and was soon swamped with guys, then Zetsu walked in and told them if they didn't move he'd eat them all for dinner.

"Hello miss Raven"

"Hello Zetsu-senpai" i said as he sat down. I finally got to look at the food, it was fried chicken and steamed veggies.

"Well what are we waiting for" leader said. I fingered my necklace and sent a silent prayer to my father.

"so Raven in the infirmary i remember you said something about hidan using your fathers name in vein or something when he said Jashin. So does that mean you worship the same god as him?" Sasori asked from across the small table (a/n: he's sitting caddycorner from her. Konan's across from her.)

"something like that" i smirked at my plate sadly. "Jashin is literally my father" at that hidan almost choked on a steamed carrot.

"Really! Do elaborate" Sasori was interested.

"I'm sure you don't want to hear it. it's pretty boring" I insisted.

"No i want to hear this too" Hidan said. His head was healed and his hair grown back.

"Well about twenty-three years and nine months-in two weeks-ago my mother prayed to Jashin that she wanted a child so desperately but the doctors said she couldn't have a child so she prayed every night for a week. finally Jashin decided that she was devoted to him enough to have a child so he came to her and long story short he put part A in slot B and nine months later i popped out." i said then started to eat the vegetables. everyone Else's mouth was dropped open, eyes wide. "what?" i said after swallowing.

"part A in slot B, what does that mean deidara senpai?"

"nothing tobi it's too complicated"

i snorted. everyone resumed eating and talking to each other. All except Hidan that was. He was stunned speechless.

"Thank you for finally shutting him up" Kakuzu said from The spot next to Sasori.

"SO YOU'RE THE DAUGHTER HE ALWAYS TALKS ABOUT!" Hidan yelled from the other end of the table.

"Well that was short lived" Kakuzu and i said simultaneously. Everyone laughed at that.

"ahm" Leader said to get peoples attention. "Konan and I are retiring to our quarters now. Don't do anything stupid. Well at least not out of the ordinary stupid"

Tobi saluted to him and said "Yes sir. Good night sir. GOOD NIGHT KONAN-CHAN!"

"Good night Tobi" she replied

"ALRIGHT TIME TO PARTY!" Kisame's voice boomed as he brought in the sake from the kitchen "Raven i challenge you to a duel...of drink"

"Sorry but i have to pray now" Hidan and i said at the same time.

"Wow really Raven? Hey Deidara-" Kisame smirked "-how much do you wanna bet that Raven is a virgin"

"Ten says no, the girls got the curves of a goddess and the clothes to hold that perfect form"

"i says yes because what ive gathered is that Raven is the same religion as hidan and neither drink, they both pray to their lord sooooo...lets say thirty. I also bet the girl couldn't hold down a drink if she tried"

"You wanna see how much liquor i can hold?" I snatched the bottle from his hands and started to chug it down.

"All right let's do it" He pulled out another one and started to chug it down.


After fully drinking his third bottle, Kisame upped the stakes and we had to take of one article of clothing for every bottle we drank. I drank slower and he chugged them down like there was no tomorrow until he was in the nude and then at that time. He passed out.

The bottle still in my hands i tossed it on him "there you son of a bitch, have your sake" I went to take a step but my limbs were too heavy to carry around and i just fell.




When i awoke, it was in a paniced state. This wasn't my room or house. Then i remembered yesterday and the akatsuki, but this still wasn't my room.

"Good morning Raven" said a bright cheerful voice. "Shut up you idiot she probably has a hangover"

"HOLY FUCK ON A BEGAL!" I screamed as I saw Zetsu with his huge fly trap leaning over me.

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