Summary: It's Valentine's Day, and Natsume just had to eat chocolate that made him horny. Horny, mature Natsume tries to make it through the week before the effects wear off. Poor, poor Mikan.

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This is my first time writing a NatsumexMikan, and this is the first time in the fandom, and the first time writing something that may turn out to be a bit…interesting.

Natsume's Hormones: Unleashed


Mikan could only stare, dumbfounded at what was happening to her.

Natsume was licking her.

How did this happen?

From what she could recall, Natsume entered the classroom. He had his usual suave composure on, except that this time, his eyes seemed to be gleaming of...lust.

"Hey, Natsume!" Mikan greeted, waving at him amicably. This was all normal Mikan. But what wasn't normal, was how he reacted. His eyes seemed to be fixated to her fingers, like he could bite them off one by one any moment.

"Is there anything wrong...?" Mikan asked. She was a bit worried for him. She knew of his feelings for her, but this was a tad bit abnormal.

And that was when it happened.

Like a sly fox, he slowly approached her, strutting his hips a bit. "Mikan..." He smirked. He took her right hand with both hands, and put it to his lips.

"Uh, Natsume, are you okay? Do you have a fever?" She asked, all panicky.

He didn't answer, but instead pressed his lips against her fingers and stuck out his tongue and licked her middle finger!

"Delicious." He smirked again. He then proceeded onto licking her pinkie, which to him, tasted like euphoria.

So this forced Mikan into her current position.

What should I do? I should probably slap him or something, cause this is sexual harassment! He practically elementary school-style-devirginized me. I knew he was a sexual offender in heart all along! EW BIG PERVERT!

Reminiscing about Natsume's past crimes didn't do anything to alleviate the situation, but instead, made her even angrier.


"MIKAN!" This time it was Ruka who ran in. "Natsume ate some chocolate and now he's-" He stopped when he saw what Natsume was doing.


"Um," he tugged at his collar uncomfortable, "Um...Natsume's a bit...excited right now..."

"Excited?" Natsume finally lifted his head up from what he was doing (which was sexy in a disgusting way). "Care to join, Ruu-chan?"


"So you're saying Natsume's not only interested in girls, but also in boys?" Mikan's mouth dropped. "EWWWWWW!"

They were at the school hospital, where an embarrassed doctor was explaining Natsume's conditions to Mikan and Ruka.

He actually proposed a...a threesome!

She tried to shake the dirty idea out of her mind. She was still an innocent girl who needed to get married to a nice boy. Obviously this nice boy wasn't Natsume anymore...Then again, when was he ever nice?

Ruka-pyon didn't look any less disturbed. It took him eons to get over Mikan, and bam! Natsume had to suggest something that gave him a stupid mental picture in his 16-year-old mind.

"Mikan-chan..." Darn it! Natsume woke up from all those anesthetics! "Want a piece of this?" He slowly lifted up his shirt, until it was able to show his naval and abs. It seems like somebody's been working out!

"Err..." Maybe I should lock him up. Or give him a sock. Definitely not mine!

This was when Ruka, being the sensible one, remembered something very, very grave. "Shoot. Don't we have swimming lessons tomorrow because somebody in the administration mentioned how important swimming was to us?"

Crap. Crap. Crap.

This was going to be a never-ending nightmare.

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