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Ichigo's body hurt so badly from all the pressure being forced on it, unfortunately he didn't have the time to give his body enough time to rest. His only goal at the moment was to get himself and his friends safely through the garganta especially now that they were able to safely retrieve Inoue, not without consequences.

Neither one of them were spared from battle. Their wounds were making it difficult to keep up with Ichigo's incredible speed.

Rukia's body was too badly wounded, collapsing from the exhaustion halfway through.


Ichigo stopped instantly. Turning to around to see Rukia laying face down surrounded by Chad, Ishida, and Inoue with Renji was knelt down beside her. He turned back immediately, kneeling down before her.

"Rukia." He whispered softly, holding her gently in his arms. Crimson liquid escaping her clumsily wrapped wounds, staining Ichigo's hands and shihaksu. Her eyes slowly creeping open her breathing labored.

"I-Ichigo?" She asked so quietly he almost didn't hear.

"I'm here." He said softly, worry filling his chocolate colored eyes.

"D-Don't stop. Keep going forward. Get Inoue and yourselves outta here. I'll be okay." Forcing a pained smile.

"You idiot like we'd actually leave behind. It's like you don't know us at all."

The others looked on with grim faces, offended that she would even imply such a thing..

Amethyst eyes gazed at the solemn eyes of her companions. Ashamed she should have known better than to suggest such a thing.


"Sorry Rukia we don't have time for your sappy crap. We gotta get outta here." Ichigo interrupted hoisting her, non-too gently, over his shoulder.

"Ow! You jackass, can't you see I'm hurt."

"Heh. And here I thought you practically dead." He chuckled before an elbow slammed into the side of his head.

"You little bi-

"Ichigo! Stop screwin around and let's get the hell outta here." Ishida growled. Glaring fiercely at Ichigo who was currently rubbing the aching side of his head.

"Don't get your panties in a knot, I'm goin." Straightening up read to go.

"Alrighty then, everybody ready?" He asked looking around at each face before him. When he received a nod from all of them, he set out at the pace he had started out with. Maybe, a little slower mow that he had a little extra weight.

With how fast they were going, Ichigo was sure they were going to get back to their world.

Unfortunately for him, the pace he had set was too much for another of his companions.

Inoue couldn't keep up. She was falling dangerously behind. Her cheeks flushed, panting heavily trying to keep up with Ichigo. But it was too much no matter how hard she tried, catching up with him was too much.

"Kurosaki-kun please STOP?"

Everybody stopped, again, to look at her.

"I'm sorry I'm slowing you down. But I can't keep up with you. You're going to fast." Leaning forward, hands on her knees, completely exhausted.

Ichigo exhaled, frustrated, they didn't have the time to stop every time someone got tired.

He went over to her, grabbed her hand holding it in his free hand. She blushed.

"I'm sorry Inoue, but we don't have time to waste. We have to get out of here fast." Staring her dead in the eyes. Sort of wondering why she was turning beat red. Not that it really mattered. He held her hand tight running as fast as he could.

Surprising them all.


He turned back to her, giving her a reassuring smile. Making her cheeks redden even further.

"It'll be alright. Now that I'm holding onto you there isn't anyway I could ever leave behind."

Inoue's eyes watered. She tried brushing them away but hey kept coming. Words could not describe how she felt towards him right then and there.

Ichigo watched her, concerned. He hadn't meant to make her cry.

She noticed, instantly, forcing a weak smile. Giving him a gentle nod.

He gave her a look before turning back to concentrate on the path ahead

She stared at his back, eyes glistening. She loved him so much.

"Hey look guys! A light we're getting closer!" Ichigo screamed, excited. They ran faster until they finally crashed through.

Landing on dry dusty dirt.

"Welcome back everybody. I'm assuming, since you came back, you've safely retrieved Inoue-san." Asked Urahara stepping out from a nearby boulder, fanning himself casually.

"Yeah, we did. I'll tell ya it wasn't easy."

"I can tell." Urahara said looking at Ichigo put Rukia, gently, donw on the dusty dirt. Letting go of Inoue's hand, instructing her to heal their friends wounds.

She did was told, using her Soten Kishun to undo all the wounds they had received.

He watched Ichigo, with an intent stare. Wondering how someone so young could defeat some of Aizen's strongest espadas.

"Ichigo! Could come here a sec? There's something I want to talk you about."

Urahara said playfully waving his fan towards the teen.

"Um…okay." A confused Ichigo said following the older male far from the others.

When Urahara was sure they were far enough from eavesdroppers. He turned to face him a serious look on his face making Ichigo a bit uncomfortable.

"Sooo. Whatcha wanna talk to me bout?"

"Did you make any contact with Aizen at all?"


"Well, ok then. You can go back."

"Huh?" Ichigo gawked stupidly.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I thought you were going to ask me if I got hold of the thing you put in Rukia of if I killed Aizen." He inquired, rather loudly. Making the others stare in his direction.

Urahara snickered, earning a scowl from the younger man.

"Ichigo, I don't know what so worked up about. I didn't send you to Hueco Mundo to do anything and neither did Soul Society. You went of your own accord. All that was expected of you was to safely return Inoue and nothing else. As far as everybody's concerned you job is over."


"He's right Ichigo. This was never your problem to begin with. Soul Society will handle the rest, so you don't have to worry about this anymore." Renji said coming up behind him with Rukia right behind him. Both of them fully healed, thanks to Inoue.

"But, I-

"Don't worry Ichigo it's not like we're gonna keep you out of the loop." Rukia interrupted.

"Now that we have done what we came to do we must be getting back. We're in enough trouble as it is."

"Oh! That's right you guys came with us without Soul Society's permission." He finally remembered.

"Did you even listen to me when we were in Hueco Mundo. Ya know what never mind it getting late, we better get going." Renji turned his back to open the gate to Soul Society.

"Wait! But are you-

"Don't worry Ichigo we'll contact you if Soul Society required you service's again." Rukia reassured, following her long time friends through the gate.

Ichigo just stood and watched a little stunned.

"That's, that then. The rest of you should head on home get some rest." Urahara said cheerfully, poking at Ichigo with his fan.

"My family? Oh! How are they doing? Do they suspect anything?" Bombarding Urahara with questions.

"Don't worry they're okay. Go home, see for yourself. All of you should go home too. There's school tomorrow, don't wanna miss that now,do you?" Turning to the rest of the group.

"Well if that's the case I'll be heading out. See you guys at school.' Everyone turned to look at Ishida whom was already heading out.

"Okay be careful!" Ichigo yelled out.

" I should be going too. It's late and I don't wanna miss anymore school. Take care Inoue. See you Ichigo." Chad tuned and exited the premises.

"See ya, Chad!"

"Inoue do you want me to take you home?" He asked.

She blushed. "Oh no, Kurosaki-kun. You've already done so much for me." Waving her hands frantically in front of her.

"You sure?"

"Yeah. Don't worry about it."

"Well okay then if you're sure then. I'll be heading home. Call me if you need anything." Giving her a stern look before exiting.

When he was completely out of sight and far enough so he wouldn't hear, Urahara walked up in front of her.

"Why didn't you just say yes?'

"Well, I didn't want to be a bother." A little embarrassed.

"Ichigo isn't the kind of guy who would think looking after you would be a bother. Look don't worry about it, I'll have Yoruichi-san take you back and stay with you for awhile. Of course if it's okay with you?"

"It's fine."

"Fine then. Let's get going home Inoue." Yoruichi said coming behind him.

"Oh! Okay let's get going. Thank you Urahara-san, Yoruichi-san." Bowing to them before heading off with Yoruichi beside her.

"Ichigo you are such an idiot." He said before going back into his shop.

Kon was sound asleep hugging his stuffed animal form. He had left the window open hoping to get some cool wind in the hot stuffy room. Twitching and mumbling in his sleep he didn't even sense the presence looming over him.

A harsh kick waking up, alert and ready to attack the intruder. That was until he saw whom it was.

"I-Ichigo." Staring up at the young teen.

"What kind of crap are you dreaming!" Giving the stuffed animal a disgusted look.

"Hey! What I dream about is none of your damn business. 'Sides what the hell are you dong here, ain't ya supposed to be rescuin Inoue? Oh wait let me guess, you got you ass kicked."

Ichigo reached behind himself pulling out his shinigami badge. Annoyed with the stuffed animal, he slamed the badge into his forehead, a small green pill coming out from the other side. He quickly snatched it, giving it a malicious look.

"You're lucky that I need you or else you would've been long gone!" Shoving it harshly back into the stuffed animal, throwing it aside when he was done.

"Is that anyway to treat me! I could make your life miserable!" Kon spat looking at Ichigo enter his body.

"Shuddup I'm tired!" Yawning he slipped under the cover ready to sleep.

'Well at least now everything'll be okay.' He told himself before drifting into a long deserved peaceful sleep.

Grimmjow lay in the dry dusty sand, panting heavily, blood spilling from his deep wounds all over his chest. But that wasn't what was bugging him.

The fact that he Grimmjow Jaegerjaques was lying in the dirt bleeding out all because that damn Kurosaki brat didn't want to kill him. Just thinking about it made his blood boil. He was so lost in his inner rants he didn't even notice the approaching figures.

"Ha! I can't believe the almighty sexta was beat by a mere human." He swiveled his head, groaning from the pain it caused. Standing before him were Halibel's fraction Sun-sun, Apache, and MilaRose.

Apache, stood over him grinning down at him, continuing her verbal assault.

"Too bad he didn't kill you, now Aizen-sama will have to execute you." His eyes widened at the thought of being killed by Aizen. Bastard would probably kill him slow and painful and humiliate him altogether.

"Or I could kill you now and spare you the humiliation of dying in front of everybody." Placing her foot on his wounded chest. The added weight pushed out more blood.

"That won't be necessary." They all turned their heads to the sound of the voice.

"Halibel-sama!" The females bowed, Apached stepped away from Grimmjow.

Halibel ignored her fraction, she walked forward arms crossed over her chest, stopping when she stood directly above Grimmjow.

"Aizen-sama has ordered you appearance." Glaring down with those cold sapphire eyes.

He turned away. "If you hadn't noticed I'm not exactly in any condition to stand, let alone see Aizen."

"I've arranged for someone to come heal you." Turning around to see the quickly approaching figures.

They knelt around Grimmjow working on sealing the more serious wounds while bandaging up the minor ones.

After about a thirty-minute process they helped him sit up and then slowly stood him up. They held him upright until they were certain he wasn't gonna fall back. Once they were done they bowed to Halibel and made their way back to the palace.

"Lets go Aizen-sama is waiting." Making her way to the palace her fraction following close behind.

Grimmjow watched them move further and further away. He contemplated where he should follow or get away. The mere thought disgusted him but he would be lying if he said he wasn't tempted. As battered and bruised as he was he did have enough pride to face Aizen.

He winced as he started walking, keeping his distance from Halibel and her fraction.

They walked quite a bit before they finally reached the throne room. Watching as the large doors opened slowly revealing a magnificent white room.

She walked forward, her fraction close, Grimmjow kept his distance noting that there wasn't anybody, with the three males, in the room but them. It made him slightly uncomfortable. He pushed the feeling aside, he was about to face Aizen the last thing he needed was for him to sense his discomfort.

All of them stopped. Apache, MilaRose, and Sun-sun all dropped to their knees, Halibel simply bowed. Grimmjow's lower half was in too much pain for him to bow. Not that he was going to do it.

"Why aren't you bowing to Aizen-sama, Grimmjow?" Tosen asked appearing behind him.

"Isn't it obvious why?"

"It doesn't matter how much pain you're in or if you're dying you must always show respect and loyalty to Aizen-sama." Grounding out viciously.

"Look I-

"Enough!" They both looked towards the sound of the voice. Aizen sat on his white throne looking down at them. His stoic stare turning on Grimmjow.

"I see you're doing well Grimmjow. Tell me how did it go for you?"

He didn't answer.

"Aizen-sama asked you a question.

"I heard." He growled.

"Then answer!"

"There is no need. I've already seen I just wanted to hear it from you, Grimmjow." Giving him a cold smile.

He struggled to fight back a growl.

Unfortunately he knew what Aizen was implying. He had lost his fight and survived. He knew what was coming.

"I'm not going to kill you, " rising from his seat, "however I am going to punish you for your failure."

He wasn't surprised, but then Aizen appeared right in front of him.

"If you survive I will turn you to your rank. If you don't … Then I guess that'll be the end of it."

He pulled out the hogyoku.

Grimmjow backed away.

"You're too valuable to return you into a mindless menos. I'll turn you into something very familiar to you." The orb began emitting a strange white light.

It lifted off Aizen's hand, the white light surrounding Grimmjow completely engulfing him in a sphere of light.

He panicked. The blinding light made it impossible for him to look for an escape.

He was ready to blast his was out when immense pain shot through his entire body both inside and out.

His bones dislocating, muscles, and tissues began separating. Every inch of skin, growing blur fur, body becoming distorted; shrinking.

It was too much, the change hurt, he wasn't sure he was gonna make it. When suddenly the light and pain disappeared.

He dropped a long way before hitting the floor. Which he found rather odd but the pain running through his entire body was far more important.

He managed to get to his breathing back to normal, his eyes had closed during the turn so opening them sort of hurt.

He blinked a couple of times trying to regain his clear vision. When he did, he noticed how he was staring at Aizen's feet.

It pissed him off so he stood up, wobbling up to stand. After he steadied himself he glared at Aizen but was shocked to see he was staring up at him not directly at him.

What the hell had he turned him into!

"Meow!" He froze. That did not just come out of his mouth

He tried to speak again. "Meow." This cannot be happening to him.

Strong hands wrapping around his stomach lifting him, until he stared the other in the eyes.

"Halibel will take you to the world of the living." Turning to the blonde female.

She walked towards him, her fraction rising from their kneeling position to follow her.

Aizen handed her Grimmjow, giving her specific orders where to leave him.

She took Grimmjow from Aizen, opening a garganta to the human world.

Nobody spoke. All was in silence, it was strange, and usually Halibel's fraction would be saying some stupid shit. He eyed them warily the entire way.

It didn't take them long to reach the end. They passed through it landing in a dark alley.

Gently, she place him on the hard cement ground.

"Meow." He stared at her.

She stared back arms crossed over her chest. They continued that way for a good five minutes.

Apache broke the contest.

"Halibel-sama shouldn't we be getting back?" She turned to look at them then back at him.

"Stay out of trouble and I'll ask if I could come get you."

That shocked him, she wanted to come back for him.

"Meeooww.: Watching them as she opened as she opened a garganta; one by one disappearing into its darkness.

Before Halibel left she turned back to him pointing directly at him.

"One more thing," his ears purked up, "try not to get yourself killed, furball."

He growled deep in his throat.

"Heh. You're an idiot." She said before disappearing into the shadows.

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