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Moring After and Decisions

Ichigo peacefully drifted in his dreamless sleep wrapped in warmth and safety. It was a familiar feeling that reminded him how felt when his mother held him but not quite the same.

He wanted to bask in this feeling a little longer but he could feel himself waking up. Soft amber eyes opened, reluctantly, appearing behind sleep heavy eyelids.

In an instant he was up and alert as he found himself pressed up against a hard and firm body. He panicked, opened his mouth and screamed. "AAAAAARRRRGGGHH!"

Whoever it was that had been holding him was startled awake, pushing the younger away.

Ichigo was pushed away from whoever it was that had been holding him with too much force, he fell off the bed in a tangled heap of sheets and limbs. He shot up from the floor ready to face the intruder that had managed to sneak into his bed.

Sharp cyan eyes stared back at him both startles and slightly amused.

Ichigo hadn't the slightest clue where the culprit was. Instead he found himself looking at the oddly blue colored cat lying on his bed.

'What the hell?' He thought to himself not taking his eyes off the cat.

For a while neither one took their eyes off the other. It was then that Ichigo blinked owlishly, coming to the sad realization that he was having a staring contest with a cat.

"Bah! What the hell am I doing?" Turning away flustered and embarrassed. The blue cat smiled smugly at the younger teen feeling proud of himself for getting such a reaction.

Ichigo, flustered and irate, decided to just go do his business in the bathroom instead.

He made his way towards the door and was about to go through but stopped. He turned back to stare at his bed. The blue cat stared back at him with those intense cyan eyes.

'It couldn't have just been a dream.' He thought to himself.

Those strong arms holding him, pressing him up against a firm body giving comfort and safety. Something that he hadn't felt for years.

'Wait. What?' Snapping himself out of his thoughts. He blushed, shaking his head vigorously. There was no way, he was guy after all. Only chicks thought that way.

With a soft blush still staining his cheeks he walked out the door.


Grimmjow watched the young teen walk out the door, feeling quite satisfied with himself. Getting to see Ichigo's reaction had been priceless. The expressions and blushes were almost… cute. ALMOST. It was certainly a change from last night.

Grimmjow lay comfortably in Ichigo's arms. Something in him had pulled him towards the young man. He offered him comfort and was taken aback when Ichigo had pulled him into an embrace.

At first he was paralyzed and didn't know what to do. He was about to start squirming when Ichigo began to gently scratch under his chin.

He leaned into the hand starting a slow rumble of purrs coming deep from his chest.

The sensation washed over him relaxing him into the arms of the younger. If it weren't for the heavy smell of booze wafting from the teen everything would have been perfect.

Grimmjow did his best to ignore the strong odor and concentrate on the wonderful sensations Ichigo's hands were giving him.

He sensed the younger teen also relax, which in an odd way gave him some relief.

To see his rival turn into a depressed bitch had pissed him off and even hurt him. When he heard Ichigo and whatever that thing was in his body, Kon was it. Well anyway he had listened in on their conversation and was shocked as hell when Ichigo revealed that the shinigami had taken his powers.

But something told him that wasn't the reason that Ichigo was upset. He twisted his small body around so he could face the other.

He stared at Kurosaki's slumbering face. It was strange to see the young teen without his scowl, he looked more youthful. The blue cat looked over the young, noticing distinct features one would never notice unless they were up close.

His battle hardened features were smoothed over making him appear much younger than he normally acted. Lightly dusted across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose were tiny freckles. Who'd a thought? He moved down towards the mouth.

Those soft plump lips looked so enticing. 'What would they taste like?' He wondered. He leaned in closer as many images of that beautiful mouth doing other "things" played in his mind.

When he was only centimeters away he closed his eyes and inhaled his scent deeply.

A loud growl erupted from his chest. There was a faint smell of a dominant mixed in with Ichigo's natural scent. Another dominant had dared to touch HIS ICHIGO!

Grimmjow had unknowingly unsheathe his claws, lost I his murderous rage.

Ichigo whimpered in his sleep bringing back Grimmjow. His sharp claws were piercing through Ichigo's shirt into the soft flesh underneath. He retracted his claws unintentionally drawing blood.

He gently licked the blood that had leaked through. The bitter metallic taste burst onto his taste buds.

His eyes dilated as an overwhelming sensation flowed through his body. But as quickly as it had come it left.

His body had suddenly become heavy. Whatever the hell had just happened he'd somehow managed to exhaust him completely. He struggled to maintain consciousness, but it was no good.

He collapsed next to Ichigo overwhelmed he passed out.

While unconscious he feline body began to slowly morph. His limbs grew longer the soft blue fur disappeared replace with tan taut skin.

Instead of the tiny blue cat he had been turned into, Grimmjow laid unconscious back to his old self.

Grimmjow stared at his paw; somehow he had managed to turn back.

Was the Hogyoku's power this weak or was Aizen just messing with him?

No. If the Hogyoku were so weak nobody would bother with it and Aizen wouldn't mess with him by turning him back, he'd probably be fucked up enough to make him into a lesser creature like an insect.

There was another nagging thought though. When Ichigo's blood entered his body could that have…

Grimmjow shook his head. No. That couldn't be possible Ichigo was human the shinigami had made certain of that when they had taken his powers.

But still. What the hell had happened to him? Once the blood hit his tongue he had become both physically and mentally drained. He had ended up passing out and somehow managed to revert back to his old self.

This had become so confusing. Grimmjow wasn't an idiot he could understand the basics and being around Szayel he had even come to understand difficult concepts. He just preferred the simpler straight to the point no questions asked.

Unfortunately though, this was far more complicated than even Szayel wouldn't understand.

But if Ichigo had anything to do with it. Then he'd have to keep an eye on the kid. Perhaps being close to Ichigo could turn out to be more beneficial than he had anticipated.

With that in mind he gracefully leapt off the bed and headed towards Ichigo.


Ichigo was just finishing up in the bathroom, he was toweling off his face when he heard a soft 'clink'. He peaked over the towel; the blue cat was skillfully balancing itself at the edge of the sink, looking at him.

He groaned into the towel, 'Why did this dumb cat make him feel like an idiot?'

Quickly finishing up, he hung the towel on the rack and walked out the door, the cat right on his heels.

He wandered into the kitchen, but there was no one there. That was odd usually Yuzu would be cooking while humming one of her favorite tunes. The tv wasn't on either, Karin would watch her shows until it was time to eat.

And his dad hadn't barged into his room and attacked him like he usually did. Ichigo hadn't noticed he had been to shocked about the stranger in his bed.

The blood soon rushed to his face. What if his dad had barged in, that would've been so embarrassing. He covered his face with his hand just imagining such a thing was humiliating.

Grimmjow just sat back watching berry. This kid was certainly moody. Had he always been this way?

Well, whatever he was hungry and Ichigo wasn't paying him any attention. He snuck back into the kitchen looking for something to eat.

From out of the corner of his eye he noticed something on top of the table. Curiously, he jumped on the chair and gracefully leapt onto the table.

He went over to the food filled plate and if he could've he would've drooled. It was filled with delicious looking meats, rice, and some weird green stuff he didn't care for. The aroma wafting from the plate was too tempting and his stomach gurgled in agreement.

Grimmjow leaned in and started hungrily devouring the deliciously crisp eat.

"Hey! That's mine!" Ichigo yelled rushing towards the table. He swiped at Grimmjow but the cat moved away too fast.

With the last piece of meat in his mouth Grimmjow jumped off the table and made his way towards the living room. Where he made himself comfortable and continued to munch on his breakfast.

Ichigo scowled after him then turned his attention back to his plate. All that was left were some boiled veggies that Yuzu said she was gonna start making and a large portion of white rice.

Grimmjow ended up eating the best part, the bacon strips. "Stupid cat." He muttered lifting his plate off the table.

He noticed a small white paper where his plate had been.

Picking it up he read;

Ichi-nii, me , Yuzu, and Goatface went out to buy cat stuff for Pantera. Goatface says to take him to some guy, Urhara for his shots. We'll be back before dinner.

He read the note over again. Urahara's? Since when the hell is that guy a vet?

'Wait a minute.' He thought coming to a sudden realization. Maybe Urahara could help him out. He didn't remember much of what happened all he could recall was his power being taken away, Inoue being imprisoned… and something else that was bugging him but couldn't remember what.

Quickly, he finished his remaining breakfast and then rushed upstairs into his room to change. The quicker he got to Urahara's the quicker he'd get a handle on things.

Ichigo came rushing downstairs in a simple loose white t-shirt, faded blue jeans, and black slip-ons.

Without warning he roughly lifted Grimmjow off the bed. The small cat hissed in protest and attempts to swipe at him to let go. But is quickly maneuvered under Ichigo's arm.

Making sure everything closed and secure he speeds off to Urahara's.


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