I could only stare mutely.




Thinking and wondering why out of all people why would I receive this. It had nothing to do with me—nothing at all. The communication level between the person who owned this and I was rather low.

Extremely low.

Matter of fact, it was at zero…since the first.

I thought about it to myself and tried to run every memory that could slightly give off a clue of why or how and most importantly why.

I got up from off of my bed and grabbed the blue composition notebook. I had to give it back to the person who gave it to me; it wasn't mine.

And I had no right to read something that didn't belong to me.

Besides I'm positive it's a prank. He was probably laughing it up at his home, it's probably something weird in here anyway—something I really don't want to see.

I shivered at the thought.

When I reached his house, I stood there for a good ten minutes not remembering or fully remembering why I was here. As I slowly raised my hand to knock on the door; it swung open. I jumped slightly, and made a small noise.

That was the only indication for the person that someone was here and he stopped and didn't end up crashing into me.

He gave me a surprising gaze and a confused look.

I waved sheepishly, staring at the ground.

"Oh, Hinata, what are you doing here?" he asked, curious.

"I-I-Is I-I-Itachi h-here?" I asked him, stuttering not looking at those beautiful cerulean orbs, they called eyes.

He smiled at me, "No, he's at a meeting right now, but he'll be—" his eyes directed towards the notebook tucked at my side between my arm and hip.

"How did you get Sasuke's notebook?" he asked, confused.

"I-I-I," stop stuttering, "Itachi gave it to me,"

"Oh," he said plainly. The time went by slow. I could feel the silence only intensify as seconds went by turning into minutes.

"Well, Hinata, -" he said skipping all three concrete steps, as I still stood on the second as he flew by me.

"I'm going to Ichiraku to meet Sakura. She says it's not a date but if I'm paying for it, so it is." He said showing off his pearly white teeth. I only looked down blushing slightly. I could never be jealous of the relationship Sakura had with Naruto or the fact he liked her so much. She was pretty, at least prettier than me.

"Would you like to come?" he said interrupting my thoughts.

I looked up at him and he had that same smile on his face. I wanted to say yes, but I would have felt like a third wheel and I wouldn't want to do that to Naruto because he was going on a date and I would just be in the way.

"N-No t-thank y-you,"

"Okay, some other time then. See ya later," he said jogging away, grinning as he waved a goodbye. Even though he was already out of view I raised my hand to reply to his goodbye.

Now I wondered what to do. Should I wait for Itachi to come back or should I just leave it in the mailbox.

But before my head almost exploded from this serious decision the black Lotus pulled up into the drive way (A/Q Why do they call it a driveway and you park on it and a parkway when you drive on it?).

He got out the car like he was a super model. His walk towards me made time stand still as I admired his beauty. The silky black hair, narrow chin, pale peach skin, and the lines that went down his face didn't affect away anything from his goodlookingness. I don't think that's a word.

I gulped at my thoughts.

"Hinata," he said when he saw me; a little surprised to see me sitting here. He took off his sunglasses to truly make sure his eyes weren't playing tricks on him. He smiled at me.

A beautiful smile.

"What's wrong? What are you doing here? Did you finish reading the book, already?"

"That's the thing…I-I-I c-came t-to give it b-back. I h-have no right to p-possess S-Sasuke personal b-belongings l-let alone r-read them." I could feel the book slipping from my grasp because of my sweating hands. My throat was becoming dry under his gaze. It felt so weird.

I had never even talked to Itachi before.

Not because I didn't want, or because I was afraid –well maybe a little, but he was never here. He's been living in America for the past five years. I knew he came every holiday to see his brother and how he was doing but I knew Sasuke took it pretty hard when he left.

His expression went from confused to thoughtful to happy.

"Hinata, you're such a sweetheart. I really do see what my brother was talking about," he said grinning once again.

I was confused now. What was he talking? Why would Sasuke be talking about me?

"W-What?"I asked.

"Read it, Hinata, and everything will unfold, and reveal itself in time, but be quick because I don't know how much time he has left."

His words hit me hard. I heard the rumors.

But I never really took the time to confirm them.

"W-What happened?" I asked nervously not really wanting to bring up something that was none of my business.

His face became sadden by my question.

"Can we go inside?" he asked. I only nodded in agreement. Wow, I thought as I entered Sasuke's former house, as of now his brother's—the Uchiha house.

"Would you like some tea?" he asked walking into the kitchen.

"Yes, please," I said sweetly, trying to control my nerves.

Where we entered the long hallway was a beautiful burgundy color, the stairs were on the right side of the wall, right after the door that went towards the living room, and pass the stairs was where Itachi had just went into the kitchen. I made a right before the stairs started into the living room. The room was a light yellow color; the leather couch on the wall was a cream-color. The small oval shaped glass table in the center of the room had a white vase with one white rose in it and a photo album. The desk on the right of the room in the right hand corner contained a computer, a printer, a fax machine, a few papers, pens, paperclips, and three drawers. The two windows on the couch's wall and the one in the center wall where the desk was brought in the sunlight through the yellow curtains that blew in a slight breeze from outside from which Itachi and I had just came from.

I sat down on the couch and looked at the photo album. The material was a brown cloth and looked a little old and torn. The picture on the cover was of Sasuke when he was about five and the rest of his family surrounding him.

He looked…happy.

Something I'd never seen from the Uchiha.

I opened to the first page and it was a picture of Fugaku and Mikoto's wedding. The next page was a picture of Itachi as a baby then one of Sasuke. Then there was one of Sasuke and Itachi together. Sasuke looked about a few months old. The next was when Sasuke was about five years old. I was surprised as I continuously turned the pages to see Sasuke so happy and after a while he just didn't smile.

"How come Sasuke doesn't smile anymore?" I asked as Itachi walked in the room with the two cups of tea in each hand.

"He really…hasn't had a reason to…recently." He said sadly. I didn't know if there was something I should have known by his tone that there was a deeper meaning to what he was saying that I should know about or was I just being paranoid.

I took small sips of my tea because it was hot. By the flavor I could tell it was Jasmines.

"The doctor's found a tumor in his brain about a year ago. Sasuke decided he wasn't going to tell anyone and would just do his own thing. The doctor called me without Sasuke's permission about a month ago to tell me if there were cancer cells they could spread throughout his body and eventually kill him. I came as quick as I could and convinced him to get the tumor removed. He went in for surgery to remove the tumor about a week ago and when the doctors finished…h-he didn't w-wake u-up," he choked out the words. "They removed the tumors, but he wasn't w-waking up," I could hear the aggravation and hurt in his voice.

"The doctors don't know what is wrong or what happened so all I or anyone else can do is wait..." the pain was apparent in his voice and I had no idea what to say. His brother was lying in a hospital bed, not knowing if he would live or die…what could I say.


"Hinata, I really need you to read that. Sasuke told me if anything ever happened to him. He wanted you to read it. He said something's are better written then said and the fact he was too much of a chicken to tell you to your face whatever is in that book. I'm guessing it's a real secret that you'll even be surprised to know and if he didn't right anything of whatever was in there he would have took it to the…" I noticed his pause and only nodded my head in understandment. The mutual conversation that happened after the tension faded was…nice. I never knew I could have a conversation of normality with the Uchiha brothers…or at least one of them.

I decided to go home when the clock hit around nine. Itachi offered to give me a ride but I told him I'd be okay.

For the first time of today I looked at the notebook, I hadn't noticed before that my name was the one on the notebook.

I opened up the notebook to the front page it was just a note on returning it to its proper owner…or else.


Hair, eyes, nose, lips

All the features that keep me whipped

Everything I want is what you have

And not even by choice…like you fell from the sky

My angel, my sweetheart

You're everything to me

The only thing I want from you…

Is you to be with me

(A/N I wrote that)

It was beautiful. I thought to myself, was that for me?

No way.

But I continued to read.

If you are not Hinata Hyuga you should not be reading this. Hinata I know this may surprise you but I have been watching you. Not in a stalkerish way,…but maybe I have.

All I know is your different from everybody else.


I know you're wondering what is he talking about. Sasuke Uchiha, we haven't even talked but I have…secretly…at least in my mind. I've had the conversations I would have, the emotions expressed and all the things we would do…together.

My face flushed at the words I was reading.

So in this I'm warning you is everything, I've ever felt all my hopes and dreams and how I feel about everything including you because I knew you would be the only one who truly listen and…because…

I turned the page. It was scribbled out completely. The words were unreadable.

I only looked at the next page.

Dear Beautiful,

There is a true uniqueness about your look that attracted me to you. I know today when 'you bumped into me.' Yea, that's kind of not true. I actually bumped into you.' I could see that you were too nervous to even look up from your books that you carried in your hand so I decided I take the first initiative. For four weeks we'd been in the same school and I had no idea who you were. Everybody addressed you as the Hyuga girl. Nobody knew anything about you except you were Neji's cousin, the heiress of the Hyuga's, and you were too shy for somebody like me. So I had to find out who you were by myself...discreetly. Somebody who hadn't tried to expose herself to me, the first day she heard my name is…surprising, but it's been four weeks…that's just strange.

I couldn't see anything from my mere twenty feet distance from where you stood retrieving books out your locker because one your face was covered by your long blue hair and two Sakura's big head was blocking my vision.

When I saw the blonde head loud mouth coming in our direction, I took the opportunity, "Hey, Naruto, Sakura wants to ask you out on a date?"

Before I could even hear a response I was gone heading towards my new number one priority. I didn't really care anything about you just why you seemed so…different to not approach me and why nobody knew anything about you.

So I put my stoic face on and bumped into you. You fell. I was expecting a stumble or something near it but you fell. All your books scattered on the floor.

1st thing I thought was she's not that strong nor does she have a good center of balance.

Then I helped you pick up your books. I had to be sort of nice.

When I handed you your books, our eyes met…and not the normal way eyes meet…it was different.

Just like you and I knew I had to know you, because…you looked decent, 2nd thought.


3rd thought, Great, she stutters.

"Watch where you're going the next time," I said rudely walking away.

The next thought in my mind was simple…how long would it take for me to sleep with you?

You were different so I should treat you different from the fan-girls and give a…real opportunity of something…worth wild.

I only slowly closed the book. My mind still in a daze from what I just read. Sasuke Uchiha thought I was beautiful? He thought I was different? He wanted to sleep with me?

I only stared at the book in my hands. I swallowed spit and was really unsure if I wanted to continue to read. What if there were descriptive things of what Sasuke wanted from me.

The journal was suppose to tell me all there was to know about Sasuke Uchiha or at least what he felt about me. Was I really prepared for what he wrote in there?

I only placed the notebook on my dresser and lay in bed. I turned off the light and stared at the ceiling.

Sasuke and I had one conversation and we were already wet so…

I stood slightly shivering trying to keep from getting completely wet. The rain was not letting up whatsoever and the guards weren't letting anybody in to the Hyuga mansion after curfew. I didn't know how I lost the track of time while I was at the library, but when the librarian came up to me and said they were about to close. I automatically froze. That meant it was almost nine. That meant I had twenty-five minutes to run home to the Hyuga mansion, all the way across town. I knew I wouldn't make it but that didn't stop me from trying.

I got to the Hyuga mansion at about nine thirty-three. They wouldn't let me in, no matter how much I pleaded. The pouring rain also did not feel sorry for me because it continuously fell. I only walked, drenched to the bone.

I had nowhere to go.

I only sat on a cliff under a few trees that sort of reduced the rain. I sat back against the tree only staring upon the ruins of what was left of the Uchiha manor.

It was under reconstruction because—

"What are you doing here?"

I turned my head not realizing I was being watched. It was dark so I couldn't see who it was.

"W-W-Who a-are you?" I said standing up.

"What are you doing here?"He repeated rudely.

By the tone I could tell it was Sasuke.

"S-S-Sasuke?" I questioned nervously looking down at my fingers, poking them together repeatedly.

He only ignored me repeating his questions harsher than the rest.

"I-I-I w-was—"

"Stop stuttering," he yelled angrily.

"I-I can't go home,"

"Why can't you? You're the heiress of the Hyuga clan." By his tone I couldn't tell if that was a question or a statement.

"You're not allowed after curfew."I couldn't tell anything by his body language because I couldn't see his body or face.

I only stared at my feet and how dirty my shoes were walking in the mud, still poking my fingers together.

"Stop that," he said less harsh than before.

I didn't know what he was talking about so I only looked up where his shadow stood, not stopping any of my recent movements or habits.

"Stop that," he said walking up to me grabbing my hands. Finally. I could see his face as he stepped out into the moonlight.

"It's distracting," he said plainly.

I only looked down once again complying with his demands, trying not to squirm under his gaze. His grip on my hands was tight, but the warmth felt…nice.

Even though he was just as wet as me, he had more warmth than me.

"Let's go," he said pulling me down the hill.

"W-W-Where a-are we g-going?" I asked frightened as I tumbled down the hill. I just hoped he didn't kill me.

We arrived at the Uchiha manor. We walked into the gates and passed a few houses that were starting to fall. The only house that stood was near the end of the road and I guessed it was Sasuke's. He opened the door. He led me up the stairs before I could even look around. The bedroom had a king sized bed with a big blue comforter and sky blue walls. He took off his pants and his shirt. His took off his boxers but I quickly looked away blushing, severely. He threw a shirt at me. I continued to cover my eyes.

"I have on boxers," he said plainly.

"Do you have a bathroom?"I asked politely. He handed me a pair of boxers and pointed towards the bathroom in the corner of the room.

I walked in closing the door.

I changed into the clothing he gave me and walked back out.

He was already in the bed, on top of the covers flicking through the channels, withdrawn.

"W-W-Where a-am I-I g-going t-to s-sleep?"

"On the other side where you see room," he said plainly. There's no furniture anywhere else in this house since I'm moving out tomorrow. I wasn't expecting it to be pouring down rain or have a guest so…you're going to have to just deal with sleeping with me, unless you want to sleep on the cold wooden floor."

I only looked at him. I walked over to the small rocking chair and sat down.

"C-Could you t-toss me a p-pillow?" I asked shyly. He threw one and I placed it behind my head. I closed my eyes, crossing my arms and breathing in a sigh of relief.

"Gosh you're so difficult," he said getting up.

"Fine you can sleep here, I'll take the floor." he said angrily.

"I wouldn't w-want t-to do that to y-you,"

"Don't worry about it," his face was saying something else.

I got up from the chair and laid down in the bed. He placed the covers over my body and went to the floor. I felt bad, really bad. He was kind enough to let me come into his home, and I was kicking him out of his bed.



"You c-can c-come u-up here." He looked up from the floor at me with a questioning look.

"You sure?"

I nodded not looking at him.

He climbed into the bed and laid on top of the covers, looking at me.

I could see we were both uncomfortable. I only turned away from him, closing my eyes, hoping I would get some kind of sleep.

I woke up around one in the morning, the rain had slowed and there was small chill in the air. I looked over at Sasuke, whose face was so close to mine; I could've kissed him.

I removed his arm, gently, getting up to go pee and close the window. Returning to the bed, I regained my spot under the covers and placed Sasuke's arm back where it was on my waist. I went back to sleep the soothing sound of his light breathing.

I wondered if you could count that as sleeping with someone. Well, I guess he did sleep with me so I guess he got his wish. Maybe that's why he stopped talking to me after that because he had already got what he wanted.

Yea, that was it.

Sasuke had already slept with me.

So maybe everything in the book would be as innocent as that was.


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