I was sulking…literally sulking in my room—on my birthday of all days. I left the journal on Sasuke's bed hours ago. It didn't take long to write. I wrote ever raw emotions I've felt for him. I just hope my plea was heard. Hopefully he would forgive me—even if he didn't I could move on…as long as he is happy.

A small knock on the door, startled me out of my thoughts.

"Hinata, are you coming downstairs? Everyone's waiting," Neji's voice soft, full of concern.

"I—really don't feel like celebrating," I turned away from him. I played with a loose strnd of my hair, staring out at the night sky. The night was really beautiful, if you looked at it with a open heart. It was peaceful, silent; it allowed everything else to shine around it. Not absorbed in being noticed, but you always did.

"Hinata, I really think you should come downstairs,"

I wish Neji could understand how I felt. Heartbroken. Completely shattered. But of course he wouldn't understand; he has Ten-Ten and even then has never known heartbreak—not even rejection.

"Neji, please don't make me go down there. Seeing all of my friends—it will only make me feel worse." I said sadly. I placed my chin on my knees, rocking slowly in that curled position.


"Please," I whispered, a salty tear escaping my eyes. I heard the door close. I let out a small whimper…and another. I threw the pillow I was hugging and through it at the door. My eyes filled with tears and I was blinded by them. Is this what it felt like? All life did not exist; that nothing mattered anymore. My love for Naruto felt nothing like this…I really cannot grasp a life with Sasuke.

"If only you let me explain. You would understand. If you didn't have that stupid tumor. If Itachi didn't give me that stupid journal…then I wouldn't love you and hate you at the same time. I wouldn't feel like I'm PMS-ing all the time." I yelled at my stuffed animals on my bed.

"You're stupid. Love is stupid…and I guess I'm stupid for loving you."

"Well let's be stupid together," my whole world stopped. Everything moved in slow motion as I stood and turned my head. Hearing that familiar voice I didn't know if it was real. Everything in my being told me it was.

There Sasuke stood with that pillow I threw—what felt like forever ago, wearing a smirk on his face. I couldn't help but smile.

"Do you really think I'm stupid?" he said finally.

I hugged him, stunned, yet completely thrilled he was here.

"Y-You came back,"

"I don't think I could have stayed away. I love you. I just have a problem believing you feel the same…and I've never done this before. I don't—" he trailed. I understood him. He's never accepted the offers of his fan-girls. He's only had eyes for me, and since I didn't feel the same; he's been moving through life…alone.

I looked in his eyes, confirming my thoughts. He was unsure, even though he tried to hide it. We stood there in silence. Absorbing each other's company, of all the time we missed out on. Talking our silent conversations saying how sorry we were and how much we missed each other. To think it's only been a couple weeks, since it all happen.

"Maybe we should go downstairs now. Everyone's waiting."

"I already got everything I wanted," he leaned down and kissed me.

My only thought was it happened because of that stupid journal.

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