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"Cory," said the president, "a word?"

He didn't seem angry or upset so Cory knew he wasn't in serious trouble. He did, however recognize that look. It wouldn't just be a friendly chat about the weather, and the president was his friend. He came over and sat down next to Cory.

"I heard about how you made Sophie wash the dishes"

"Right. Did she tell you about the prank she pulled?"

"Cory," the president said, "my wife and I don't believe in punishment when it comes to raising Sophie. She's extremely sensitive and she has her feeling hurt easily even though she appears to have a tough skin and a chat will do the trick"

Cory was dumbfounded. He didn't realize Sophie was sensitive.

"Let's admit it Cory. You were trying to impress Candy Smiles who came over and basically took control of your time with Sophie and her friend. I can understand that because I was a boy once myself"

Cory nodded.

"Sophie considers you one of her best friends," the president continued, "and she loves you"

"She said that," Cory asked

"She didn't have to," the president replied, "It is written all over her face. I want you to apologize to her"

Cory had a good business head on his shoulders.

"I will," he said, "if you agree to put an end to the P.H.A.W! Every time it happens to one of the kids at my school they get mad at me like I'm the one who did it"

The president nodded.

"Okay Cory," he said, "you have yourself a deal"

"Great," Cory reached into his briefcase and pulled out one of his ready made contracts and filled it in, "read it and sigh where it's indicated please"

"I'm impressed," the president said reading it and signing it, "Sophie honey can you come here for a minute"

"Sure daddy," Sophie said skipping over, "oh hi Cory"

"Sweetheart Cory has something to say to you"

"I'm sorry I put my relationship with Candy before my relationship with you," Cory said, "I was just trying to impress her and honestly I didn't realize certain things"

Sophie clicked her tongue.

"Oh Cory, Cory, Cory don't you know that the best way to impress a person is to be yourself. If you don't aren't yourself the person isn't impressed with you. They're impressed with someone that doesn't exist"

"That's very wise Sophie"

Sophie nodded.

"I'm more then just a pretty face," she said