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The story begins: Sookie is still with bill although she is still a virgin. Godric has not yet met the sun and Eric is still lusting after Sookie. My story will contain interesting twists and if people are reading I will put new chapters up as quickly as I can, as I know how it is to have to wait for chapters to be put up.

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It was a busy night at merlotte's and I was rushed off my feet, keeping up my mental shields was proving a challenge but only a few disturbing thoughts made their way through.

Damm that girl is fine, I wouldn't mind a bit of her...

Look at that fang-banger such a waste... I could show her a real man...

I quickly slammed up my mental shields while putting on my crazy Sookie smile as every called it, and carried on waitressing the tables in my section. I only had about a half hour left until I got to see my southern gentlemen, oh I can't just wait. I was practically jumping with excitement when that familiar face came through the front door and sat in my section. My Bill was here; I practically skipped over to him and gave him a quick peck on the check.

"Hey baby" I almost purred.

"Sookie!" he replied his voice was low but sharp. I caught onto his mood instantly and sat down opposite him in the booth. My smile had faded and I signalled from him to continue. "We have been summoned by the sheriff to go to Dallas, you have no choice in the matter, be ready tomorrow night" he growled at me through clenched teeth. I could tell that he wasn't happy, but I was even more pissed off, I mean I was the one that they wanted for Christ sake, and for him to take that tone with me. Bill was seriously starting to piss me off.

End of flashback...

Now I stand here, on the edge of tears and that all too familiar feeling in my stomach. When those words came out from those gorgeous lips I had no idea that I would be in the position I was in now. Standing next to Bill, listening to Godric's plans to meet the sun. Tears started to fill the corners of my eyes as I listened to Godric explaining to his child that he was leaving him...

"But master you can't... I will not allow it!" my heart broke as I saw Erics face, bloody tears were staining his cheeks as he was begging his master not to leave him. I had never seen a vampire cry, and I didn't expect that I would ever see this from Eric. He was a Viking warrior, he is strong and vicious, but this side of him was unfamiliar and it only made me want him. "I will not let you do this...you will not leave me!" the tears running down his cheeks were now flowing heavier, soaking into his shirt and staining it red. His voice was load but it was not powerful, it was wounded and strained.

"My son" Godric spoke. His voice sounded like silk when it passed through his lips. I heard no worry, or anger, all I heard was a father trying to sooth his Childs pain "You will let me do this, I command for you not to follow... I have lived for over 2,000 years my child and it is time for me to go."

"No I will not let you..." his voice was strained and weak and barely came above a whisper. I couldn't help but feel sorry; he was losing his father, his maker and his friend, to see him so weak and begging his master not to go made me look at Eric differently. He did have feelings and maybe he could be capable of feelings such as love.

"I must go, I free you my child" he kissed his Childs tears away before he made his way to the roof. On his face he was wearing a smile, filled with love, excitement and completely free from anger and worry. He was welcoming death and that scared the hell out of me. I couldn't just stand by and watch. Godric did not deserve to do this alone, and I longed that I could get him to change his mind. I took in a deep breath and took a step forward towards Eric only to be dragged to a stop followed by a harsh grip on my wrist. I span around to see what was preventing me from doing as I please, and was not surprised that it was my southern gentleman Bill. His face showed no emotion, apart from a slight show of irritation and anger. For Fuck sack what was his problem. Godric was about to die.

"Where are you going, this does not concern you Sookie" he hissed. "You are MINE" I was in no mood for this attitude. He was bringing this up now! I pulled my arm away with such force that he let go. I replied to his comment and spat back with as much venom as I could.

"He saved me Bill! He has a pure and loving heart and he does NOT deserve to meet the sun on his own! Got that!" he was shocked that this would come from his sweet, virgin Sookie and I heard a growl escape his lips sending shivers down my spine. Where was this attitude of mine coming from? I ignored him and walked up to a devastated Eric. I placed my hand on his shoulder in a hope to comfort him, "It's ok Eric, I will stay with him."

I heard him whisper a "thank you" but it was strained and filled with hurt.

I made my way up to the roof; I could feel that sunrise was only a few minutes away. The tears in my eyes started to prick as they tried to force release. I then saw Godric; he was standing facing away from me. He looked amazing, so young but so old at the same time. I could only imagine all of the things that he must have seen, the stories that he has to tell. It was breaking my heart to know what he was about to do. I couldn't let it happen. Not without a fight! I wouldn't!

"Godric." It came out quiet and even a vampire would have to strain to hear it. He turned around and smiled. He looked breath-taking, his smile was warm and welcoming, and any girl would swoon in front of him, including me. "Please Godric... don't go" was all I could think of to say at that moment, I struggled to put together a whole sentence.

"My girl... I would never have thought that I would be asked to stay by such a beautiful human." His smile grew bigger but looked strained. I couldn't hold on much longer, the tears released running down my checks as I ran to him, stopping just a few feet away, if I had to I would beg, get on my hands and knees and beg him to stay.

"You can't leave, please... I will do anything. You cannot leave Eric like this, you are all he has. Please I will do anything to get you to stay. Please..." I was mumbling and sounded vulnerable as each word passed through my lips. I couldn't help it. "I want you in my life Godric please... you don't have to leave right now" I had grabbed his wrist and was trying to pull him out of the sun's rays. His smile only broadened "a human girl spreading tears for a vampire, in all of my years I have never seen such a beautiful sight. I will stay my beauty if you do one thing for me."

I didn't even give him time to breath when I replied "yes" I wouldn't care what he wanted. The relief and hope was rushing through my body leaving me breathless. All I knew was that I would kill to save Godric, and that thought sacred me, and made me wonder why I had a sudden erg to protect him, to save him...

"I would like you to give Eric a chance. He is my child and I wish for him to be happy. I see the way he looks at you and feels when you are close. I can feel it through the bond that I and my child share. When I leave this world I want to know that he is happy and protected, I believe that you Sookie could do this. So will you do this one request for me?"

I was gobsmacked, how could he ask this of me. Eric had told me himself that he was incapable of love. "But I am with Bill" was all I could say, and it came out as quiet as a whisper.

"Yes Bill, he does not deserve you my dear. Your heart is full of light and love; you are beautiful, gifted and honest. You are here right now trying to stop me, a vampire, from ending my life. You are an amazing women. You must hurry dear the sun is rising and I need an answer." His voice did not stir, it was like pure silk.

He was taken aback when I closed the few feet between us and closed it with a hug. The tears were running down my cheeks freely, but the tears of sadness where now filled with relief and happiness. I was nodding furiously "yes..." was all I had to say before he had me in his arms. Before I could even blink we were inside the building a few doors away from his Childs room. I was overwhelmed with relief that what I did next totally shocked me as well as Godric. I pushed myself onto my tiptoes and pushed my lips to his with a sudden fierceness which I never knew I had. I felt him stiffen and then relax into the kiss. He tasted amazing, soft and sweet. I could feel him as he breathed in my scent and I could hear his fangs extend. I moaned against the kiss before pushing away our lips peeling away like tape and I smiled. His eyes met mine. He raised his eyebrow in confusion, but I could see the lust in his eyes disappear as soon as he blinked. I giggled as he retracted his fangs.

"My dear... that was... amazing" he purred and my face turned a nice shade of pink. He smirked and if it was possible my face when to a dark shade of crimson he looked like a god and it made me feel wet between my thighs, I could tell he could smelt my arousal as I saw the lust return in his eyes and the tips of his fangs threatening to show. This was not how I thought our meeting would go.

I took his hand in my own and lead him to his Childs room; he was still shocked at my gesture as when I turned to face him he was looking down at our joined hands. He was not used to such a small gesture especially by a human. "Wait here... I will just be a sec." I whispered and got a smirk followed by a very faint purr. I released my hand from his and thought I saw a moment of disappoint in his eyes, but it soon disappeared and I could only wonder if I had imagined it.

I stood staring at Erics door. I didn't know if I should knock or just walk in. I must have been standing there awhile as I then felt cold hands take place on my shoulders. A small gesture but very welcome, as I turned my head cool fingers tucked my blonde curls behinds my ear. Godric stood their smiling at me, he bent down so close that I could feel his warm sweet breathe graze my neck, he whispered encouragingly "go my dear... it is getting late and we do not have much time." I nodded and pushed open the door. Godric had released his hands from my shoulders and I shut the door behind me. I turned around and was not prepared for the sight I laid eyes on. Eric was sitting on his bed wearing nothing but a pair of black silk boxers. His head was bowed down; his blonde hair was draped across his cheeks hiding his god like face. His muscles were hard and tense and I couldn't help by admire his perfect god like body. I mentally shook myself for that thought this was not the time. I slowly made my way over to him, the sadness and anger was coming off him in waves. I walked over to him and knelt down. I took his chin in my hand and tilted it up so I could meet his gaze. His cheeks were stained with his blood, which had now made its way down his chest. I felt so sorry for him, but I couldn't help but let the relief and happiness flood off me at the news I was about to tell him, that his maker had come back for him. Unfortunately Eric had sensed my mood, he thought that the relief and happiness where down to her witnessing his maker death, seeing him weak.

"Eric" I smiled "there is no need to be upset..." was all I got out before he had thrown me across the room with a mere push from him. I collided with the wall causing a gash to open in the head. I cried out, I could feel the hot blood trailing down my face. Then I saw Eric approaching me, his facial emotion was hard and his fangs were descended their full length, the scent of my blood did not help the situation I was in. He was looking at me like a predator would look at its prey, and then it hit me, he must have sensed my emotions... "Please Eric stop...let me explain" I was petrified at what he was going to do to me. My words came out quiet and shaky as I was tried to work out how I was going to get out of this.

The look in his eyes was dangerous; I had never seen this side of Eric before, it scared the hell out of me. He had crossed the room, and had me against the wall in seconds by my throat. He had me inches of the floor and his tight, stone-like grip would cause bruises to form if I got out of this. I desperately clawed at his hand to try and clasp it from my neck. I tried to explain but when I opened my mouth but no words came out. A horrific growl pasted through his lips, his upper lip was curved up showing more of his incredible fangs. I tried to scream but I was breathless, he was seconds away from breaking my neck when he was thrown across the room followed by an ear splitting roar. I was dropped to the ground in a heap and hissed at the pain that was shooting through my head, what had just happened. Godric? Thank god. I let out a sigh of relief when my knight in shining armour had arrived just in time to control his child. I got up as fast as I physically could and ran to his side, I must have looked like a complete coward as I hid behind the powerful vampire, but I didn't care, why should I?

"How dare you Eric!" he roared "control your emotions my child". His fangs were fully extended, he looked magnificent. Strong, powerful and in total control. Part of me was shocked at how protective Godric had come of me and I couldn't help but wonder if this had anything to do with our kiss earlier, either way I welcomed, I welcomed it with open arms. Tears were still rolling down my checks as I cowered behind my new favourite vamp.

"G...O...D...R...I...C" I heard Eric as he retracted his fangs, you could see the expression on his face as relief and happiness replaced the hurt and sadness. When he tried to approach his master, let out a low growl which stunned me as well as his child, causing Eric to stop instantly.