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Fate is just too unpredictable. Fate plays tricks on you when you least expected it. Accept, that's the only thing you can do. What will happen, happens.

Ring…ring… ring…ri-


"Urgh!" a brunette groaned under her covers. She looked up to see that its 7:30 am and its Saturday, that means she has no school to attend today. When she's about to sleep again, she heard a knock.

"Mis Yukihara, good morning! I'm sorry to bother your sleep but Mrs. Yuka wants you downstairs.

"WHAT? What does mom need from me anyway? It's freakin' early! Aargh!" the brunette girl thought. "Ok I'm going. I'll just fix myself," she said to her maid.

"Ok, Mikan-sama," the maid said behind the door and began to walk away.

Yes, that's right! This brunette-haired girl is Mikan Yukihara, although she sometimes using Sakura as her last name. She's currently 16 years old and living in America now after she left Japan. She has light brown hair that reached her waist. She has big, bright, and beautiful hazel orbs that no one could refuse to stare at. She has curves at the right places that any guy would drool over and even models could really die for. She's cheerful, friendly, kind-hearted girl but sometimes clumsy and dense. She's smart and always the top 1 in class. Everyone loves her because of her personality. Although, she's dense sometimes, she knows that someone has already captured her heart.

She sometimes used Sakura as her last name because she doesn't want too much attention or stampede. The reason is because she's a Yukihara, not just any Yukihara, but the daughter and the heirness of the Yukihara Groups and Enterprises, the number one leading company in the world.

She lazily got up and rubbed her eyes to remove her sleepiness. She walked to her bathroom and took a warm bath.

It's a beautiful sunny morning. Soft warm breeze makes the leaves on the trees to sway. The rays of the sunlight are piercing through the gaps on the curtain that made a certain raven-haired boy to groan. He instinctively put his arm over his head to block the light.

"Urgh!" he decided to cover his head with his comforter but his phone rings. He picks it up and answered the phone, not bothering to look at the caller's id.

"Oi, Natsume! How long are going to sleep?"

"Why?" the raven boy asked in a sleepy tone.

"Why not hang out? I already called the others."

"What time?"

"Mmmm… its 7:30 so maybe 10:00 at Blue Ribbon's Café, the one that Kitsu's girlfriend owns."

"Oh, 'kay." He replied.

"We'll be waiting." The person on the other line informed him.

"Hn. Bye Ruka." Then, he hanged up and stood up. He walked towards his bathroom to take a shower.

This raven-haired teen is Natsume Hyuuga, number one hottie of Japan. He has raven hair and tantalizing crimson orbs that everyone wants to stare at and found it unique to have such beautiful eyes. He's currently 16 years old. He also has a hot body that every agency wants him to be their model. His personality also adds up to the list that makes him a playboy in everyone's eyes. He's cold but always getting himself a girlfriend every week. But inside he has a reason for doing that but he will never admit it to anyone, not even to his besfriend because of his pride. He's smart and he's the top 1 in his class though he always skipped classes. He's always isolating himself from everyone but his close friends.

Even if he is a cold-hearted jerk outside, he's kind, nice, and thoughtful in the inside. Only his friends and his family saw this side of him. He's also the heir of the Hyuuga Corp. the third leading company in the world. That makes almost whole of the female population swoon over him. That's also the reason why he has his cold façade on. He thinks that everyone wants to befriend him because if his looks and money. He also believes that he doesn't need love because it's too troublesome. That's why he just played with their feelings but even if he's a playboy, he doesn't even kiss a girl on the lips because he doesn't want to stain his kissable lips.

Mikan descended from stairs, wearing an orange tank top and white shorts. She walked towards the living room and spotted her mother sipping her tea. She walked towards her and kissed her cheeks.

"Morning mom!" Mikan greet her enthusiastically.

"Morning honey! How's your sleep?" her mom, Yuka, asked, placing her cup of tea on the center table.

"Well, it's nice but I'm wondering why did you call me for," she mentioned with a confuse face.

"Oh! Sorry for waking you up, honey. It's just important," Yuka said. She's wondering how is she going to react after this.

"'kay, what is it?" she asked in a confused tone

"Ummm… you see, honey… I decided to move you in Japan and I want you to attend the Gakuen Alice, the most prestigious school there," Yuka told her while looking down. After a few minutes of silence, getting no response from her daughter, she decided to look up just to see her stoned, eyes widen, and jay dropped on the floor. Yuka is trying to bit the urge to laugh her ass off because of her daughter's reaction. But much to her dismay, a few snickers escaped from her lips that snapped Mikan at her trance.

"WHATTTTT?" she yelled after processing what just her mother said.

"I know that you already got used to your school and stuff but your father wants to send you at Gakuen Alice," her mother explained.

"I'm ok with my school thing but… what about Hotaru? Misaki-chan? Wha-what a-about-," she tried to find an excuse but she's cut off by her mother who's laughing in front of her.

"Don't worry! I know you wouldn't agree to this if Hotaru or Misaki is not with you," Yuka managed to say after laughing.

"So…?" a clueless Mikan asked.

"Hotaru is going with you and Misaki too." Her mom answered cheerfully.

"Reallyyyy?" Mikan's eyes seem to sparkle at what she just heard. "So I'm not going alone. And I can also spend my time with Hotaru and Misaki." She thought excitedly.

"Yes and you're leaving tomorrow, young lady" Yuka informed her.

Mikan happily responded with 'yes mom' ad skipped to her room, ready to pack her things. Is this a whole beginning of her life? What awaits her has already destined?

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