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Horatio Caine had always wondered if you could look into someone's eyes and see their past. He wondered if you could look into someone's heart and count how many pieces it was broken into. All Rebecca Kailey wanted to do was forget, and Horatio learns that not everyone's past should be looked into.

Chapter 1: Rebecca Kailey

She stared at herself in the mirror, her beautiful brown hair was losing its shine, and her eyes were losing enthusiasm. They were green, or used to be anyways, now they were turning some sort of grey, dark, boring, and terrified. She didn't really know what she was scared of. He was put away, behind bars, and he'd never be able to hurt her again…right?

She walked into her shop, a small fish store, surprisingly all of her employees, her three best friends, were already there, and already fighting. Conner was in the back feeding the fish, and Chris and Todd were up front arguing about what was the easiest way to drain a tank.

"Morning Becca," Both Chris and Todd greeted.

"Good Morning," Rebecca replied, she was in no mood for suck ups this morning, she got no sleep, and when she closed her eyes, all she could see was him.

"Hey Bec, I went and checked our inventory, and we are a little low on live sand."

"Ok, thanks Conner, Chris, get on that for me would you," Rebecca replied as she put her things in the back.

"Sure thing boss," Replied Chris.

Rebecca knew it would be a very long day.

At about noon, Rebecca got a call; it was from her best friend, Calleigh Duquesne. Calleigh needed somebody to get all of the organisms out of a saltwater tank that was at a party. At that party, a man had lost his arm, which sadly led to him losing his life. Becca felt sorry for the man, but knew that she had a mission.

Becca walked into the Miami Dade Crime Lab with directions on where to go. She had parked her SUV outside, and an officer had come by the shop earlier to collect everything they'd need. Becca had hoped everything was already there, that way she could get it done and over with. To be honest, she wasn't into anything dead… she could barely handle when a fish died. She was walking around for about ten minutes when she realized…she was lost.

Great Job Bec, your first time here, and you get yourself lost. It's not that hard to follow directions on a piece of paper. Gosh I can be so dumb sometimes.

"Ma'am, are you lost?" Someone behind her asked.

"Um…yeah I think I am I'm looking for the…" Becca laughed nervously as she turned around. "Oh hi, your Calleigh's friend, I saw your picture at her house once," God, he was even more beautiful in real life. "Um…but yeah…I'm looking for the tank? I'm the Marine Biologist.

"Right this way Ma'am." Horatio Caine said.

Becca was working, and getting everything done, but she couldn't forget meeting the redhead with the beautiful eyes and the sweet smile. He was really amazing. Becca knew she wasn't really ready for a relationship; however, she did like him. Maybe invite him over to watch a movie, coffee, a romantic dinner…not…Horatio Caine had money and was very well taken care of. Becca was sure he had a wife…a family…maybe a baby? Becca on the other hand, made money, but it all went to paying off medical bills. The team was very grateful for her help, and she hugged her friend, and told everyone else bye. As she was walking out, She bumped into guess who…Horatio Caine.

Great job Bec, run into the guy and kill him.

"I'm very sorry," Horatio said meaningfully after he helped her up.

"It's fine; I should watch where I'm going. I'm Rebecca Kailey, most call me Becca,"

"I'm Horatio Caine; it's nice to meet you,"

"It's nice to meet you too, well…I should be going, I really am sorry for that Mr. Caine,"

"Please, call me Horatio, and its fine. Don't worry about it, and it's been great meeting you."

"You too," Rebecca replied, and she walked to her car and drove home.

Horatio stood there and watched her drive away. He had to call Calleigh and get the info on this girl. She was amazing. Horatio really liked her, but wondered if she liked him back. "I think it's time to talk to Tripp," He said as he walked away.

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