It was a storm on that fateful night, when one of the world's greatest secrets would be hidden for the sake of the world. Thunder roared and lightning cracked over a dark castle that was nearly invisible in the blackened night air, until lightning lit up the sky. The huge wooden oak doors slowly opened and a young woman stepped cautiously out. She then slowly closed the doors once more. She wore a long cloak, a hood hiding her face. In the dark night, her soft gray eyes scanned the castle grounds. She then ran quietly ran to the stables where an already saddled brown horse was waiting for his mistress. The woman then mounted up and rode silently out. She hoped that the thunder would drown the sound of the horse's hoof beats as they left the castle grounds. But just as they stepped through the iron gates leading to the forest, an arrow flew past the woman's head, hitting the tree next to her. Struggling to keep her horse under control the woman turned around to see a man dressed in black riding a black horse. A second arrow was attached to his quiver. The woman's eyes widened in fear and she kicked her horse, charging him into the forest. The man raced after her. Suddenly the sky opened up and rain fell heavily from the clouds, making it harder to see. The woman then turned her horse quickly onto a hidden path and heard the black horse race by, not knowing where she went. The woman slowed her horse as they exited the dark forest and entered a clearing. It was a meadow which ended in a cliff, dropping into the rough sea. The woman rode her horse to a stone arch that had strange writing on it. She then dismounted and walked up to it. Underneath the arch was a second, quite smaller stone pillar. Knelling down, the woman began to dig in the wet earth in front of the stone. When she was done, the woman then pulled from her under cloak a medium sized wooden box. It had strange carvings on it, which were painted gold that, even in the storm, seemed to glow. Taking a gold key pendant from her necklace and putting it in a small key hole, the woman unlocked the box and opened it, revealing four wooden figurines: a sea serpent, a dragon, a phoenix and, finally, a unicorn. All seem to glow in the dark storm, especially the unicorn, which was painted white with a golden horn. The dragon was a deep blue with a lighter blue underbelly and wing membranes; his one wing has some metal bars on it, like it's injured. The phoenix was a mixture of red, orange, and yellow, the feathers like tongues of flames. Finally the sea serpent, greenish-blue with fin membranes of its legs. They were so realistic, from the dragon and sea serpent's scales and the phoenix's feathers, to the unicorn's mane, tail, and horn. A small tear escapes the woman's eyes as she gently strokes the figurines. "I'm so sorry", she whispered gently, before closing the box and locking it once more. She then lowered it into the hole and covered it once more with dirt, completely hiding it. She then brushed the dirt from her hands, leaving no evidence of her doings. She walked up to her horse, mounted up and rode to the cliff. She waited for a bit, before turning and seeing the strange man race his horse up to her. She frowned and glared at him, her gray eyes grow darker. She again dismounted and her stare grew harder as the man smiled evilly and rode up to her.

"Morgan leFay", he said in an icy tone, like frostbite. "You are quite clever to trick me like that. But not clever enough I'm afraid." The woman, Morgan, held her stare as the man continued. "You know what I want", he said, "now, Give It To Me!", he yelled over the storm. Morgan stare became a hard glare.

"Never!", she responded. She then ran to her horse and rummaged in her saddle bag until she pulled out a box. It was exactly like the one she had hid earlier, but it was a fake. She then ran to the edge of the cliff. The man's eyes widened when he realized what she was about to do.

"NO!", he shouted even louder this time. He climbed off his horse and ran towards her. Morgan then threw the fake box over the cliff into the raging sea below. The man looked shocked but then his face twisted into fury. He glared at her, his red eyes showing his fury. He the roared in fury and rage. "You imbecile!", he shouted at Morgan, "do you know what you have just done!

Morgan's face was calm and emotionless. "Yes", she said with great calm, "I have just save the world from the likes of you, Mordred!" She spat out his name like it was poison. "You may have killed my brother and destroyed his kingdom, but you will never get the power to control the world! NEVER!", she shouted, her gray eyes dark once more. The man, Mordred, gave a deep breath and turned back to his black horse. When he was mounted up, he glared at Morgan.

"This is not over, Morgan", he said, anger in his voice, "you may have destroyed the key to the power. But one day I will find the Angulais, and when I do..." His eyes flashed a dark red, "no one will be able to stop me. Not even you!" And with that he turned his horse and raced it back into the dark forest.

The storm had ended, but there was still a light rain. Morgan stood on the cliff's edge for a bit, wondering what to do. She pulled her necklace out, and looked at the key pendant. She slipped it off and stared into the sea. She then threw the necklace into the sea. She prayed that someone would find it when the time was right. She then turned back and walked to where she had hid the box. She thought about digging it up, but shook her head. Someone else would need to find it. Walking back to her horse , she smiled a little before mounting up. But then she again frowned. She had no choice. The prophecy stated that a new hero would rise when the world needed them the most. They would carry with them powers unheard of, that not even they knew they had. Only this hero could find the Angulais and stop Mordred from ruling and/or destroying the world. But this hero lived in the future, about 1100 years away. Morgan knew she had to travel into the future and stay there in order to protect and help the hero. However traveling into the future was dangerous. She had only done it a few times, but never that far away and for so long. But she had to do what had to be done. She sighed and patted her horse's neck. "Ready?", she asked him. The horse nodded his head like he understood. Morgan then straightened up and closed her eyes. Soon, a soft, golden glow surrounded Morgan and her horse. The glow grew and, suddenly, there came a blinding, golden flash. When the light died, Morgan and her horse were there no longer. The only evidence of their presence were their footprints in the muddy ground. But the rain soon washed them away as well.