Metal Fight for the Door to the Heart!

(A Pokemon/Metal Fight Beyblade crossover)

Chapter One: The New Shop in Town

Ginga, Madoka and Kenta all sat chatting in the park that day. Madoka had made sure to bring food for five, as they were still expecting their friends Kyouya and Benkei to join them. After all, they had a major thing to talk about- L-Drago was returning! Ginga had said this was a crucial problem, blurting out something about another world. He was finally going to explain today- that he had promised.

However, when Benkei returned, he had been running in hysteria. Kyouya was nowhere to be seen, while the larger boy had rushed as fast as he could, seemingly overwhelmed. "Guys! It's an emergency!"

"What's wrong, Benkei?" The youngest of the bunch, Kenta, looked to the boy worriedly- he clearly looked up to him.

"Kyouya and I were walking here from this new bey shop in town, when all the sudden he was attacked by some strange dog! I swear, it looked like it wanted to kill us! He ran ahead and said he was going to take cover in the shop and try to fight it off, but I needed to get help! We have to stop this thing."

"A dog that looked like it wanted to kill you?"

"Yeah. We saw it near that bey shop that just opened. You know, that secondary branch of the bey-shop owned by the Tate family?" Ginga's eyes widened. The Tate family was one he had known before his travels- after all, they had been the ones housing his mentor and the person dearest to him, Hiruka. Hiruka was the one who had taught him about the other world and about the truth behind a beyblade and it's spirt. If there was a new branch- could it be Hiruka knew that L-Drago was being woken up? Had she come to try to help stop it?

Without a word or thought, Ginga ran the way his friend had come. Kenta, Madoka and Benkei all stood in shock for a few moments before rushing to follow him. When they reached the shop, however, the 'dog', actually a Poochyena, seemed to be enjoying a small massage inside, given by no other than the girl he had suspected would be there. He rushed in. "Hiruka! Is everyone okay here?"

Green eyes looked up as slender hands continued to rub the back of the grey hound. Kyouya, who had stayed even after the monster calmed itself with Hiruka's help, looked to him as well, though more surprised he'd known the girl's name. Kyouya had just learned it earlier on, and Benkei likely hadn't told them from panic, had he? So how did Ginga know the name? His question, however, was soon answered by a voice from the girl after she finished the massage.

"Ginga? Is that you?" She laughed a bit, running over while throwing her arms around his neck. "I can't believe it! I haven't seen you for years! Do you know how worried I've been since you left?" She smiled to him easily, though clearly in her eyes the concern had still been there. She pulled away after their brief moment, then stared at the ground. "You likely already know, right? L-Drago..."

"L-Drago woke. Yeah, I know... I tried to fight it..." Ginga looked at the girl curiously. "But... What's going on? That's a Pokemon, isn't it?"

"Ginga, do you know what type of Pokemon L-Drago is? Or rather, do you remember?" Ginga stood with a blank stare. Hiruka sighed. "L-Drago is a well known legendary Pokemon... A Pokemon known for forcing Pokemon and people alike into nightmares. I met him myself- he had wanted friends, but could not make any as he couldn't leave the secluded island on which he lived. However... His depressive and overly wounded emotions grew over time and separated themselves without him knowing. Those emotions created their own type of entity, which soon became L-Drago after they came here. L-Drago is pure darkness, and stronger then Darkrai himself. Even with Pegasus and yourself at your best, it'll take much more to fight L-Drago."

"But what about these Pokemon?"

"You heard about the chase, I'm assuming? Since mister Kyouya here had said Benkei was getting help and you're all together." Another sigh escaped her. "This is a Poochyena. Earlier, it chased these two because its emotions had gone into a fever pitch. You see... This isn't an ordinary Pokemon. It's a Shadow Pokemon- a Pokemon who's had the door to its heart closed tight. Normally, Shadow Pokemon are only made artificially by a bad group in the Orre region on my world named Cipher. However, that extremely dark version of Darkrai can make them on its own. His depression is so strong, as is his general dark aura, that he can personally shut the hearts of Pokemon. When a Pokemon has the door to its heart closed... It becomes a fighting machine. It'll attack anyone, even it's own trainer or friend. However, when it goes into a fever pitch with its emotions, it only gets more violent, but in the process hurts itself."

"So you were massaging it to calm it down, right?" For the first time from the time this situation started, Madoka got to speak. "Because it was in such a fever pitch. You were massaging it to try to ease the emotions and relax it."

"Precisely. It also helps slowly ease the door to its heart open if you give it a cologne massage. Smell." She held her hand up, laughing. "This is a cologne from my cologne case. It's used for special massages that act sorta like aroma therapy, only more specific for Pokemon and relaxing their pain." Hiruka looked to the group. "L-Drago has awakened completely. It'll take a lot to defeat it, and until we do, the likelihood is these Shadow Pokemon will just keep showing up to try to protect it. We're going to need as much help as we can get. Even all combined, the power of every bey in this room from this group of people... We need a very specific kind of help. We can't fully purify the Shadow Pokemon without the help of Celebi, guardian of the forest and also a time-traveling Pokemon. And the Pokemon who has always been known to be able to stop Darkrai at least a bit... Cresselia. However... We may not need Cresselia if we can find a way to use the lunar wing to our advantage without her."