Metal Fight for the Door to the Heart!

(A Pokemon/Metal Fight Beyblade crossover)

((A/N: My pathetic excuse of a mind is starting to become a tad odd, so some parts of this will be slightly leaning more towards teens/young adults, but it shouldn't be too big a deal. If anything becomes more eminent, I'll change the ratings. If you've watched Digimon season four entirely though, you probably recognize a general idea in it anyway and won't have a problem. Probably.))

Chapter Three: Celebi's Tree and the Monster of Shadow's Glow

Ginga and Hiruka led the way into the forest briskly and without a second thought in their minds. Behind them, the other four of the group were watching the two closely. It had been clear at first glance that Hiruka and Ginga were quite close, but how close they were was still likely unsure, perhaps even to them. However, a quick glance between the two once in a while tended to lead to Ginga blushing, and the on occasions Hiruka would instead. There was some sort of clear attraction between them- Kenta particularly seemed to notice it, but perhaps it was because he'd known before-hand. Not that either of the two quite knew yet.

Madoka ran ahead of the two in the lead and stopped, causing them to stop in their own tracks as well. "What is it, Madoka?" Ginga gave a simple smile of sorts. Madoka pointed to a tree.

"Can't you see? Celebi's at the top of that tree there." Hiruka gazed up, recognizing the figure at the treetop. Indeed, Madoka was correct. Celebi was up there, and it seemed she was snoozing.

"I'll go up and see if I can wake her."

"Are you kidding me?" Ginga gave her a questioning glance, but her response was a simple, blank stare. "Hiruka... You're wearing a skirt."

"So?" Internally to that response, Ginga wanted nothing more then to slap himself on the head, or better yet, maybe even tap her's from her dense nature. However, she hadn't actually finished what she was saying. "Ginga, I think I can trust you not to look up my skirt while I'm climbing a tree. Besides, this is a major situation we have right now, and I know Celebi already- so it's best if I go since to her I'm not a stranger. We're friends."

"Wait-" Ginga was about to protest further, mostly because she'd already caught on to what he had been trying to point out before, but by the time he could, she was already climbing up a couple branches to try to reach the top of the tree. His face turn a light red, and he soon stared at the ground. Why did she have to torment him so?

"You okay, Ginga?" Kenta looked to his friend curiously, before laughing a bit. "You look like a tomato!"

"Hah, I knew it, you two are together aren't ya?" Benkei gave Ginga a smirk as well. Ginga gulped- was it that obvious he'd always adored her?

"It's not like that!" He protested. It was true, though- well, sort of. Yes, he'd asked her out and she'd said yes, but with Hiruka, she likely though he'd just meant he wanted to just hang out. Hiruka had always been dense like that. She couldn't really understand those things. She had confessed to him when they were younger on Valentine's day once, but he couldn't tell from her expression back then if when she said she loved him she meant as a brother, a friend or something else. He had returned the words, however he never managed the courage to tell her in what way he meant it. Of course, even then, her family certainly knew. And so did his father, back then.

At the top of the tree, Hiruka lightly shook the sleeping green figure with a glaze on her eyes that wasn't exactly one it had expected to see when it woke. Celebi recognized the girl immediately- the sea green hair and familiar face were hard to miss, along with the treasured straw hat she always wore. However, the green eyes staring at Celebi didn't hold that friendly and clueless expression she was used to- they were filled with a great sense of fear and anxiety, though the other aspects were still there- the new ones were just stronger. "Celebi? Are you alright?" Hiruka was surprised that Celebi hadn't said anything. Celebi, startled, finally responded, speaking similar to most Pokemon with only her name (even though she could speak, she tended to do this with Hiruka since she knew Hiruka understood anyway, and it was a lot easier then forming all the words).

Hiruka began to climb down, however slipped on a middle-height branch. Celebi, who had flown down next to her, gasped in concern, however sighed in relief as a pair of arms caught the girl in the air. Hiruka looked up to find her red-headed savior and smiled. "Thanks, Ginga." His face reddened again, perhaps more than before, as he let her onto the ground again.

Because Celebi knew that the others in the group wouldn't understand her, she forced herself to speak like a human. "Hi! My name's Celebi."

"I'm Ginga. It's nice to finally meet you, Celebi."

"Oh! I'm Madoka. These guys are Kenta, Benkei and Kyouya." Madoka easily explained who each person was, pointing out who they were as she named them. Celebi nodded eagerly.

"It's nice to meet you! Is it true? Did L-Drago wake up? That's bad!"

"It's more then bad, Celebi," Hiruka noted quietly. "Shadow pokemon are appearing on this world even in towns. Kyouya and Benkei were attacked by a Shadow Poochyena today... I've started calming it down, but..."

"But you can't purify Pokemon like I can." Celebi nodded, already knowing what Hiruka was getting at. "I have an idea then! Let's make a relic stone here. You have a relic fragment, don't you, Hiruka? Mister Eagun gave it to you last time you visited Agate!"

"Yeah... Why?"

"Let's find a big boulder and then we can make the relic fragment join it. That'll work as a relic stone so I can come here easily to purify Shadow pokemon when you're ready."

"Will that one there work?" Kenta pointed at a decent sized rock. Celebi nodded and grabbed Hiruka's hand, leading the way to the rock. However, they were met with someone they hadn't exactly expected- a giant shadow-like monster with a white maine rose from the ground, giving them a strange look. Hiruka smiled to it somehow, Celebi hiding slightly behind her. The others behind them shivered in fear. Worried about Hiruka, Ginga ran in front of her as if to protect her. However, she pushed him lightly to the side while the creature extended a hand. Happily, she shook it.

"Darkrai! You escaped from those bad people working with Cipher?" Her smile was pure and sincere. Darkrai let go of her hand, nodding easily.

"Yes. However... I have been worried about you. I couldn't contact you for a long time because of my weakness from being separated from home. But I realized that they wanted that- they're working with a odd group here trying to awaken my other half."

"I know... Unfortunately, they already succeeded. L-Drago woke up and is more powerful than ever. He even seems able to create and control Shadow Pokemon."

"This is no good. Cipher is still at large on our world, too. So many Shadow Pokemon being produced... A young boy is working to help by snagging them with a new snag machine, but... If they're coming here too..."

"It's okay, Darkrai. We can fix this! We have to, right?" She smiled to him. "I'm happy you're okay though. I've been worrying about you, you know." She gave the creature a light hug. "Darkrai, this is my friend Ginga and some of his friends, Madoka, Kenta, Benkei and Kyouya. Everyone, this is Darkrai. He's directly connected to L-Drago- just much nicer and not as scary." She giggled, smiling to the creature who smiled back.

I want to help somehow," Darkrai explained. "But I fear my weakness is only growing greater each second..."

"It's okay, Darkrai. Leave it to us. You should go home so you can regain your energy and strength! You've suffered enough." Smiling easily to him, she nodded to confirm her words. "You'll come see me at night sometimes, right? We can work together with information like we used to!"

"Are you sure that's enough, Hiruka?"

"Positive! Trust me! You always seem to find the most useful information, Darkrai. I'm sure we're gonna need it. Can you come to this world though for our chats?"

"It should be fine. I don't physically move anyway." Darkrai nodded. "I should hurry then... Please, be careful But first..." He took her hand, which had been holding the relic stone, and put it on the boulder with her. "I'm going to help this too. It'll be easier to tell if a Pokemon is willing to open up because it will glow when it is near here. Just a specialty I thought would help."

A small giggle escaped her and she smiled to him. "Thank you, Darkrai. Please stay well." She shadow soon vanished into the ground and away. The green-haired girl then took a look at her floating green friend. "The relic stone is set. What will you do now, Celebi?"

"I'll go back to our world and see if they need help. I'll come back here whenever you need me to, kay? Just touch the relic stone and I'll be here in a jiffy!"

"Okay. Thank you, Celebi... Stay well." Waving, she watched a bright light envelope Celebi and then, she was gone. A sigh escaped her as she looked to the others. "Let's go for now. Poochyena isn't ready to be purified yet, and we should keep figuring out more ways to work on this issue." The group agreed and diligently walked back to the shop, however stopping short at the large building known as Bey Stadium due to a strange sign in front of it, stating "Monster Festival: Bring Your Odd Monsters" with a picture of sihlouettes of various Pokemon. Hiruka felt a ball of air lodge in her chest, looking at the others. "Guys... We have a problem."