Challenge:Finish the following phrase:

Something that you'd never guess about Vin Tanner is _

1. Something that you'd never guess about Vin Tanner is that his favorite chocolate cookies, the ones he is most reluctant to share, are homemade, and he bakes them himself. The recipe is his own, too; he'd been polishing it for years, because, hell, a man must be able to provide the essentials for himself! And it's not his fault that nobody else in the world could get the proportion between cacao and sugar right.
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2. Something that you'd never guess about Vin Tanner is that he is actually a married man; like everything, concerning his time in Special ops, this information is classified. His wife is Japanese, a spy of the highest class, and back then he learned quite a lot from her - both in sex and martial arts. Vin has no idea where she is now, and he could have revoked this marriage anytime after he left the Army, but he hasn't yet and he doubts he ever will.

Write a dating website profile for one of the seven.

Character: Vin Tanner
Screen Name: Falcon
Profile: I'm a 25 year old hunter (monster hunter) and I'm looking for a girl for a steady relationship. Need someone who would enjoy constant traveling, freedom and independence, and is ready to play bait for a dragon every now and then. Can guarantee: timely rescues, lots of adventures, showing the most beautiful places of the country, poetry when it's quiet and hot sex. Prefer someone younger than me, but not by much, and without well-meaning interfering relatives. I don't smoke and don't drink much, but brew a mean coffee and play a harmonica. Can't promise a marriage, but can promise respect, if the lady is worth it. Married women shouldn't bother (been there, done that, don't want no more).

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Challenge: Write an acrostic poem for one M7 character using either their first or last name.

The darkness surrounds,
And there is no way out,
Nothing nowhere, just black,
Nothing at all... But you suddenly hear
"Easy, pard, we are finally here.
Rest now. We got your back."

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