"What's your greatest fear, Ariadne?"

Her breathing was labored; coming out in short puffs and gasps. She was sitting uncomfortably on a wooden chair, her arms bent and tied awkwardly behind her back. She was slouched over herself, and a small red stain was noticeable on her right thigh. A droplet of blood dripped from the corner of her mouth and landed on her pants, causing the stain to grow. Her hair hung in front of her face, damp from perspiration.

A voice whispered in her ear, "Is it pain?"

A gunshot fired, and Ariadne's scream filled the still air as she wiggled to protect her shattered kneecap.

The smooth voice continued to talk. "Dom has always believed that pain is in the mind. I believe, however, that emotional pain is just as useful of a tool. Don't you agree?"

Ariadne's gasping was the only response. She didn't even look up when she felt the speaker place his hands lightly on her thighs as he knelt in front of her. She didn't want to raise her head to stare into his face as he spoke gently to her.

"I know you know where the rest of your team is hiding, Ariadne. You sent them away when you caught some of my men tracking them, didn't you? Hmm?"

Ariadne merely spat a splatter of blood in his direction. She heard a chuckle in response.

"Yes, yes, I know you're upset. But really, it will not take much to find out where they are hiding. I've always prided myself in my ability to be persuasive. I've always been a firm believer that wearing down the mind is much easier than wearing down the body. However, I believe that is enough for today. We will try again tomorrow, yes?"

Ari continued to watch the blood splatter grow on her pants. She didn't want to see him raise the gun.

Ari woke with a gasp. She was alone in her cell. Footsteps were receding around the corner.

And she began to scream.