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Warnings: The main couple will be both guys,(Harry and Jacob) as in shonen-ai. If you do not like this, please turn back now. There's nothing too descriptive but…it's there. There's also minor teen language, and blood (since this is a story with vampires…)

Summary: Harry touches a portkey in Sirius's room that transports him to Forks. Right in the middle of a forest. Luckily there's a pissed off vampiress in the woods. Maybe the local werewolf can help him out...

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Harry yawned as Billy started up the engine to his truck. It was about eight o' clock in the morning, but Harry assumed that it was still pre-dawn in England. If this was jet lag then he could see why people had a hard time traveling. He didn't know how he'd get through Chief Swan's questions without falling asleep.

"Huh, should've given you some more coffee. Don't worry, I'm sure there's a fresh batch of caffeine at the station." Billy assured to the drowsy eyed teen. He turned on the car and adjusted the radio. "Is there any station you prefer?" he asked.

Harry blinked and shook his head slightly. "No, I don't listen to the radio often."

Billy drew an incredulous eyebrow. "Really? Is there not a lot of good music overseas?"

Harry thought about it. Actually he didn't really know what the hottest music in England was. Uncle Vernon had always turned the radio on to the news and Dudley had one of those portable music devices. But his cousin's choice in music was mostly rap. If that was what was popular to muggle teens then he didn't want to be a part of it.

"Not sure. I just didn't have time to listen to music."

"hmm." Billy was curious on what the teen could've possibly been so busy with to not listen to music but shrugged it off. Maybe it was a personality thing. "Well we'll just listen to one of those teen stations, so you know what the kids here listen to."

Harry gave a distracted nod as music started to fill the interior of the car. He really didn't care about music at the moment; he was much more concerned on what he'd say to the policeman. Last night Billy had briefly told him that although he believed what Harry had said, he thought it was in his best interest not to say anything too descriptive to Charlie. Harry noticed that Billy grew intrigued about the woman, asking numerous questions of where she was going or what she wanted with him. Harry basically said that she looked like she was going to eat him. Billy looked angry and worried then, but assured Harry that he was safe. Harry discreetly left out the part of the story where his spell had little effect on the woman. He could sense that there was something Billy wasn't telling him, so he was hesitant on outing himself as a wizard.

Harry was anxious about what that woman had said to him before she left. She said she was going to come back to him. To what? Finish off the job and kill him somehow? He didn't know if she was just a bizarre cannibal or a hunter of wizards. He didn't think there were muggle hunters –yet she didn't seem human either- out to exterminate wizards, there was just no way…But then again after the war with Voldemort, he assumed anything was possible.

Harry moved around in his seat trying to get comfortable. He had already defeated a maniac out for his life and it looked like he was about to be hunted again. Hopefully that woman didn't have allies, if it was just her alone he might stand a chance. His Expelliarmus didn't do much, but who was to say a more lethal spell wouldn't do the trick. He loathed the idea of using a spell like Sectumsempra but if she was out for his life then he would not hesitate to stop her. He had too many losses and tragedies on his hands to not live now. He owed his parents and everyone he loved to live for them.

"Alright, we're here." Billy announced while disengaging his seatbelt.

Harry jolted with a shock. Well shit, he hadn't thought of what exactly he'd say to the Chief officer. Oh well, he had done more things on his feet than he cared to count. What was one tiny interrogation compared to a life time of life or death situations?

Getting out of the truck, Harry walked alongside Billy into the police station. It was a rather small building for a police headquarters but Harry didn't have a lot of experience with them to tell a difference.

Billy looked up at his traveling companion. He certainly hoped this kid took his advice to keep his answers to Charlie discreet. He didn't want anymore attention given on the 'bear' situation. It would only cause more hunting groups and greater risks for them to protect said groups from the real monster; the red-headed female vampire. Even though Sam and his group were giving great efforts in chasing the female away from the city, for some unfound reason she kept returning and sticking around. No, he couldn't risk Charlie or any others searching the forests more than they already were. It would only cause greater strains on their offense.

He wheeled himself into the office with Harry by his side. Billy spotted Charlie at his desk and announced their presence.

"Ah Billy, Harry. Good morning and thanks for coming." Charlie said as he walked towards the two males.

Harry gave a polite smile. 'Like I had any choice in coming…'

The policeman gave a glance to both his guests. "Well, I guess we better start this…Harry I'd like you to go to my desk over there and Billy if you could hang back for a while…?" Charlie asked of both of them. It went without saying that the question was an order in disguise. Gone was Charlie as Chief Swan took over the man.

Harry casted one last look behind him towards Billy as he walked towards Chief Swan's desk. Billy gave him a single nod of encouragement in return. Nice, but not much help there.

The bespectacled teen sighed as he sat in a plain chair in front of the desk. He gave a cursory glance at the policeman's desk out of curiosity. It was a pretty ordinary desk with the pens and pencils, plus a ton of yellow sticky-notes placed almost randomly about, along with stacks of papers filed onto a wire basket. The only unique item was a two framed photo holder. It was facing out at an angle so both the person in front of and behind the desk could see the photos. On the left was a picture of a young woman holding a baby. She was smiling and seemed to be an all around carefree person. The baby in her arms was giving an open mouthed smile in return, obviously happy with her folks. He assumed these were members of Chief Swan's family.

The right photo looked relatively recent due to the coloring. A teenage girl with long brunet hair around Harry's age stared out towards the camera in obvious reluctance. Still, her awkward if not impatient smile was a bit endearing.

"That's my daughter Bella." Chief Swan offered as he went around the desk to sit in his chair. He's deep brown eyes brightened as he looked at the photo fondly. "She doesn't like taking photos, but she humored me…She's about your age I'd imagine."

"Oh?" Harry said politely. He didn't quite know what else to say. "She seems nice."

"Hmm." Charlie hummed in agreement while glancing at Harry. "But don't get any ideas, I believe she's taken. Jacob Black actually."

Harry unconsciously gripped the plastic handle of his seat. "Yeah, I think Jacob mentioned something like that."

The older man must've been aware of Harry's uncomfortable expression as he discreetly steered the conversation back to business. "But enough about teenage drama…I want to know what you were doing in those woods. Exactly." Chief Swan was back on the scene.

Harry blew out a puff of air. "I was just taking a walk, sir." Honestly, how many times was he supposed to say the same thing? It was a lie yes, but Harry believed it was perfectly believable.

"Why didn't anyone go with you? I'm sure Billy wouldn't want you walking around in the woods, especially if you're new here."

"I guess…I couldn't help myself. I just wanted to walk around for a bit, and it seemed like the forest was a good idea."

"Uh hunh." Charlie commented. He then leaned forward in his chair. "And did you see anything…unusual…in the woods?"

"No sir, I didn't see anything that wouldn't have belonged in a forest." The Forbidden Forest more likely…

Chief Swan sighed and closed his eyes. As he reopened them it looked like the policeman was going to ask a real kicker. "And why exactly are you visiting Forks?"

"It's because I wanted to learn more about the Black side of my family."

"And what is it that you wanted to learn from the Blacks?" Charlie Swan asked with sudden intrigue.

"I don't…I don't think that has anything to do with this, sir." Harry couldn't help but frown at the question. Years of fame and dealing with the journalists taught him to know the distinction between noteworthy questions and downright gossip.

"Erm, of course. You're right…I'm sorry."Charlie muttered in embarrassment. "Well, I believe I've got everything. I'm going to let you off the hook, but Harry-" He waited until he had the green eyed teen's attention. "While you're here, don't do anything that will make me have to bring you in here again." He warned seriously.

"I'll do my best sir."


"So how did it go?" Billy asked once he and Harry were safely buckled into the truck.

"I think it went well." Harry said. "But Billy, why was Chief Swan so insistent on asking me questions? He believes I'm legitimately visiting your family, so how could he believe that in the time I got here and now that I've done any crime?"

"Oh…it's not Charlie's fault really. It's his job to ask, and fact is: you're the most unusual thing that's happened in this town since last year."

"What happened last year?" Harry asked with growing interest.

Billy unconsciously gripped the frame of the steering wheel. "Murders." He muttered quietly.

"...And, I don't suppose the murderer was caught?"

Billy nodded his head. "Right. Charlie and the rest of the police are trying their best to find the guilty party…but, what they don't know is that the more they try to uncover the murderer, the more danger they're in."

Harry paused as he digested this information, slowly but surely fitting the pieces to the puzzle. "So yesterday...they were looking in the woods for something…before they found me. Was it…Were they looking for that woman?" Harry asked quietly. He had a sinking suspicion that he was correct.

Billy glanced down at Harry. "You are observant Harry, I'll give you that. And yes, the murders are quite involved with that…woman." Billy spat the word, like it was inappropriate for such a being to be called 'woman'.

"But don't worry Harry, as long as you stay out of the woods and remain in La Push…You'll be safe."

Now where had he heard that before?


Jacob was already outside when Billy rolled the truck up the driveway. It looked like Bella had already left.

Harry was just about to open up his door when it opened by itself. His emerald eyes looked up in slight surprise when he noticed that Jacob had opened the door for him.

"Hey fugitive." Jacob greeted with a teasing grin. "How'd you do?"

Harry quickly schooled his features of any surprise or red from his face. "I believe it went well." He began in what sounded like deep seriousness. "I didn't even get locked up." He thrust his unadorned wrists in emphasis to Jacob.

"Heh, well good. Because no offense; orange would've looked horrible on you." Jacob joked with his bright smile.

Harry couldn't help but smile in humility as he pictured himself in the Muggle prison uniform. Oddly enough he wasn't that afraid of Muggle prison. Their prison simply paled in comparison to the horrors of Azkaban: the Wizard prison. Just thinking about that place with its soul-eating Dementors plaguing the area was enough to make him cringe. Harry was thankful that Sirius was able to get out of that place in the end. There were only a few more worse things than dying in Azkaban, Harry thought.

"Hey guys why don't you get a fire going? I'm thinking about cheeseburgers for dinner." Billy suggested as he finished locking up the truck. He grinned at the victory outburst from his son and at Harry's slight jolt from the sudden sound. "Okay, well I'm going to go inside. I need to make a phone call." The oldest Black member announced as he wheeled himself into the house.

Jacob turned to Harry after the third member departed. "So Harry, have you ever made a fire the old fashion way?"

Harry thought back to all the times Hermione would conjure up a blue fire with her wand. He couldn't remember if he had ever started a fire with just sticks.

"Well today's your lucky day, because I am a master fire starter."

"Oh my, a pyromaniac." Harry said in mock dread. He grinned when Jacob shoved him playfully.

The taller and darker skinned teen led Harry down the slightly slopping hill and towards a well used fire pit. Surrounding the fire pit were well placed logs acting as chairs. Harry could just picture Billy and Jacob sitting outside and by the fire, enjoying their meal and the stars together…

Those thoughts were shoved aside once Jacob began his teaching of the masterful art of fire making. Jacob was easily able to make some impressive sparks, but he told Harry that he wanted him to make the actual fire.

Harry was about to rub the two sticks accordingly, when a dull pain erupted from his left index finger. A thin dribble of blood slowly slid down the appendage.

"Dude, you're bleeding." Jacob pointed out needlessly. "Honestly, I didn't know anyone could get a cut from just two sticks."

Harry grimaced. "I told you, I'm just lucky."

"Or you're just clumsy." Jacob said with a slight shake of his head. "But still, we better clean that up. It might get infected." He added seriously. It was amusing to Harry that he was being treated like a kid when in fact he was older than Jacob by at least a year. However he didn't complain. Instead, he secretly thought that Jacob as a leader was a rather natural, if not endearing, quality for him.

As Jacob went up to the house to get the first aid kit, Harry sulked about not being able to make a simple fire. He so wanted to impress Jacob about getting it a fire started on the first try, but instead he had shown him a right fool.

The sound of a branch cracking made Harry instantly tense. He froze, debating whether to look behind him and into the trees.

Deciding that speed was always the best policy, Harry quickly grabbed his wand from under his pants leg. Previously he had attached a fabric strap around his leg, so he could always have his wand on hand. Thankfully his foresight was well founded.

His emerald colored eyes took in the line of trees in front of him. He couldn't see any movement, but now that he was aware he could instantly feel a hostile presence nearby.

His eyes widened when a new color came into his vision. Red: the color red immediately registered.

It was the red haired woman from yesterday, standing in the clearing of the trees. She was just standing there, but her appearance itself shook Harry to his core. He had not noticed the color red by her hair, oddly enough. It was her eyes, they were blazing blood red.

Eyes like blood…Like those of Voldemort's: full of rage, full of dark promises.

Harry finally shook himself from his panic induced shock. He was just about to cast a powerful hex, hopefully one that would have more effect on the woman than yesterday, when a roar erupted from the surrounding trees.

The woman of red slanted her eyes to the left in fearful rage. She looked over to Harry and gave a predatory smirk. Then, in the blink of an eye, she was gone.

His wand fell limply in his hand. He couldn't do anything. Why did he freeze up like that? He had faced much more chaotic situations than this and he was always able to think on his feet. But, just then…nothing. It was like…he was tired.

And he was. He was tired of everyone wanting to kill him, or so it seemed like. He just wanted a few things in life: a life to live with family. Was he never going to be allowed such a thing because he was constantly on the run?

No, he was not a quitter. Years of Hogwarts and Voldemort and The Ministry of Magic breathing down his neck had made him a fighter. He would fight this new evil too. He just had to.

Almost as if it was planned, Jacob arrived at that moment with the requested first aid kit. He was completely oblivious to what had transpired out near the foot of the woods just seconds ago. Harry was intensely grateful that that woman had not seen him, or vice versa. He didn't want Jacob to be involved.

"You alright Harry?" Jacob asked when he noticed Harry's odd face. He had only been gone for a few minutes but it looked like Harry's skin had taken a drastic change in color. Or rather, lack of color.

Harry looked up at Jacob and gave what he hoped was a convincing smile. "Yeah…M'fine."

"Huh. Well okay." The tan teen responded with little conviction. "Anyways, let me look at your hand. Don't worry, I'll make the fire. Dad's getting impatient in there." Jacob informed while pointing at the house. Just then a rumbling growl sounded from the general vicinity of Jacob's stomach.

"Uh huh. And I'm sure you're not the least bit caring of when dinner's served." Harry asked with a pointed gaze towards the other's stomach. He couldn't help but smile at Jacob's embarrassed grin.


That night Harry did not sleep well. Then again, last night was unusually good for the slumbering wizard, so it was only reasonable to assume the reprieve was temporary.

The messy haired teen, whose hair was even more chaotic than normal due to sleep, slowly dragged his blanket off of him. It was actually an old quilt that Jacob's grandmother had made, but seeing how the room could get this time of year,(as it was still January and all) it was necessary.

Leaning over the side of the bed, he looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand. Its blazing red numbers, further blurred because he wasn't wearing glasses, told Harry that it was an ungodly hour to be awake. That was normal too.

Harry yawned. "Bring on the day." He slurred aloud. Thirty seconds after the announcement found The-Boy-Who-Lived collapsed on top of the bed.


Emerald eyes once more were covered by heavy eyelids. Harry was currently sitting at the breakfast table eating a bowl of cereal, along with his two temporary housemates. However Harry had a hard time gaining enough focus to eat.

His dream…or nightmare rather was bugging him. It was the usual nightmare: Voldemort was trying to kill him, the deceased were blaming him for not being able to save them, and five rolls of unfinished homework were due the next day. And not necessarily in that order. But a new addition had been included that night: the woman from the forest. Her blazing red eyes had pierced through his subconscious and woke him up.

Harry blinked as he felt a wet droplet fall on his forearm. He looked over to find Jacob eating his breakfast with impressive vigor. Unfortunately, at least half of the contents from the bowl missed their intended target entirely and were being flung out onto the table. The teen wizard was instantly reminded of how his best mate Ron would eat at every meal. That thought made him slightly homesick.

Billy glanced over behind the newspaper and at his son. "Jacob, are you trying to make a lake out of the table?" The older male asked in a disapproving tone.

Jacob's hand, which carried the next shovelful of cereal, halted halfway to his mouth. He glanced at his dad and then at the table full of milk puddles with guilt. "Uh, sorry Dad. It wasn't intentional. But Bella's going to be here any minute." He said as if that explained everything.

"And I'm sure Bella will still be here if you decided to eat like a civilized being." Billy retorted with unveiled amusement.

Jacob took the approach of acting oblivious and resumed eating his cereal at a quick pace. Several minutes passed until three very light knocks on the door sounded in the room. Both Harry and Billy looked at Jacob expectantly.

With impressive speed Jacob got up from his chair, finished off his bowl, dropped it and his utensil in the sink and was out of the kitchen to answer the door in a flash. The two left in the kitchen waited until the door opened and closed to resume what they were doing.

"Teenagers." Billy muttered with a shake of his head. Harry couldn't help but agree.

Wait! Harry thought suddenly. Does that mean, I'm maturing?


Today. Today was the day that he would found out about that woman. And in this case, that meant research. Unfortunately most of the books he needed were on a different continent entirely.

In preparation Harry closed his door and conjured up the Muffliato charm, so that anyone outside of the room would be incapable of overhearing what was being said inside the room.

"Kreacher." Harry called clearly and distinctly. A pop resonated in the bedroom. Where the sound originated was a small diminutive figure with big floppy ears and white hair sprouting out. His long and pointy nose was just as distinct as the day Harry first met the creature. The elf's only clothing was an old, yet quite clean, pillowcase. However a couple of months ago the elf had added a most unusual accessory: a rather big yellow locket which adorned its thin neck. When asked, the elf would adamantly insist that the locket was not a piece of clothing, but rather a 'personal item of incidence.'

The elf's large head, compared to its frail body, looked up at Harry. "Master Harry Potter has called Kreacher, and so Kreacher has come. He is Half Blood, but Kreacher will do whatever Master Harry Potter wishes…"

"Hello Kreacher. Could you please bring me 'Care of Magical Creatures' and all of my Defense Against the Dark Arts books?" Harry requested of the house-elf. It didn't take long for Kreacher to bring back the necessary items after two familiar pops.

Harry was quite careful when he was handed 'Care of Magical Creatures'. Ironically the book was a creature itself and was usually quite a feisty one and that. He was thus mindful to stroke its spine in an appeasing fashion. However the book was in a sleepy mood so it obediently didn't cause a fuss.

"Thanks Kreacher," said Harry as he carefully stacked the Wizarding books on the floor. He looked back just in time to see Kreacher's awkward version of a bow. Ever since he had given Regulus Black's locket to Kreacher the house-elf had been uncharacteristically helpful and in his own way, charming.

"Would Master Harry Potter require anything else of Kreacher? I could make a Shepherd's pie in the quickest of quick." Kreacher offered quite seriously.

"That would be-" Harry started just as someone knocked on his bedroom door. He swiveled his head so fast he almost had whiplash.

This wasn't good: he had magical books in one corner –which one could and would bite off your hand at provocation-, his room was heavily charmed with a silencing spell, and there was definitely something Un-Muggle-ish about having an old house-elf dressed in a pillowcase standing in the middle of your room.

"Kreacher I need you to go." Harry mouthed out quickly as he pushed his magical texts under the bed. If it was truly preordained for Harry to stay in Forks, then 'Care of Magical Creatures' would keep on sleeping throughout this ruckus.

Meanwhile Kreacher was gaping at Harry. "Master Harry Potter is associating with Muggles? Muggles! Oh no, Master Harry Potter, soiling your Wizarding status-"

Harry himself was getting annoyed. "Yes, they're Muggles, so you should really leave now Kreacher. Thank you again for the books." The boy wizard experienced quite a sense of déjà vu when Kreacher looked at him in a disgusted way and muttered under his breath. Then with no time at all the house-elf Apparated to Hogwarts. Harry had the strongest hunch that he would not be getting that Shepherd's pie anytime soon.

Making sure everything magical was hidden; Harry finally went to the door to open it. Almost at the last minute he remembered about the Muffliato charm, and thus quickly took it off.

Outside the door was Jacob Black….and he looked none too pleased to be there.

"Hey Harry." Jacob said, lacking his usual charming smile. "Man, you sure are quiet. I couldn't hear anything from your room. The walls aren't exactly thick."

"I'm light on my feet." Harry supplied easily.

"I guess…Anyways, the reason I'm here is because Bella-" Jacob began just as a teenage girl with long brunet hair came out from behind him. She was openly staring at Harry in a hesitant yet curious way. Jacob sighed. "Bella wanted to meet you."

Yep, it was definitely her; the girl from Chief Swan's photo. Although the bottom of her eyes were not nearly as dark as they were currently. Maybe she wasn't getting enough sleep, Harry thought.

"Hey, as you know, I'm Bella." Bella informally greeted. "I've heard about you from my dad and Jake, and I really wanted to meet you."

"Hi, I'm Harry Potter. And for the record, I'm not usually taken in to police stations." He offered half serious, half jokingly.

Bella's brown eyes widened. "Oh right. Totally. He, my dad, said it was just a case of 'bad place, bad time.'

Both teens looked at each other as silence once again reigned. That's when they noticed that Jake wasn't offering anything into this introduction. In fact, he looked like he didn't want to be there at all.

"Jake, is something wrong?" Bella asked with concern.

Jacob looked at Bella and then at Harry. He couldn't even hide his grimace. "Nah, I'm just letting you two get acquainted. Just like you wanted."

Bella looked annoyed whereas Harry was secretely fuming. Okay, what was Jake's problem? He knew how much the guy liked her, so it wasn't like Harry was going to just swoop in and take Bella away from him. It rather hurt that Jacob might've thought Harry capable of that.

"C'mon Jacob. It's not like I'm going to leave you or anything. You're my best friend." Bella said in what was probably her soothing tone. However both guys secretly cringed at the words 'best friend', one in pain and one in sympathy.

Jacob muttered something under his breath, which to Harry sounded none to genteel. Bella however turned away from the brooding teen and refocused on Harry.

"So Harry, why don't you come with us to the garage. There's something cool that you should see. Of course, it's a secret." She added in a half conspiring way.

Harry was perplexed on why Bella wanted to include him in a secret when they had just met. Oh well, maybe it was a girl thing, something to deepen their friendship with. Who knew with girls.

Harry chanced a glance at Jacob. It was almost comical of how Jacob's eyes widened at the notion of him joining the couple, and almost telepathically pleaded to Harry not to join. And yet…there was something about those eyes that made Harry want to appease him…

Plus, not to mention the fact he had already decided he was going to research today, Harry mused logically. If he could help it, he would not have a nightmare of fiend Hermione berating him for not studying up on what could possibly help save his life.

"I'm sorry, but I really wanted to catch up on reading my books." Harry flawlessly spoke his excuse. He looked at Jacob again and secretly smiled at the way Jacob almost fainted in gratitude.

He should've given the girl her props on persistence.

"Please Harry? It will only take a minute, and I would really like to hear more about you." Bella insistently pleaded. Maybe it was her brown eyes that sucked him in, but at some point Harry forgot why he was arguing.

So the Boy-Who-Lived discovered himself incapable of saying 'no' to a girl –which was always risky business- and was once again inside Jacob's garage. Its littered car parts and tools seemed to mock him in his defeat.

"Okay Harry." Bella said as if she hadn't brought the teen wizard down here against his will. "Now you have to promise not to tell Billy, or my Dad if you see him, what Jacob's really been working on." The level of seriousness that Bella exuded was actually a bit frightening.

Harry gave his word not to tell anyone. The young woman smiled charmingly. "Great."

And without further ado she walked over to an oddly shaped object which was covered in an old, paint splattered, blanket. Hmm, wonder what could be the surprise?

"Jacob, do you want to do the honors?" Bella asked as she motioned to the mystery object. She was either oblivious, or was totally disregarding Jacob's less than enthusiastic effort for the whole ordeal. Harry never would have thought walking could take so much herculean effort, but Jacob proved him wrong.

Once Jacob got into position he discreetly leaned into Bella and whispered something harshly. Bella gave a thoughtful frown and responded that he should 'share his talent.'

Harry was so caught up in trying to listen to the couple that he was surprised when the covered object was suddenly unveiled. Honestly, with the amount of enthusiasm coming from the Swan girl he half expected a drum roll.

Underneath the blanket happened to be two, almost finished, motorcycles.

"Aren't they cool? Jake took these really trashed pieces and transformed them into this. He's really quite talented." Bella practically gushed.

"Yeah, he is." Harry said quietly. Although right now he's acting like a prat.

"They're almost ready to ride too. And, Jake's offered to teach me." The teenage girl went on with an eager grin.

Jacob finally decided to say something then. "Yeah I did, but just remember that looking at a bike and riding one are two completely different things." He cautioned.

Bella sighed as she leaned on her right foot. "I know, okay. Besides, how hard can they be from normal bikes?"

Jacob gave her an incredulous look. "Uh, try a lot." He said sarcastically. "I just hope you'll be able to stay on it, let alone ride it."

The brunet girl wore an embarrassed grimace. "I'm somewhat accident-prone." She explained to Harry. Turning to Jacob this time, she gave a friendly smile. "But I'm sure you'll catch me if I fall, right?"

"You better believe it." Jacob muttered with such sincerity it almost hurt other bystanders to hear…namely Harry.

The two continued to talk, almost completely forgetting about Harry. The boy wizard himself felt oddly queasy. He could only think of the other two teens as the cause for his discomfort.

"Hey guys, I'm just going to head up to the house." Harry said weakly. Staying in the garage with those two being 'sincere' wasn't possible. He barely saw Bella's disappointed frown or heard Jacob's relieved sigh as he left.


Harry stared up at the ceiling of his room. Ever since the whole garage scene he had not moved from his position on the bed. He almost wished Hermione were here to berate him to look in the books to find out what that woman was and possibly not end up dying on this trip, if only to have some company.

A knock on the door roused him from his funk.

He was actually shocked to find Bella Swan at his doorstep.

"Hey." Harry greeted.

"Harry, I'm sorry about before. Was I too bossy? I'm really not like that, it's just...I really wanted to meet you and hoped we could be friends."

"No, um…We're friends." Harry comforted lamely. They had only just met but apparently his acceptance of friendship was important to the Swan girl.

Bella smiled weakly. "Thanks…So um, I wanted to ask you: what do you really think about the bikes?"

Harry frowned. "They look good. Jacob did a good job...?" He wasn't sure what Bella wanted him to say.

She laughed. "No, not that: although true. It's just…what do you think of me riding one?"

"You? Riding a motorbike?" Harry asked to be sure he knew what she was referring to. At Bella's solemn nod Harry couldn't help but laugh. "Is that all? I mean, yeah that's cool that you want to ride one but…I don't think you need permission from me…I mean, this is the 'Land of the Free', yes? You should be able to do what you want."

"Really, you mean it?" Bella asked partially shocked, partially hopeful. "You don't think it's…weird? For me to ride one?"

"No, I mean I rode in one when I was—in the past." Harry finished lamely. He couldn't exactly explain to the Muggle teen that he had rode a flying motorbike when he was little over one year old.

Bella herself looked a lot more cheered by this bit of insight. "Thanks Harry. I mean, I'm glad at least one person's not telling me I'm crazy to want to ride a motorcycle. Even Jake's skeptical about the whole thing."

"Yeah well, I'm sure he won't let you get hurt. You're his girlfriend after all." He couldn't help but let seep a bit of jealousy.

Bella looked at him in confusion. "Uh no, we're not together."

It was Harry's turn to look confused. "What? But I thought Jacob said something-"

The eighteen year old girl sighed. "I guess I can't blame him…" She said almost to herself.

"Hang on, you mean you haven't told Jacob the truth? That you aren't interested?" Harry asked with growing anger. He wasn't about to let his new friend be pulled along by some girl when obviously he was smitten and hopeful. A secret part of him whispered that he wouldn't be so hung up about this if it were any other guy; like Seamus or Dean. 'Jake's just special' Harry wrote off easily.

"Well I, try to tell him…But I just…don't want him to send me away." Bella drifted off with a growing sadness. Emptiness seemed to be swimming just outside her deep brunet eyes. She seemed to sense Harry's unease for she put on a fake smile. "But that's also why I wanted to meet you. I wanted to get to know you, sure, but I also wanted to have someone with me and Jake. That way he wouldn't get any ideas that our excursions are dates." She explained with a somewhat guilty tone.

So basically, he was going to be a third wheel again.

Harry thought about it. "I guess I could do that…But to be clear, I don't want to hurt Jacob and if this hurts him more than necessary then I want you to tell him the truth."

Bella frowned at being indirectly accused of hurting Jacob, but then she gave her own smile. This one was much more genuine. "Hmm, well I'm glad you care about Jacob so much. He deserves a good friend like you."

Harry looked away in embarrassment. "Thanks." He didn't want to tell her that he had any non-friendly feelings for the Black son. Even Harry didn't want to admit that to himself.

"Well great." Bella said, honestly relieved. "I'm glad we're on the same page. And honestly, I would like to become your friend. You're…actually one of the few people I can talk so frank with."

"Oh? Well I'm glad to help." Harry responded, not sure if that statement was telling something about his character or not.

"Help with what?" A new voice asked. Jacob Black had come up the stairs and was now standing on the first ledge. He seemed to be in a much better mood than when he first came to Harry's door that day.

"Harry's just been helping me with some Literature." Bella lied easily, as she motioned to Harry. "I know you don't like the subject." She teased.

Jacob rolled his eyes. "Hey books are okay, but literature is downright boring. They speak all gibberish."

"You mean Shakespearean?" Bella asked with growing amusement.

"Yeah, that word."

Bella smiled whereas Harry did his best not to look confused. He was seriously lacking in Muggle culture, after having spent much of his education in wizardry, so he hoped the two teens wouldn't ask him any questions in Shakespearean.

"Well dinner's ready, so you're both welcome to eat anytime…well, preferably now while it's done." Jacob said just as his stomach growled. Thus the three smiling teens went down to have some dinner, but little did they know that stranger things were about to happen.

'Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll find out what that woman is.' Harry promised himself solemnly.


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