Hello! This is my first DBZ fic to be published!

The Main Pairing: Goku/Vegeta

Short Summery: Vegeta has an unexpected dream, which starts everything. Just when Vegeta is about muster up the courage to tell Goku of his feelings, an unexpected person shows up and his plans go down the drain That is, until Goku goes into the Gravity Room.

This is a multi-chapter fic that takes a few chapters to get to the main plot. It's most definite Yaoi, so if you don't like it, don't read it! AU, and slight(or more) OCCness! There are mentions of Piccolo/Gohan and Trunks/Goten. Mpreg later on! and finally:

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball Z or any of it's characters

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The Gravity Room: Chapter 1: The Dream

There's something about the air, when I feel the breeze on my skin, a heavy weight becomes present on my chest. Have I always felt like this and not noticed? It hurts…And pisses me off. Vegeta scowled at the beautiful seen before him. He hated it when he got like this. It was a point he had only gotten to twice before. He couldn't train, he could hardly eat, and he felt like he was on the brink of insanity. The only thing he could do was wait, like he was doing now. He had been like this for a full week.

Vegeta sat atop of the Gravity Room watching the damn sunset and pulling apart blades of grass he had brought up with him earlier. He didn't want to be sitting here, staring at the blazing fire ball. He would much rather be inside the chamber he sat upon, training and pushing past his limits. For some reason or another though, his mind and body wouldn't have it. All that they wanted to do was sit and wait until Kakarot showed up again, and it pissed him off.

It had been months since Kakarot had shown himself around Capsule Corp. Actually, half a year to be exact. Normally, he showed up every other week wanting to spar, but for some reason or another he hadn't come back yet. It was like he disappeared.

Vegeta scowled even more. He was beyond angry now. I don't give a rat's ass about him, so why am I fucking waiting here for that buffoon to show up? Vegeta glared at the darkening sky.Because you want to see him, His inner voice answered. He growled. He wanted to blast something, like that tall building over there, into a million pieces. Fuck Kakarot! He thought. And fuck seeing him too! He sighed, who am I kidding? Only me right? I want to…God dammit, no! I do NOT want to see that damn clown! He sighed again, letting the scowl fall off his face, Fuck this, what the hell are you doing Kakarot that's more important than sparring with me? I've gotten stronger; I need to test my new strength. He put a better reason behind it that just wanting to see the clown.


Bulma looked out the window and sighed, he was doing it again. Vegeta was sitting on top of the Gravity room, looking up at the sky. He had been doing it for a full week now. At first, she had paid no mind to it, thinking he was just enjoying being outside and taking a break from training, but after the first two days and his anger much more easily aggravated, she was starting to wonder what was wrong. She had done some major thinking the next day and finally remembered seeing him doing it once before, when Goku had spent a whole year training his sons and spending time with his family. She wasn't sure what to think about that at first, but when Goku had given them a surprise visit and went off to spar with Vegeta, Vegeta had come back somewhat…happy, as well as a complete mess.

Bulma had decided not to question him for a few days afterward, but now, she could hardly stand it. Every morning he would grumble something about going to train in the Gravity Room, and every time she looked outside, he would be sitting on top of it, staring at the sky. It definitely wasn't normal behavior for Vegeta.

She sighed and looked out the window again, it was nearing dark and she had just finished fixing dinner. Bulma decided she was going to do something about this tonight. She was just about to walk outside when the phone rang. She walked over to it and answered, "Hello?"

"Hey, Bulma, it's me."

"Goku?" She exclaimed, "When did you learn to use the phone?"

A sheepish laugh was heard from the other side, "I didn't. Gohan called you for me."

"Oh, I see. That's really nice of him. Anyway, where have you been? You suddenly just stopped showing up, I was worried. Are you okay?"

"I'm great! I've been taking care of some...uh...things. Chichi wanted a change of scenery or something, so I was building a new house! It's amazing; you should really come see it sometime! It took me forever to build, but it was definitely worth it. It took longer to move all of our stuff than I thought it would though."

"Really? I'll come by and bring you a house warming gift, just as soon as you tell me where you moved to."

"Okay, anyway, I was wondering… is Vegeta around?"

Bulma glanced back out the window, "Yeah, he is. Would you like me to get him for you?"

"No, that's okay... Just tell him I'm coming over tomorrow…" Bulma heard some voices in the background but couldn't make out what they were saying, "Oh, and Goten here wants to come too, to see Trunks. He's asking to stay the night, is that okay?"

"Yeah…" She said rather happy that Goku was coming over tomorrow; she couldn't wait to tell Vegeta. However, she was rather suspicious that Goku was asking if it was okay for Goten to stay over tomorrow, normally he wouldn't do that. They'd come over and surprise them both, so this was a little out of character… "Goku, are you sure you're okay? Normally you don't call or ask for permission for Goten…"

There was the laugh again, "I'm perfectly fine! Actually, Gohan has been giving me little lessons on, what was it called?" He seemed to ask someone else, "manners or the proper way to do things. He said I should use them, something about being appropriate, so I thought it would be okay…did I do something wrong?"

"No! Of course not! I actually like it, thank you. And that sounds great, when are you coming by?"

"How does some time in the morning sound? We can stay all day!" There was a happy shout in the background.

Bulma smiled, "Perfect, come over about nine o'clock. I'll let Vegeta know. See you then."

"Great! See you tomorrow Bulma!"

Bulma clicked the off button and put the phone back on the receiver. She quietly walked outside and around the chamber until she could see Vegeta's face if she looked up. She looked up, a bit surprised at Vegeta's expression. He looked sad, not just sad, but really, really depressed. She frowned. It didn't seem like he noticed her, he looked caught up in his thoughts.

"Vegeta!" She called.

He jumped slightly and then all the emotion that was seen in his eyes and on his face was hidden. "What the hell do you want now?" He asked, rather angry that she had managed to sneak up on him.

"Dinner is ready." She said.

"That's fucking great. I'm not hungry."

Bulma knew better. "Alright…but if you come eat, I'll tell you something that you really will like."

"What the hell could you possibly tell me that I might like?" He asked, jumping down from the top, slightly interested in what the woman thought that he would like.

"You have to promise to come eat if I tell you. I know you haven't been eating much this week, so you have to make sure to eat all of your food."

"God dammit woman, I'm not a child! Just tell me already!"

"Promise first."

Vegeta glared, but nodded his head. The two started heading inside, she served him a plate fixed herself and Trunks one.

"Well?" Vegeta asked, getting rather impatient. He took a sip of some water.

"Goku called." She said.

He nearly spit out and choked on his water, "What?" He asked in disbelief.

She smiled noticing a small sparkle in his eyes, I knew you would like that information, but you'll like this even better, "He's coming over tomorrow with Goten."

"Goten!" Trunks exclaimed, beaming, "Really?"

Bulma nodded turning her attention to Trunks, "Really. And Goten is going to stay the night."

"I can't wait, when is he coming over?" Fourteen year-old Trunks asked, taking a bite happily from his food.

"At about nine o'clock, so you better make sure your room is clean."

He nodded his head. He couldn't wait to see Goten. It felt like it had been forever when they last saw each other; he wondered what his friend had been up to.

Bulma looked back over at Vegeta; he was smirking down at his plate. She froze for a moment, "Vegeta?" She asked.

He looked up at her, "What now?"

"Have you ever noticed how obsessed you are with Goku?" She asked, he quirked an eyebrow. "I mean, all you do is train to get stronger than him, and when he doesn't come around for a long while you start to sit on top of the GR and stare off into space... If I didn't know better, I'd say you liked him."

"Hn. You don't know what you're saying." He said. Normally, he would have blown her head off for saying such a thing, but he couldn't do that since she provided him with food and other necessities.

"Oh? Then what is it?"

"Dammit woman! I don't give a fuck about Kakarot! If you ever suggest something so stupid as me liking him again, I'll blow you to bits!" He yelled, anger getting the better of him.

"Then what do you care about?" She asked. She knew what he was going to say, but she wanted to point something out about it, so she asked anyway.

"Getting stronger than and beating the shit out of Kakarot!" He said, standing up.

Trunks sat quietly, watching and listening.

"Don't go anywhere just yet. Look, doesn't that have to deal with him too? I'm just trying to prove a point; all you think about is Goku. Thinking about getting stronger than him is thinking about him." Bulma said.

"What in the hell are you trying to say?" He moved towards the door.

"That you like him!" She yelled.

"Nonsense! I hate him!" He yelled back, still moving towards the door.

"You like him! I know it! Otherwise you wouldn't sit there on top to the GR waiting for him to show up!"

Vegeta froze, how in the world did she know why he was sitting on top of the Gravity Room? "Fuck this interrogation! I'm going to bed!" He quickly moved out of the kitchen and upstairs to his room.

Bulma sat back down at the table with a huff, she couldn't figure out why he had to be so difficult with admitting it.

"Mom…" Trunks said, "Dad froze for a fraction of a second. He really does like Goku, doesn't he?"

She sighed, "Yeah, he does, but he's too much of a dumb-ass to admit it."

"How much does he like him?" He asked.

Bulma looked up at her son; she hadn't expected him to ask that. "I don't know…Honestly, I'm not sure." But I'm definitely going to find out. If he froze like Trunks said, then he really was waiting for Goku…


Vegeta threw himself on his bed after his shower. He couldn't believe that woman! She sure had some nerve to suggest such a thing. Me? Like Kakarot? That's just impossible. I hate him and I will destroy him. Vegeta thought, but something deep down was telling him, you don't hate him, you like him, a lot. And you won't destroy him.

Vegeta growled and threw his pillow across the room; it hit the wall and fell down to the floor. No, I hate Kakarot. I only want to see him so that we can spar. I like to test my strength and see if he is still stronger than me. Vegeta crossed his arms. There can't really be more than me just wanting to spar with him can there? Gah! What the hell am I thinking? That fucking third-class! Vegeta got up and retrieved his pillow. He put it back on the bed and laid on it.

Do I really like him? Vegeta cringed at the thought, but then relaxed. Tomorrow I'm going to beat him to a bloody pulp! Wait…what was that the woman said about my thoughts only being about him? I can't believe this! He thought and turned over on his bed, deciding that sleeping would be much better than laying here thinking.


Vegeta opened his eyes slowly; it was bright and sunny outside. He had been taking a nap under the warm sun. For a brief moment he wondered what had awoken him until he turned his head and saw Kakarot sitting there.

"Finally!" He exclaimed, "I've been trying to wake you forever!"

Vegeta sat up.

"Come on, let's go to my house!" Kakarot said, extending his hand out and pulling Vegeta up.

The touch of Kakarot's hand against his own sent a weird spike through him. What in the world? He wondered. He stood up, but Kakarot didn't let go of his hand, instead he just pulled him closer to the house that was sitting on top of a hill. "Kakarot, what the hell? Let go of my hand!" He demanded.

"I would, but they're just so soft. So I think I'm going to keep holding on to it." Kakarot smiled.

For some reason or another, Vegeta found himself blushing and when he realized it he yelled, "Let go! Now!"


"Kakarot, fucking let go!"

"Make me!"

Vegeta tried to wrench his hand from Kakarot's, what in the hell was the buffoon doing holding his hand? And why wasn't he wearing gloves? Come to think of it, where was his training suit? He was wearing a black short sleeved shirt and jeans. His attempts didn't work to remove his hand from Kakarot's, it wasn't until Kakarot had led him into a kitchen that he let go.

"I made sandwiches, I hope that's okay." Kakarot said, pulling a tray of them out of the fridge.

"Of course it is." He found himself replying, he reached to take a sandwich but Kakarot pulled the plate away.

"Nope, you can't have any yet. You still have to repay me for my favor earlier."

"Why the fuck should I repay you for a favor?" He asked.

"Come on! You promised me anyway!" Kakarot walked and put the food back into the fridge. He slowly turned to Vegeta.

Vegeta felt a sudden tingle go through him. What was he expecting? "What in the hell did I promise?" He asked. And why did he pull out the tray, just to put it back? That's ridiculous work for no reason.

Kakarot walked closer to and grabbed both of his wrists; he pulled him closer until they were flush against each other. He lent down and Vegeta felt himself rising to meet him. He didn't know exactly why until he felt Kakarot's soft lips against his. He felt himself respond by adding more pressure and opening his mouth slightly. His wrists were let go of and his hands slid up to tangle in the younger Saiyan's hair.

Kakarot took this as an open invitation and plunged his tongue inside, roaming around. The minute Vegeta started to move his tongue he pushed Kakarot away with as much force that was needed.

"Kakarot that's disgusting!" He exclaimed and walked over to the sink to spit. He turned back to Kakarot.

"What is?" He asked.

"You fucking still had gum in your mouth! At least spit it out before you kiss me!" What in the hell am I saying? Vegeta thought. Kakarot should not be kissing me! And I should not be kissing him back, I fucking hate him! What is going on here? Why am I willing? Why do I want to kiss him again?

Kakarot laughed and walked over the trashcan to spit out his gum, "Sorry 'Geta I totally forgot about it!"

"Remember next time! Feh, that's the last time I let you buy gum!" Wait, did he just call me 'Geta? Why the fuck aren't I yelling at him about that?

"Oh, come on! It won't happen again, I promise!"

Vegeta eyed him suspiciously. "Fine." He said.

Kakarot came closer and kissed him again. "I like kissing you." He said.

"I know." Vegeta mumbled back and pulled Kakarot closer, kissing him again; this time without the disgusting gum.

"Mmm, 'Geta." Kakarot said, kissing his jaw line and down his neck.

Vegeta felt Kakarot run his hands down his sides and cup his buttocks, giving a light squeeze. Vegeta wanted to scream! Why does this feel good? What the fuck am I doing? But I can't stop now, can I? Vegeta felt his back touch the edge of the counter; he slowly lifted himself until he was sitting up on it. He wrapped his legs around Kakarot's waist pulling him close, his erection already building.

He felt Kakarot slide a hand into his shirt and tweak one of his nipples, he moaned and moved to kiss Kakarot again. He felt Kakarot massage his stomach and thighs and couldn't help but think that he wanted Kakarot. He pulled away to breath and pulled his shirt over his head.

Kakarot did the same but then smiled, "We can't do this here and you know it. Come on." He said and picked Vegeta up, who didn't protest because of the feeling of their skin touching.

Kakarot took him to a bedroom where he set Vegeta on the bed and dropped the shirts on the floor. He slowly came and crawled over the top of Vegeta who pulled himself to rest on the pillows. Kakarot's lips came crashing down on his and that was all it took for him to tangle his hands in his soft hair again.

Kakarot kissed down his neck again, this time not stopping at the end of it. He kissed and massaged each of his muscles. When his hands reached his pants and boxers he slowly pulled them down and kissed the inside of his thigh, almost driving Vegeta crazy with the feeling of such a sensitive spot. He pulled back and Vegeta raised his hips to pull his clothes off all the way.

"Remove yours too, Kakarot." Vegeta whispered eyes glazed with lust and watching Kakarot. He smiled and did as he was told before moving back to him to kiss him again. Kakarot pressed his body against his and Vegeta felt his erection rub against Kakarot's hot skin. He moaned again, "I can't wait much longer." He said.

Kakarot pulled away from him and stared at him, "Are you sure?" He asked, "You generally like-"

"Kakarot just do it now..." Vegeta interrupted, he felt hot and in a deep need. Gods, how he needed Kakarot.

Kakarot leaned over to a nightstand and pulled the drawer open. He pulled out a small tube, "Okay…" He said unsure still. "Are you sure?" He asked again.

Vegeta nodded, he looked at the tube Kakarot was holding eagerly and noticed something off about it, it had Sayian writing on it. He wondered for a moment where Kakarot had obtained an item from Vegeta-sei, but before he could ponder it any longer he watched Kakarot coated a couple of his fingers with the stuff in the tube and Vegeta licked his lips in anticipation. Kakarot leant back over to kiss him and Vegeta gasped at the coldness he felt around his entrance before Kakarot slowly pushed his finger inside of him. It wasn't as uncomfortable as he thought it would be, but it wasn't exactly pleasant. The finger wiggled around inside of him until he felt the second finger slowly push inside of him. He scrunched his eyes a bit, not exactly free of pain.

"It's okay 'Geta, you'll get used to it." Kakarot said.

"I know tha- ah- at!" He moaned when Kakarot moved his fingers and began to stretch him while moving them in and out. He brushed up against something and Vegeta felt a wave a pleasure shoot through him. He moaned and his back arched slightly, his body tingling. "Again…" He demanded.

Kakarot obliged until he had Vegeta squirming and moaning. It was such a wonderful sight for him to see, he loved every minute of it.

Vegeta made a frown of disapproval when Kakarot pulled his fingers out. Gods! And just when he was getting into it. Wait, this shouldn't even be happening. He thought. Oh, screw it all, this feels too fucking good!

"Don't look that way, you know what's coming." Kakarot said and positioned himself before slowly pushing himself inside.

Kakarot was breathing heavy as he held himself still over him, "Fuck Vegeta, how can you still be this tight?" He asked.

"Just am. I'm ready." He responded, gritting his teeth, ignoring the fact that the younger Sayian just cursed. Kakarot slowly moved at first until he was sure that Vegeta was adjusted and then he slowly started to pick up the pace. Vegeta wrapped his legs around his waist. Kakarot moved faster until the sound of the headboard hitting, the wall was heard and Vegeta was moaning and screaming.

"Fuck! Harder!" Vegeta screamed, Kakarot hitting his special place again and again. Kakarot only grunted in response and tried to move faster, the sound of the headboard pounding against the wall was all he could hear and it got louder and louder until-

Vegeta bolted upright in his bed, drenched in sweat and with a major problem bulging in his pants. He stared down at his problem, shocked. He had to think for a moment, he couldn't believe he had just had that dream. "God dammit." He mumbled and raised his hands to his ears. He could almost still here the pounding, wait-that was real. Someone was pounding on the door.

"Vegeta!" Bulma called through the door, "If you don't open up right now I'm going to break down this door!" She shouted, "Get up! Goku will be here soon!"

"Shit woman!" Vegeta yelled, "I'll be out in-" He glanced down at his pants "-Give me half an hour!"

"Hurry up Vegeta!" She yelled back. "You have to be down here to meet Goku on time!"

"I don't give a fuck about meeting Kakarot on time. He can wait forever for all I care!"

"Just don't take too long!" Bulma shouted and Vegeta heard her walk away from the door.

Vegeta stared down at his bed, he fucking couldn't believe this! What the hell was wrong with him? Why the fuck did he dream about Kakarot? Okay, calm down. It's fine. No one will ever know and it didn't mean anything. Today you're going to beat the shit out of him for that dream! Now just go take a cold shower.

Vegeta stood up too fast the room spun. He closed his eyes and stumbled to use the wall for support. Closing his eyes was a bad idea, as an image of his dream came to his mind. "Fuck!" He exclaimed, opening them, feeling a tingling sensation from somewhere deep inside of him. "This is just fucking great!" He said as he made his walked into the bathroom, "Not only did I dream about him, but I have to see him today!" Maybe I could say that I don't feel like sparring? No that's a stupid idea! He'd never believe me anyway! I could just stay up in my room…but I told that woman I would be down. Grrr… Stupid Kakarot! Vegeta thought as he turned on the shower and stepped in, he hissed at the feeling of the cold water against his skin, it was almost like-No! Don't compare it to that! He thought and took his shower as quickly as possible before dressing.

He took in a few calming breaths before he opened his door, he still couldn't believe he had had that dream. He let out another breath before stepping into the hallway.

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