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Chapter 16


The tear that clung to my face held on for another second, before givin' up in a way, and fallin' to its perilous fate upon the cold desert ground. The wall had coming crashin' down inside my mind, crumblin' into rubble. Now my mind was full. It was like someone had shoved a whole life inside my mind. And they had.

I had me back. I had Jasper back… and I should have Prissy. I hadn't seen her at all since I had arrived… It was now that I pulled back from Jaspers kiss, and fell to the ground, exhausted from the now finished battle in my mind, and the shock of the overload of information. Jasper grabbed me before I fully fell, and easily lifted me up.


"Jasper… I… I'm really sorry. I'm sorry for what I said, how I acted… that wasn't me… it was… it was… nothing." His face was puzzled and doubtful, and even though I admitted to being fine, he wouldn't let me leave is arms. I could have wrenched away within seconds, but I didn't feel the need to.

"It's okay Bells, you're gonna be okay." He settled me down on a beaten up old chair, and reached forward to stroke a wisp of hair from my face.

"Do you think you could tell me Bella? Tell me what… who, did this to you?" He was almost beggin', and I couldn't ever, ever deny him.

"I… Jasper… I met a family, or vampires that is. Or you could perhaps call it a coven, but they preferred to the word family. The Denali's, I remember now. They were so kind, and carin'. Like they really cared Jasper… and, you'll find it funny, or even strange Jazz, but they drank animal blood! Not a drop of human stuff. I tried it too, and it wasn't so bad… and my eyes turned gold. Well not as gold as theirs. A bit more normal, hey? But, it all changed… I got a package… of some sort. It had blood in it Jasper. Human blood. I couldn't resist… and there I was. Trapped in my mind while some zombie took over… and Jazz, she said suc-"

"Who sent it Bella?"

"I never meant any of thos-"

"Bella who sent it?"

"I wouldn't ever d-"

"Who sent it!" Jaspers voice raised far above my tired, babbling one. I was shocked, and completely terrified. Jasper had never shouted at me. Ever.

"Bella, I…" I interrupted him abruptly.

"No, Jasper. It doesn't matter. My feelin's right now obviously aren't worth anything. If you really want to know, it was Maria. Maria sent the god darn package." He let out a huge, sngry sigh, which was utterly pointless. I thought he was fine, until Jasper rose and began to walk off, mutterin' curses under his breath.

"Jasper, no!" He immediately stopped, turning quickly to face me, a murderous glare coming from his gorgeous eyes.

"What Bella?"

"You can't touch her Jasper."

"Why not? I'm much stronger!" damn his stubbornness.

"Because, Jasper, as soon as you lay a finger on her, the whole army will come a runnin'. They'll tear you to shreds in seconds Jasper. Burn you. Even you know that, and I can't let you do that." His eyes softened slightly, but when I tried to lift myself up and I stumbled and fell to the ground, in a clump, the anger flared and returned, with a ting of sadness.

"I'm sorry Bella… I just can't…. I can't see you like this… I need to… to…" and with that he ran, at vampire speed, out into the darkness.

"Great. Thanks Jasper. Don't even bother asking if I'm thirsty." I didn't mean it of course, I knew this was hard, for the both of us.

Slowly climbing back onto the chair, I laid my head down to sleep. It was then I realised I couldn't sleep, ever again. Falling into human habits again. Human. Priscilla. Where was Priscilla?

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