This is going to be a rather short-lived story, of 17 chapters. Each chapter will be of a new year in James Sirius Potter's life, starting of with him as a baby. Obviously, as he's still very young, it'll be written from Harry's perspective until I feel James is old enough to... think normally. Or something in that direction. I MEAN, not like toddlers don't think... Whatever. I think most of you know what I'm talking about.
Each chapter will probably be between 1000 and 1500 words, depending mostly on how old James is and for how long I can keep the small part of his life going. Last chapter will be of James graduating from Hogwarts and coming of age :))
This is not exactly linked to my other work, but as a number of my things are about Harry's later family, this might as well be linked to Harry getting married and my story 'The Potter'. However, if anyone sees any difference, note that I've not written this as some sort of prequel to 'The Potters'. I merely wished to portrait James growing up, as I love the character.

Right, sorry for rambling. Please read, enjoy and review!


Harry Potter's green eyes stared into the small, wooden cot, standing at the foot of the bed he shared with his wife. The little bundle inside stirred so many emotions in the twenty-two-year old. Immense love was mixed with slight confusion and effortless pride. When his hand descended towards the baby, he opened his eyes. Small, brown eyes, so free of trouble, meeting his father's green gaze.

"Hi, James." Harry murmured, gently stroking the baby's soft strands of black hair upon his small, fragile head. Eyes scrunched up, the little baby boy yawned wildly and smacked his tongue contently when done. Harry smiled widely, and as the baby was awake, he stuck his hands down and lifted the light child up, carefully placing him on his left arm. He couldn't believe how someone so small could make him feel so much at once, and he certainly couldn't believe this little thing was his son. His son, his first child. Making it his first try at parenting. The word scared Harry out of his wits. First of all, he'd never had a father, or a mother, and therefore knew nearly nothing about parenting a young boy. Second of all, even if he would have had parents, he wasn't sure how he should act. He'd seen Ron's parents and how they were, but he didn't see himself as the stern and firm dad. No, that wasn't right at all. And yet, it wasn't like he regretted this becoming a father business. He wouldn't let anyone with bad intentions get within a hundred miles of his precious son. No, he knew all to well what it was like growing up with no one who really looked after and cared for you, and he was adamant that wasn't going to happen to James. He'd be there every step of the way, guiding, joking and correcting if necessary.

Behind him, he noticed Ginny standing in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe, a small smile on her pixy like face.

"He looks like you." She said softly before standing straight and walking over to her husband and son.

"Though he has your eyes." He commented with an equally soft voice. Since giving birth to her son, Ginny had changed. At least Harry thought so. Not in a bad way, of course. She was just more careful and tender, and something in her eyes changed. From the moment she was given the child, the look in her eyes changed from teeny to mothering and caring. Harry loved it, and thought fleetingly that she looked more than ever like her mother.

"He's sleeping." She whispered in his ear. Drawing his attention away from his red-headed wife, he glanced down at the child in his arms. The child was indeed drowsing, his small eyes shut and his little hand clenched into a tight fist. Shifting the weight carefully, Harry gingerly placed the sleeping boy back in his cot, tucking the covers in around him. Backing away, he then sat down on the large bed in the centre of the room, placing his face in his hands.

"Hey." Ginny joined him, placing a cool hand on his knee. "You okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, sure."

"Come on, Harry, what's up?" Heaving a deep sigh, Harry sat up straight.

"I just… I just don't what to do." Ginny still looked patiently at him, waiting for him to continue. "This whole being a dad thing. I'll be rubbish at it. I never had a dad, I don't know what a dad's supposed to say, or do." His previous determination seemed to drip off, and he felt sadly pathetic once again.

"Harry, there's not exactly a set of rules on how to be a dad." Ginny said carefully.

"But there is! I can't just remain passive during his growing up, can I?"

"That's not what I meant. Everyone has their own way of dealing with parenting." It felt sad that this woman, a year younger, remained so calm while Harry felt so distraught. "You probably feel this… ignorance is there because you're an orphan, but Harry, all new parents feel at loss." He didn't even bother asking her how she knew this: by now, he'd learned not to question Ginny. She was usually right. Not in the way Hermione would be, but in a way that made sense and was logical.

"But what if I fail miserably?" Harry questioned.

"Now, why would you fail? You might feel uneasy at first, but it'll most certainly come naturally after a while." Still looked inquisitive, Ginny turned Harry to face her. "Harry, just be for James whatever you'd have wanted your father to be to you." Well, that made sense he figured, strangely annoyed by her being right yet again.

"But that's the thing," he frowned. "I don't know what I wanted him to be."

"Yes you do." Smiled Ginny. "You've talked about forever. Just relax, be yourself." Harry snorted, but let a small smile creep out onto his face.

"If I do that, then the kid will be getting up to something before he's even turned three." Ginny grimaced at her husband.

"Trust me." She said simply, placing a hand on Harry's chest. "Whatever you do, he'll love you madly. Remember that."

"I hate you being so damn certain about everything." He muttered.

"Well, darling, get used to it." She grinned, pushing him down onto the bed, and then lying down next to him. The silence pressed on Harry's ears as he thought about everything.

"What's on your mind now then?" Ginny asked in a low voice, her eyes closed and her breathing relaxed.

"Everything… And nothing. No, I was thinking about my blasted years at Hogwarts." Ginny chuckled.

"Yeah, like you didn't love every second."

"Well, I loved most of it… But can you believe, in a few years we'll be shipping James off to school."

"Mm-hmm…" she mumbled.


"Not as strange as the fact that he'll probably be mistaken for you." Harry snorted.

"His eyes are yours, and hopefully he won't have to wear glasses." Involuntarily, Harry pushed his own glasses higher up onto his nose.

"You know I'm joking." Without answering, Harry simply leaned over and kissed her lightly on her soft lips.

"I love you." He said fondly, staring at her drowsy face. Smiling, her hand found his.

"I love you too."