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Chapter 3: A Different Kind of Punishment


Struggling, Ciel continued to pound his little fists against his butlers chest, irritated that it didn't seem to faze the demon in the slightest.

"Young Master, please refrain from using such foul language. It is unbecoming of your position." Sebastian said with a sigh, but Ciel could swear he heard amusement tinging his butler's words. When he looked up however, Sebastian's face hadn't changed from its usual mask.

"So what?" the boy ground out through gritted teeth, not once stopping his weak assault on the demon even though he knew that it didn't have an effect. Ciel was getting more and more agitated by the second. How the hell could this terrible evening suddenly have gotten even worse? "You think it isn't unbecoming of my position to be carried around like a woman?"

"I assure you, Young Master, I'm only doing what is best for you." Sebastian said without a change in his voice and continued to walk along the pathway.

Ciel only scoffed in disbelief, but gave up at last and just let himself be carried further away from the mansion and all the people. Who knew what Sebastian had in mind for his so-called punishment. He wouldn't want to give the demon-butler any more reason to humiliate him.

Out of eyeshot from any curious onlookers Sebastian sat Ciel back down on the ground, careful as to make sure that the boy didn't stumble.

"What-?" Ciel began surprised as he tilted his head upwards in order to see his demon's face, but fell silent when he saw the intense red of the other's glowing eyes. Ciel knew this colour. And he also knew that whatever was coming next would be anything but pleasant.

"If the Young Master would be so kind as to close his eyes for a moment." Sebastian said, his lips turning upwards in a smirk, baring a row of sharp teeth.

"What-… why?" Ciel asked suspiciously and tried to take some steps back and away from the demon. It wasn't that he was afraid, he realized with a frown. Ciel knew that Sebastian could do nothing to harm him unless he broke their contract. But the black-clad man had a way to twist his orders into something completely different. He was a master in finding loopholes in Ciel's orders, no matter how much the boy tried to avoid it.

Ciel knew who was the true master in this game they were playing. Sebastian was toying with him…

Ciel's chest ached at the thought that he was only one out of many souls to the demon. Why did he have to fall for someone… something like Sebastian. He wasn't even human. Could demons feel emotions at all?

"What are you going to do?"

Sebastian's grin widened at the soft question directed at him and he leaned slightly forward to meet Ciel's eye.

"As I said before, Young Master… your punishment is due."

"You know that I could just order you to not touch me in any way." Ciel pointed out, observing Sebastian's reaction. He shivered when a dark chuckle escaped the demon-butler.

"You could, indeed." Sebastian said, eyes never once reverting back to their usual ruby colour. Instead the slitted pupils didn't stray from Ciel's face for a moment even when the demon stood back up to his full height, looking down at the boy. "But you won't."

Leisurely lifting his hands Ciel untied the eyepatch that covered the symbol of their contract, his own gaze never wavering. He wouldn't show weakness in front of his demon.

This time it was Sebastian who broke the heavy silence that had fallen between them.

"Will you take your punishment then, Young Master?" His voice was like silk, playing with Ciel's senses, but it wasn't enough to hide the danger lurking beneath. "Or will you try to avoid the inevitable like all those weak people you despise so much? Are you going to run from me?"

"I'm not going to go back on my word." Ciel snapped angrily. "I said you'd be allowed to punish me should I misbehave… so do what you must, Sebastian. That's an order."

Lowering himself to one knee Sebastian rested a hand over his heart. Ciel shivered, unsure whether it was because of the suddenly chilled wind that picked up around them or because of the dangerous gleam in Sebastian's eyes.

It was darker now, black clouds effectively blocking out the moonlight and immersing their surroundings into nothingness. Leaves swirled around Sebastian, darkness morphing them into something akin to feathers. Ciel was frozen in place, his heart pounding wildly in his chest when he realized that the only thing that remained visible were the blazing red irises of his butler's eyes.

Their eyes locked onto each other, an eerie smile settling on Sebastian's features.

"Yes, my Lord."

And shadows once more enveloped Ciel's mind, plunging him into darkness.


The first thing Ciel realized when he regained consciousness was the inability to move his arms. Straining against his restraints brought forth a loud rattling sound, alerting him of the fact that he was chained to the headboard of a bed. Well, he assumed he was lying on a bed at least.

Something was obscuring his sight, his limbs felt unbelievably stiff and he had absolutely no idea where he was. Great…

He seemed to have developed an admittedly annoying habit of getting caught, shackled and blindfolded on a regular basis. Not that he had something against being rescued by his demon-butler, but it always made him feel helpless. And helplessness was one of the feelings he despised the most.

He was just about to call out for his butler when he heard a dark chuckle coming from somewhere on his left.

"I see you have finally awoken, Young Master."

Could it get any worse? Not only was he tied to a bed, now it was his very own butler who had obviously taken it upon himself to tie Ciel up.

"What is the meaning of this, Sebastian?" Ciel growled furiously and tried once more to dislodge the bindings around his wrists. "Untie me this instant!"

"But Young Master…" Sebastian purred and his voice seemed to get closer by the second until Ciel could feel the demon's breath tickling the skin of his neck. "I'm just following your previous order."

Ciel repressed a shudder at their sudden proximity and was glad that he couldn't move his hands. Everything inside of him itched to reach out for Sebastian and pull him closer still.

"I never said anything about tying me to a bed!"

"You never prohibited it either… I'm just doing what is required to punish you accordingly."

Ciel scoffed. He should have known that Sebastian would twist his order like this.

Suddenly he couldn't help but think that maybe it was for the best that he was blindfolded. Ciel wasn't sure that he would have been able to suppress a blush when faced with his demon-butler in his current state.

He didn't want to admit it, but to have his arms restrained… to be at Sebastian's mercy like this made embarrassing thoughts arise in his head.

He wanted Sebastian to touch him. He wanted to feel those long fingers running over his exposed skin, pleasuring him, marking him. All those treacherous feelings Ciel had tried to bury deep inside of himself over the past years were suddenly trying to break free. And he hated it. Hated how it made him weak…

And at the same time he yearned for Sebastian's touch.

"Where are we?" Ciel asked at last, trying to distract himself from his thoughts and he turned his head in Sebastian's general direction.

"I assumed it would be more convenient to return to your own mansion, Young Master. Hence this is where we are."

"And why the hell was I unconscious?"

"I needed to make some preparations for your punishment. I didn't think you'd willingly let yourself be tied to a bed."

Oh, he didn't know how wrong he was…

"And the blindfold?" Ciel asked timidly, not sure if he really wanted to hear the answer. Nonetheless Sebastian seemingly felt compelled to reply with a deep chuckle.

"There are some things I'd rather not let you see… Young Master. Being able to see humans often forget that sometimes there is more than meets the eye. They are so concentrated on what they can and cannot see that they forget that there are other senses that are just as powerful. Do you know what happens once your eyesight is taken from you, Young Master?"

Not giving Ciel any time to answer, Sebastian leaned closer until his lips brushed against the boy's ear.

"Your other senses heighten… and when the time comes I'm going to show you what it really means to taste, to smell… to feel."

At Sebastian's words sudden dread mixed itself with arousal inside of Ciel. What could he possibly have planned?

"I'm not going to hurt you… much." Sebastian stated as if he'd read his mind and Ciel could practically envision his wicked grin. "You can't even begin to imagine the things I am going to do to you…"

"So what are you waiting for?" Ciel knew that it was hazardous to provoke a demon like this. There was no one who knew better what Sebastian was capable of than him, but the sudden thrill that shot through his entire body at the thought of being dominated by his butler in any way made him abandon his usual caution.

"You're playing with fire, Ciel." Sebastian whispered intently and heat rushed through Ciel when he heard his name come from those sinful lips.


"Who allowed you to call me by my name, you demon?" Ciel growled, desperately trying to conceal the effect Sebastian's actions had on him.

He yelped in surprise when he was forcefully pulled further down onto the bed, Sebastian's weight pressing down on him as the butler straddled his hips. Ciel's arms strained painfully against the restraints. Nimble fingers worked the buttons of his vest open, discarding one piece of clothing after the other until his chest was exposed to the chilly night air.

It wasn't until those hands wandered down to his trousers that Ciel finally snapped out of his stupor.

"What do you think you're doing?" he yelled indignantly, kicking his legs in an attempt to deter Sebastian from undressing him further.

Ciel froze when those hands, more gentle than he had ever thought possible, ran up his body and through his hair in a soothing manner. His breath hitched in his throat when those fingers wandered back down the side of his face, leaving a burning path in their wake.

"What-?" Ciel began, but his words got stuck in his throat when Sebastian traced the contours of his lightly parted lips- carefully- as if he was touching something extremely fragile. The action wrung a low, nearly inaudible moan from Ciel and he almost protested when those fingers suddenly vanished. Biting his lower lip in frustration Ciel tried to turn his face away from Sebastian to hide his sudden blush, but the butler's hands simply returned to the reddened cheeks, gently holding Ciel in place.

"Don't ever turn away from me." Sebastian whispered with a low growl and in the next moment his lips pressed themselves against Ciel's in an unyielding kiss.

Moaning at the unexpected contact, Ciel arched into Sebastian and unconsciously tilted his head to deepen the kiss.

At this moment Sebastian pulled back with a chuckle.

Realizing what had just happened, how bold he had acted, Ciel started to panic, his breathing becoming slightly laboured. What the hell was he thinking? And why did he respond to the kiss even though he knew that it would only serve to humiliate him further? There was just no way that Sebastian could have been serious when he'd kissed him.

Demon's couldn't love. Right?

"Young Master-…"

"Don't." Ciel whispered and turned his face away from his butler's prying eyes. "Don't play with me like this, Sebastian. Punish me, hurt me all you want… but don't make a fool out of me."

There was a moment of silence before Ciel felt the soft pressure of lips against his temple. It wasn't more than a featherlight touch, but it made his heart race nonetheless.

"Young Master-… Ciel." Sebastian replied in a low voice. "Believe me when I say that it never was my intention to fool you in any way."

"Then why-…?"

"Because it was my utmost desire. I apologize if I have angered you with my behaviour, but I assure you that I never did it out of spite or to hurt you."

Ciel shook his head with a small sigh. He still didn't know if he could trust Sebastian. What if this was just another one of his games? What was it that they could possibly play for? There was nothing left anymore…

Control, superiority… Ciel already knew that those things were never his to begin with. It was true that he had power over Sebastian because of their contract, but this power only reached as far as the demon permitted it.

"There is nothing for a demon to desire but my soul." Ciel said darkly after some seconds. "This body is nothing but the shell harbouring your next meal…"

"That's exactly where you are mistaken, Young Master." Sebastian interrupted with a small smile. "In the beginning I might have aimed to achieve your soul through our contract. But you- with all those little things that might be typical for you, but at the same time completely unexpected for me- with all your faults and weaknesses you have made me desire everything you are."

"What does this mean?"

"It means" Sebastian murmured, pressing another kiss to Ciel's lips, "that there is nothing about you that isn't precious to me. I might be a demon, but I'm no stranger to emotions. Even though my emotions might differ slightly from your human ones."

Ciel's head was still spinning from this sudden confession and he just wanted to be able to see Sebastian's face. But when he asked for his butler to remove the fabric that still covered his eyes the demon just laughed lightly.

"Oh, but Young Master, I still need to punish you for your misbehaviour at tonight's party."

"What?" Ciel couldn't believe it. Sebastian only brushed his fingertips over Ciel's cheek and down the length of his throat.

"I might have a soft spot for you, little one, but that doesn't mean that I am any less of the demon you once summoned. I've been created by sin and it is the world's corruption that nourishes me. That will never change. Therefore…" And with this he pulled down Ciel's remaining clothes, eliciting a surprised gasp from the boy. "…I will greatly enjoy punishing you."

Ciel's indignant response turned into a deep moan when a hot mouth latched onto one of his nipples. If his punishment would contain of something like this he thought he might even come to enjoy it. Not that he would let Sebastian ever know about it…

"Sebastian… aah!"

Another throaty groan escaped him, when Sebastian sucked a hardened nipple between his lips before sharply biting down, his fangs sinking into the sensitive skin, almost drawing blood in the process. The sudden pain that shot through Ciel's body only served in heightening his pleasure and Sebastian chuckled when he felt Ciel's member twitch slightly in arousal.

"It seems I have found myself a little masochist." Another tug on the red bud. Another barely restrained moan. "How fitting. Since it is me who enjoys to deliver the pain you seem to desperately crave. I'll be sure to show you how delicate the line between pain and pleasure can be."

"Sebastian… nngh… you damn demon!" Ciel panted, a fierce blush colouring his cheeks at the dark promise.

"My, my… you really shouldn't use such foul language. How many times do I have to reprimand you?" Sebastian said with a mocking sigh. Hot breath brushed against Ciel's delicate skin with every word and he bit down on his lip to stifle another moan. The sensations seemed so much more intense without his sight, just as Sebastian had predicted. Like this, Ciel could never say what his demon-butler was going to do next and it aroused him more than he'd ever thought possible. This night was just full of surprises. And though he couldn't tell yet if the morning would bring the bad awakening there was no reason he couldn't revel in Sebastian's gentle touches and affection right now.

A whine escaped Ciel's lips when Sebastian's heat suddenly vanished completely, leaving him cold and unbelievably aroused, without anything to ease his discomfort.

"What are you doing?" he protested, his restraints rattling loudly when he tried to make out Sebastian's position. "You can't just-… aahh~!"

Sebastian's hands suddenly were on him again, running tentatively along his thighs, almost touching his throbbing cock, but pulling back at the last moment. Resting his hands against Ciel's hips the butler leaned forwards and pressed his lips first against his master's forehead in a soft caress before pulling the boy into another kiss.

Ciel's lips parted almost instantly and Sebastian took the chance to push his tongue into the boy's hot cavern, exploring and taking in everything that was his master.

Ciel sighed when their tongues brushed against each other, touching and evading all at once. He didn't know if it was just his imagination, but he could swear Sebastian tasted of dark chocolate. He was pretty sure he would never get enough of it. Getting more confident the longer their kiss lasted Ciel began to push against Sebastian's tongue, letting his own slide against it until the need of air forced them apart. Even Sebastian's breath was a little laboured, but before Ciel could catch his breath, his lips were already assaulted again.

This time it was Ciel who traced his tongue along Sebastian's lips before probing deeper and relishing in the unique taste that flooded his senses. Moans echoed throughout the room, the air around them heavy with arousal.

Trying to find something to anchor himself and his rapidly dwindling self-control Ciel reluctantly broke their kiss once again. With delay he suddenly realized that, where seconds ago he had felt the sensation of Sebastian's coat brushing against his own body, constantly teasing him, now there was nothing but heated skin. Bare skin. Sebastian's skin.

The thought wrung another moan from Ciel and he obediently tilted his head back when his butler began to trail kisses down the length of his throat.

"What…ahh~… are you doing to me?" Ciel panted breathlessly. He didn't expect an answer, knowing all too well what it was his butler was doing and how it affected the both of them.

"You are so sensitive…" Sebastian purred, letting his hands travel all over his master's enticing body, making him writhe in arousal.

"Whose fault do you think this is?" Ciel huffed out, rolling his eyes even though Sebastian couldn't see it. A demonic smirk crept over the butler's face, only adding to his smug expression.

"That would be mine, I assume."

Suddenly Ciel felt himself being turned around on the bed so his back was facing Sebastian. Heat flooded his body, but when he tried to wriggle away from the demon he found himself pressed further into the soft bedding.

"Are you trying to escape from me, little one?" Sebastian taunted with a deep whisper. He raked his claws slowly down over the small of Ciel's back, leaving behind numerous thin red streaks. The pressure wasn't enough to break skin, but Ciel could feel sparks igniting wherever his demon touched, the slight pain only increasing the pleasure he felt.

"I think now it is finally time for your punishment." Sebastian contemplated still smiling and, before Ciel could even utter a sound, brought his hand harshly down on the boy's milky white bottom.

With a surprised squeak Ciel tried to get away from his butler, but Sebastian had settled so he could restrain his master's legs and with both his arms and legs being held down there was nothing Ciel could do to escape this humiliating situation.

With a devious smile that made him seem more than ever like the devil himself Sebastian brought his hand down hard on the porcelain-like ass cheeks of his master in rapid succession. The pain radiating through his entire body from where Sebastian's hand had connected with his rear elicited a choked cry from Ciel.

"You wretched demon! How dare you-!"


"Sebastian! Stop it this- aahh!"

Sebastian observed in satisfaction how the white skin of Ciel's bottom turned a deep shade of red where his hand made contact with it.

"Oh, how the mighty have fallen…"


Ciel bit his lip in order to hold back the cry that wanted to wrench itself from his throat with the next hit and buried his face in the soft cushions in front of him. He couldn't believe this was really happening to him.


He winced again. But slowly, he realized in disbelief, the pain actually seemed to dull. Instead an inexplicable heat began to coil deep in his gut, reawakening his arousal.


His member twitched where it was pressed against the blanket. Shifting slightly, the pressure on his throbbing length increased and made his entire body shudder in unadulterated bliss. He had to bite back a moan when the next hit landed on his sore bottom and he shifted again, rubbing himself inconspicuously against the bed.


This time he wasn't able to hold back the deep moan that spilled from his lips and he could practically feel Sebastian smirk behind him.

"Are you enjoying yourself, little one?" The words were tinged with amusement as Sebastian rested a hand on Ciel's reddened ass cheeks, caressing the subtle flesh.

"Don't call me that!" Ciel snapped in embarrassment.


He gasped with the next hit. He didn't know how much more he could take. His body was burning and with every hit the flames were climbing higher, consuming him from the inside.


His orgasm took Ciel by surprise and with a loud cry he came all over himself and the bed, shudders wracking his whole body.

He flinched when he felt a finger probing at his entrance, circling the rim but not yet penetrating.

"No… wait." Ciel mumbled weakly and instantly felt Sebastian's hand retracting.

"Do you wish for me to stop, Young Master?" Sebastian asked tersely but Ciel just shook his head with a small smile.

"Don't be an idiot. How could I ask you to stop now? Just…" Here he paused to turn back around on the bed. "Could you untie me and take the blindfold away? I'd really like to see and touch you, too…"

It was only a matter of seconds before Ciel was finally freed from his restraints and with a relieved sigh he waited for Sebastian to untie the knot on the blindfold.

His eyes widened once he was able to take in the room around him. There were candles… dozens of candles that littered the entire room and filled it with a gentle and relaxing light. He hadn't been able to notice them before due to the blindfold, making it even more beautiful now.

But all this beauty seemed to pale in comparison to the man that knelt before him on the bed. Demon, Ciel had to remind himself once more. No matter how beautiful, there was just nothing that could change what he was.

The candlelight made his skin glow, plane over plane of unblemished skin.

What Ciel didn't know was that in Sebastian's eyes there was nothing more beautiful and breathtaking than the boy himself. And when Ciel looked up and into the depths of the demon's blazing red eyes his heartbeat quickened at the undisguised desire he could see in them.

"Desire is the gateway to insanity…" Ciel whispered, never looking away from his butler. His breathing hitched when he saw a smirk tugging at those perfect lips.

"Well then, Young Master… are you prepared for your descend into insanity?"

With those words Sebastian pressed their lips together, mirroring the action with his body as it molded itself against Ciel's. Wrapping his arms around his demon-butler Ciel reciprocated to the kiss wholeheartedly, arching his back with a moan in order to gain more contact.

A mewl escaped his lips when Sebastian's hands wandered back down along his spine and to his puckered hole. There was a strange sound and in the next moment Ciel could feel something cold touching his entrance. His eyes snapped open in bewilderment, but Sebastian just brushed another kiss against his lips with a soothing sound.

"It's alright, Ciel. I'll be honest. This is going to hurt in the beginning. Then again… with your masochistic streak it should be no problem, don't you agree?"

"Shut up." Ciel mumbled lowly, but couldn't help but return the smile his demon was directing at him. "Just get on with it."

The first finger that pushed his way inside elicited a wanton moan from the teal-haired boy. Sebastian had been right. Again. The pain was undeniable but at the same time it sent little shocks of immense pleasure through Ciel's body.

Moans and groans spilled forth from the boy as two more fingers were added and began to stretch him out. Writhing beneath the larger man above him Ciel rubbed their bodies together, forcing a deep growl from Sebastian when his leg brushed against the demon's throbbing member.

Already Ciel could feel the heat coiling inside of him turn into a blazing fire and he tentatively reached down and took hold of Sebastian's cock. He'd assumed the demonic butler to be well-endowed, but feeling the sheer girth of his engorged shaft rubbing against Ciel's finger pads made the boy a little hesitant.

Ciel was distracted from his thoughts however when Sebastian's fingers brushed against something inside of him that made spots dance before his eyes. The mewl that came from his mouth would have embarrassed him any other time, but the only coherent thought Ciel had at this moment was to feel more of his butler turned lover.

"Sebastiaah~! More… please!"

Again and again those skilled fingers pushed against Ciel's prostate until the boy thought he would certainly go insane if he didn't get some kind of relief soon.

"Please-…! aaahn~!"

Pulling his fingers out from his master's quivering entrance, Sebastian aligned his length with the stretched hole, hesitating not even a second before plunging in. This time the pain brought tears to Ciel's eyes, almost extinguishing the pleasure from before and wringing a choked cry from him.

Stopping when he was fully inside of the boy, Sebastian had to close his eyes for a second at the sheer bliss he felt. Ciel fit snugly around him, his inner walls quivering and contracting around the demon's member, making him moan deep in his throat.

"So tight…" he purred into Ciel's ear and wiped some of the boy's tears away.

Ciel could barely breathe. He felt so full, Sebastian's cock filling him to the brim.

Ciel moaned quietly when Sebastian shifted until his cock was pressed directly against his prostate. Currents of pain were still shooting up his spine but it mixed with the slowly increasing pleasure.

"Move…" Ciel breathed, clutching at Sebastian when he pulled almost completely out. Ciel suddenly felt unbelievably empty, but before he could voice his discomfort, Sebastian shifted forward, thrusting his cock deep into Ciel's body. The action ripped a scream from the boy and Sebastian began to set a fast pace, pulling out until only the tip of his member remained inside of Ciel before thrusting back in.

Ciel had been on edge even before his demon had entered him, but now these overwhelming sensations assaulted him all at the same time. His second orgasm was mercilessly wrenched from him, his seed shooting out of his twitching cock and landing on his stomach.

But even though Ciel had already come twice, Sebastian didn't stop thrusting into the boy's tight passage. If anything, his thrusts became even more intense and Ciel felt his length harden once more as the tip of Sebastian's cock pushed continuously against his prostate.

"Do you know how tight you are?" Sebastian growled next to Ciel's ear, sending shivers down his body. "You feel so good wrapped around my cock, sucking me in…"

Ciel whimpered when his demon continued to whisper into his ear, brushing his lips over the sensitive skin just above his neck from time to time.

"I've waited so long just to make you mine, Ciel. I am going to mark you, inside and out, until you can think of nothing but me."

"Who'd want… ahh~! something like this?" Ciel replied stubbornly and Sebastian's smile morphed into an amused smirk.

"You haven't much of a choice…" he purred and claimed Ciel's lips in another kiss, swallowing the moans that were now spilling from his master's lips with every thrust.

Breaking apart in need of air Ciel glared half-heartedly up at his new lover. Sebastian meanwhile didn't falter and just took a hold of Ciel's thighs, his thrusts reaching even deeper and bringing Ciel almost to the brink. Their eyes were locked onto each other as they neared their climax. Ciel's body arched into Sebastian, meeting every one of his powerful thrusts.

"Yes, look at me with those eyes. Show me the proof that you're mine… Let me see your face as you lose yourself in the throes of ecstasy."

With a cry Ciel came, shooting ribbons of pearly white come between their joined bodies.

Sebastian groaned when he felt Ciel's inner walls clamping down on his member, convulsing around him. It was almost enough. But in the end it was the way Ciel smiled up at him before pulling him down into a soft kiss that made his control snap. With a feral growl Sebastian pushed his length deep into Ciel's trembling hole one last time before releasing, coating his master's insides and marking Ciel as his own. Their kiss continued even after all movement stopped. It was the total opposite of their love-making, gentle and unhurried and Ciel savoured every moment.

Pulling out of his master, Sebastian rolled onto his back, taking Ciel with him so the boy rested on his broad chest before pulling the blanket over the both of them.

"Will you stay with me?" Ciel whispered sleepily and he felt Sebastian's arms tighten around him.

"Of course. I shall always remain by your side… even when every chess piece has fallen and you alone remain standing on the field, engulfed by the sacrifices of your wrath."

Ciel seemed satisfied with his answer and for some minutes silence reigned over them.

"You know…" Ciel suddenly spoke and Sebastian was surprised to see a smirk not unlike his own appear on the boy's face. "I think I still haven't learned my lesson."

Sebastian's answering smirk turned even more devious and a dark chuckle resounded in his chest, reverberating through Ciel.

"Then it seems I will have to punish you once more… I am a demon and a butler after all*."

The End

*Normally Sebastian always says: "I am one hell of a butler." but it can also be read as: "I am a demon and a butler." I just thought the second alternative would be better in this case.^^

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