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Chapter 13 – No Rival to Love

Nero felt warm as he slowly awoke from his deep, restful sleep. He sighed contentedly and shifted slightly, uttering a low moan as he felt satin sheets rub against his skin and hot flesh behind him. A wide smile worked its way to his lips as he lazily opened his eyes and turned over onto his back. His smile deepened as he observed the face of the man sleeping next to him, a faint smirk seemingly ever present on his handsome visage. Carefully, he reached out and stroked his stubbly face, letting out a soft snicker as the course growth tickled his finger tips. Dante grunted lowly in his sleep and shifted closer to him, the strong arm about his waist loosening its grip.

The teen frowned a little, his thoughts travelling to how he got here in the first place. He had fallen asleep while the older hunter, still Triggered, had carried him upstairs to his room. Sighing deeply, he removed his hand from Dante's cheek and carefully eased himself out of his grip and from under the cool red covers. Nero glanced around the room, searching the floor for his clothes, but it seemed the elder had neglected to take them upstairs for him. Blushing a little at the embarrassment of having to head downstairs naked, the kid left the room as quietly as he could so as not to disturb his sleeping beauty. I told you that he wanted you; you could have jumped him the instant he took you home. Nero growled under his breath, mentally shaking his demon side away as he padded downstairs barefoot.

His eyes widened at the sight of the office, the damage a clear reminder of the events that happened the previous night. The windows were smashed a shards of glass littered the hardwood floor around the doorway. Both red couches were overturned, the chair behind the old oak desk was completely wrecked and the bar had a gaping hole in it, splinters of wood and broken liquor bottles covering the surrounding area. Amongst the ruin were several blood stains, most of them black from the Shadow Stalker, but intermingled with the occasional red splattering of Dante's. Nero blushed a deep crimson as he observed the desk, seeing the stains left behind from his passionate encounter with the Triggered man.

"I should clean this," he muttered to himself. "Dante will have a fit what he comes downstairs."

After finding his scattered clothes and getting dressed, along with discovering several rips in his undershirt and jeans, Nero headed into the kitchen. Surprisingly, though after a few moments of searching in cupboards, he was able to find ample cleaning equipment. Guess the old man actually keeps this stuff around in case he needs it, the teen thought as he got to work. He only hoped that Lady or Trish wouldn't show up, as he didn't fancy trying to explain the state of the office to them. Besides, due to having to sit out the fight with the shadow demon, he felt it was the least he could do to show Dante his gratitude for helping him.

He's just perfect, you know. It's no surprise that he was being chased; he is the best mate anyone could ever want. Now, he's... mine. Dante's ice blue eyes snapped open as his inner demon's thoughts dispersed into silence, a cool sweat trickling from his forehead. He sat up quickly, the red satin sheets slipping down his chest and collecting around his hips. Looking around, he realised that he was alone but Nero's scent was still strong. He gazed down at the spot on the bed next to him, reaching out and resting his hand against the patch that was still slightly warm. His face went pale when a few memories of the previous night came back to him, though most of it was hazy.

"Fuck," he cursed, covering his face in his hands. "I should have killed it... why the fuck didn't I kill it? Why did I have to... do that to the kid instead?"

He wanted to kick himself. Scratch that, he wanted to shoot himself for losing his control around the younger man. Despite his plan to have Doppelganger hold the thing down while he killed it, his devil side had been uncontrollable. Defeating the Shadow Stalker hadn't been enough; he had to take his prize to show his rival that he was the alpha. Nero probably didn't even know what was going on. But regardless to how he felt, he still had to find the kid, even though apologising for his actions would never do any good. He'd sunk low enough to rape him whilst Triggered, so he didn't deserve to be forgiven.

Cursing himself again, Dante untangled himself from the covers, grabbed a pair of silk boxers and ripped black jeans from his dresser and headed downstairs. However, the sight he was greeted with was certainly something he hadn't expected. He distinctly remembered the place being smashed up and from the way he had fought with the Shadow Stalker, he expected there to be blood everywhere. However, the sofas were all in place and there was not a drop of blood to be seen. The only thing he noticed was the missing chair behind his desk, the broken windows and the shattered face of the bar. Scratching the back of his neck in confusion, he walked down the stairs and wandered over to his old desk, spying several deep grooves in the wooden surface. He felt a stab of guilt pierce his heart at that moment, his fingers absently tracing the claw marks. How much pain had he caused the kid? Great, I raped him and I don't remember doing it... I'm such a fucking...

"Oh, Dante?" the younger man's voice interrupted his thoughts. "Did I wake you?"

Dante shook his head and looked over to the kitchen door, seeing Nero standing there with a dustpan and brush in hand. He watched silently as the teen crossed the room over to the broken windows, where he bent down and swept up the remaining shards. The elder felt worse than ever when he noticed the kid was limping slightly.

"Shit Nero," he murmured. "How can you..."

"Well it's not going to clean itself," Nero replied. "Besides, I was no help yesterday when it came to defeating the shadow demon so the least I can do is clean up. That and you were sound asleep, so I thought I could get this place tidied up a bit before anyone came in. The place was a mess, but it's looking better now."

Dante blinked, completely perplexed as to why the kid was still here, never mind talking to him like nothing happened. "Listen Nero, about last night, I..."

"Don't worry, it won't be bothering me anymore old man," the younger hunter replied as he got to his feet to dispose of the broken glass. "Your Doppelganger had no trouble keeping it down in the end, so it wasn't able to heal or fight back. Once you beat it to me, it lost because it couldn't fight you for me anymore. Guess that means the same for any other demon that tries it on with me, right?"

Dante was beginning to feel a little sick. "Yeah."

Nero raised an eyebrow at him. "What's gotten into you? I'd have thought you'd be spouting some cocky stuff about how it never had a chance against you in the first place! Don't you get a decent night's sleep whilst Triggered or something?"

"How can you just stand there and say it like that, Nero?"

The teen blinked. "What... what do you...?"

"You're acting like it was just an everyday battle with some random demon!"

"Well, in a way it was, right? We still had to defeat it, just not in..."

"Damn it, it's not the same! Why are you still even here? After... after what I... what I..."


"How can you stand the sight of me, kid?"

Nero was shocked as he watched Dante fumble over his words. The guy looked in a worse state than he had been last night when he'd been drinking behind the bar. His hair was a mess, his eyes were tired and he hadn't even bothered to put a shirt on. A light pink flush worked its way to his cheeks once he'd noticed that, his eyes travelling to where his black jeans clung low to his hips. He shook his head, momentarily cursing himself from being distracted during a serious conversation, whether Dante's sexiness was a decent excuse or not.

"Listen old man," Nero told him. "I don't know what you mean."

Dante paused for a moment. "You mean you don't remember?"

"Of course I remember! I think it's you that can't remember."

"I raped you, Nero! You don't remember that?"

The teen stared at him wide eyed, sudden realisation hitting him in the gut. Dante probably didn't remember everything that happened when he was Triggered, seeing as it was only his devil side that had appeared to be conscious. He opened his mouth to respond to him, but the elder beat him to it.

"I... I want to say I'm sorry," he muttered, his voice laced with regret. "I want to apologise for... for what I did to you, but I know nothing I say will ever be enough. It's not an excuse to say it's because I'm part demon and I was competing with the Shadow Stalker for a mate... for you. I... I didn't want it to happen like that, honestly I didn't, but..."

"Dante, it wasn't like that at all!"

"But I forced you! I remember you struggling, but I wouldn't let go and..."

"Damn it old man, will you shut the fuck up and listen to me!"

Dante was taken aback when Nero yelled at him, knowing that anyone walking past outside would have heard him. The kid sighed and strode over to him, leaning back against the desk and staring down at his feet.

"You didn't force me," he said, his voice softer this time. "Don't you dare think that."

"Nero," Dante murmured.

"If what happened last night was rape, do you think you'd have woken up this morning?" the elder didn't reply, so he continued. "I would have killed you in the most painful way I could have imagined, Dante. You're still in the land of the living, isn't that proof enough?"

"Then what happened? Why do I remember you struggling?"

"I struggled at first because I wasn't aware of what was going on, seeing as Doppelganger neglected to tell me specifically what it was you were going to do. Once I understood what you were doing, I only struggled because your demon side was being too persistent! You may be used to guys that don't need any preparation, but I certainly do; I hadn't had sex before!"

Dante grimaced slightly. "I... did I back down?"

Nero bit his lip, trying his best not to laugh. "Once I let you know why I had objected, I was the one who ended up having to convince you to go further! The Shadow Stalker was there trying to get free to beat you to me and you were hesitating because you didn't want to hurt me," he chuckled, shaking his head. "You were still being a damn pervert too; fortunately I could play to that trait of yours and eventually you got down to business."

The elder glanced down at the surface of his desk, his fingers once again tracing the claw marks etched into the wood. "I really don't remember any of that, kid. All I remember is forcing you over the desk and you crying."

Nero frowned slightly. "I cried?"

"I held you, but you were trying not to cry, I remember it."

"Oh that," the teen blushed a little and rubbed the side of his nose. "I just... well, I just felt bad because I yelled at you and hurt you in the process, yet you still... you know... wanted me. I couldn't help it. Plus you completely exhausted me!"


"Will you stop hating yourself, old man? I've spent so many years of my life doing that same thing for no good reason, so I won't stand here and watch you do the same! You didn't hurt me, Dante. I wish you'd pay attention to me every once in a while."

Dante sighed, deeply. "Nero, I..."

But the kid was having none of it. He silenced the elder hunter by throwing his arms around his neck and crushing their bodies together in a tight embrace. Nero smiled happily, the fingers of his Devil Bringer winding into Dante's hair as the other buried his face into the small of his neck.

"You're such an idiot, you know?" Nero murmured, closing his eyes.

"But I took something from you I had no right to take," he replied.

"Well, technically you did. Your devil side saw me as a potential mate, so naturally it wanted to compete with the other demon when it stepped in and wanted to take me too. You defeated it, so it was actually your right to take me as your mate."

"Fuck devil sides, kid! We're both part human too and that has to..."

"If I didn't want it, I would have let you know, believe me. Human or demon, whatever! It doesn't matter! I know you don't remember me saying this to you, but I told you I didn't care how you did it; it was you either way."

There was a brief pause. "I guess this means you're not mad at me?" asked Dante, a bit of his usual playfulness working back into his voice.

"We went through that already; I would have kicked your ass."

He felt the elder smirk. "Then was it fun for ya?"

The teen glared. "Oh, you're quick to recover aren't you?"

He shoved the elder away with his Bringer, but his demonic arm was quickly snatched in a strong grip. Dante's smirk broadened as he pulled Nero's body closer, his free hand travelling down so he could latch his fingers into the teen's belt. Nero continued to glare at him, but he was unable to fight the blush that spread to his cheeks as he felt the warmth of the other man's body. The elder hunter looked down at him, releasing his glowing Devil Bringer in return in favour for gently caressing his cheek.

"Still feisty, hmm?" he purred, chuckling as the kid's blush darkened. "Even after my demon side got the opportunity to ravish you last night."

Nero responded with a smirk of his own. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be? What, were you under the impression that I'd be a submissive mate all the time?"

Dante growled possessively. "I can always make you."

"Oh, really?" his glowing blue talons moved back into the elder's silvery hair, pulling his head down so their lips were almost touching. "I'd like to see you try."

"You should stop promising such things, I may take you up on them."

Dante lowered his head to close the gap between them, but they were interrupted as the large double doors to the office were thrown open. Both devil hunters turned to glare in the direction of the doorway, staring daggers at the two women that dared to interrupt them.

Lady raised an eyebrow, titling down her shades to observe them. "Are you asking to be shot? You should know by now Dante that I couldn't care less if I interrupt you with a guy, even if that guy does happen to be a proper boyfriend."

"What are you doing here?" the half demon growled, still holding Nero protectively.

"We're being so kind as to check on you. I don't know whether you've forgotten already, but Nero was being stalked by a shadow demon that had every intention of taking him as a mate. We wanted to make sure he was okay."

"I said I'd take care of the problem."

"Oh?" she smirked. "So you killed it then?"

Trish laughed and placed a hand on her shoulder. "We all know how he 'defeated' it Lady, there's no need to embarrass him even if he does deserve it."

The brunette shook her head. "I still can't believe it actually took him more than a day!"

"So if you knew I'd solved the problem, then what the hell are you doing hanging around my office?" Dante asked, still glaring harshly at them. "Can't I hope for just a little bit of piece from the pair of you?"

"Do we really need to answer that? Especially given how much you owe me."

Dante made to respond, but he was interrupted by the shrill ringing of the old phone. The four hunters turned to stare at it, neither of them particularly in the frame of mind to take on a mission. Eventually, after giving up hope that whoever on the other end would give up, Dante reached behind him, slamming his hand down on the desk and snatching up the receiver as it was flung into the air.

"Devil May Cry," he said.

They all watched him intently as an unreadable expression came to his face. Nero narrowed his eyes, tilting his head slightly as he tried to pick up the voice on the other end, but he couldn't make it out.

"How did you get this number?" Dante growled, his nails scraping against the desk as he paused to listen to what the other person was saying. "I don't care how long it took you, you have no right to phone here!"

"Who is it Dante?" mouthed Trish, but he shook his head.

"You're not talking to him," he continued. "Not after what you've done!"

Nero blinked, assuming the 'he' was referring to him.

"Cry all you want girl," the elder snarled. "I already warned you about this!"

The teen's eyes widened, realising that it had to be Kyrie on the other end. "Dante, let me talk to her," he told him. If it was her, then it was probably related to Fortuna.

Dante placed his hand over the microphone. "I said I won't let her, Nero."

"Please. I know you want to look out for me, but this is my business."

The elder stared at him for a moment before sighing and giving the kid the receiver. Nero watched as he moved round to the other side of the desk, having to perch on the edge seeing as his chair had been destroyed.

"Nero?" asked the timid female voice. "Is that you Nero?"

She sounded close to tears. "Yeah Kyrie, it's me," he replied.

"Oh thank goodness, I didn't think that man would ever let me speak to you."

Nero clenched his Bringer's claws into a fist. "I guess the Order found this number?"

"Yes. We've been trying to find out how to reach you for days."

"Why? When I left Fortuna I remember how happy everyone was to see the back of me, especially the Order. In fact, the last time we spoke, you didn't want to see me again because I ruined your life. Isn't that right?"

There was a sob on the end of the line. "I'm sorry Nero, really I am. I should never..."

"Then why did you say it in the first place?"

"Oh Nero, I never should have believed the Order! I was the only one to ever really care for you and I abandoned you, just like everyone else did. Now everything's worse. We expected the demons to go away when you left but they still kept coming. It's uncontrollable, Nero! People are dying on the streets and in their homes, there's hardly anything left! The ferries have stopped coming, we're all alone and eventually all of Fortuna will be nothing! It'll be swallowed be evil... Nero, we need you! I need you!"

Nero blinked, his brain not wanting to comprehend what Kyrie was telling him. He glanced over at Dante, who still sat with his back to him.

"Nero?" Kyrie whimpered.

"You need me now because the demons are overrunning Fortuna?" he asked her, flatly.

"Yes. Everyone sees now that the only reason we were safe was because you protected us!"

"Yeah, you're right, I did protect you. I protected all of you."

"We're only asking you to do this again for us, Nero. I'm asking you."

Nero grated his teeth together. "Then you should have thought of that before you exiled me; before you blamed everything on me. Do you honestly think I would want to come back? You were the one who betrayed my trust in the first place, Kyrie."

"Please Nero, you must..."

"Fortuna is not my business anymore. I left it behind; I left everything behind."

"I thought... I though you always loved me like a... like a sister..."

"I did, until that sister accused me of killing her brother. Forget it, Kyrie. I'm not helping you. The Order can deal with things on their own and if they fail, then that's not my problem. As far as I'm concerned, you can all burn in hell."

His devil hand shook as he rested it on the surface of the old oak desk, but he smiled as he felt another hand join his. Dante's gloved fingers laced through his comfortingly, giving his hand a light squeeze. Nero closed his eyes.

"You said you cared about me, didn't you Kyrie?" he continued.

"Of course I did," the girl sobbed.

"I once thought that too, but now I know better. No one ever truly cared about me. But then one day, I met someone. They came into my life in the most unexpected way I could have imagined and they turned my existence upside down. This arrogant bastard helped me see who I really was and on that day, I knew there really was someone who cared about me. I belong here now, with people I can call friends... and a man I know I love with every ounce of my being. I now know love and friendship, Kyrie. It's not Fortuna and it's not you.


Opening his eyes again, the teen set the receiver back on its cradle, watching it as though he expected it to ring again. But the office remained silent, the only sounds being the noise of the traffic making its way in through the broken windows.

"It's you Dante," Nero breathed. "It was only ever you. I... I love you..."

Without a word, Dante hopped off the edge of his desk and sauntered round to join Nero, hugging him to him in a tight embrace. He buried his face into the younger hunter's white mop, one hand tangling into the strands and pulling him closer. His other hand rubbed comforting circles into his lower back as he felt something wet drip onto his exposed chest.

"I love you too, kid," he murmured. "More than you ever realised."

The teen chuckled. "Took us long enough, didn't it?"

Dante squeezed him tighter. "Far too long."

"Phew, finally!" Lady proclaimed. "I was beginning to think you too would never sort things out! I don't know who's worse; you with your stupid games or Nero being stubbornly clueless!"

"Then I think this is time we take our leave," Trish added, smiling at the two hunters.

The elder smirked. "I take it you have no intention on coming back to stay here then?"

The blonde snorted. "It was bad enough when you bought home guys from Love Planet every other night, I'd hate to think what it's going to be like now you have Nero around twenty-four seven! Besides, I have everything I need at Lady's."

She winked at the brunette, who smirked and re-seated her shades. "I guess we could leave the happy couple alone for a while... but I'll start adding time wasting tax onto what you owe me, Dante. Expect a visit tomorrow, you've been warned."

"Whatever babe," Dante growled. "Now get the fuck out of my office!"

Lady laughed, ignoring him as she left the office. Trish sighed and followed her partner outside, beginning to feel much like a mother having to deal with a pair of rivalling siblings. Dante smirked as he heard the sound of Lady's motorbike firing up and he turned back to his young fireball, running fingers through his soft hair.

"Now that's better, don't ya think?" he asked with a wink.

"Since it's gonna cost a fair bit to replace the damaged items, you're wallet is in big trouble, old man," Nero replied, pointedly.

"Always has been since I met Lady, kid. But being broke is worth it if I still have you."

The teen blushed. "So you do have a soft side, huh?"

"Hmm..." the elder nuzzled the teen affectionately. "I happen to have a hard side, too."

"Shut up, sick old pervert!"

Nero attempted to shove the elder away with his Devil Bringer, but only succeeded in getting himself pinned to the desk. He moaned longingly as Dante leaned over him and kissed him soundly, his hands teasing as they slipped underneath the fabric of his undershirt. The teen parted his lips to give the other man entrance, his eyes sliding slowly shut as he felt his tongue probe his moist cavern. Feeling adventurous, Nero nipped at the tip of the hot wet muscle, shivering sensually at the low growl rumbling from the elder's throat.

"You really are feisty, aren't ya?" Dante murmured as he pulled away for air.

"I told you already, didn't I?" questioned Nero. "I'm not going to play the submissive mate every time."

A warm smile then worked its way to Dante's lips. "Then you accept it?" he asked, lightly brushing the mark on the kid's neck with his thumb pad. "Do you accept me?"

"Like I had a choice?" the teen joked. "Of course I accept it; and of course I accept you!"

Dante leaned down to kiss him again. "I love you, Nero," his voice was barely a whisper.

Nero returned his smile and reached up with his human hand to run his fingers through the white strands of the older hunter's hair. "That's why I accept you Dante, because I love you too. No matter how many rivals you could have had when it came to being my mate, there's no way they could ever rival you in love. You're the only man for me."

"Then I guess there's no problem."

"Hmm, I can see one at the moment perhaps."


He smirked devilishly. "I'm yours right? You took me as your mate last night."

Dante blinked. "Yeah..."

"Then fair is fair, hmm? I need to make you mine."

Growling in his throat, Nero stretched up and nuzzled the juncture of Dante's neck, slowly licking across the racing pulse. He heard Dante chuckled and he was immediately thrown over his strong shoulder, a gasp escaping him at the unexpected act. He fought against him, but his devil half was already purring in delight and aching to be dominated again by the worthy man. His Bringer glowed intensely as he was tossed on the bed and he felt his body temperature rise as his eyes met the ice blue of his lover.

"Know this one thing, kid," Dante told him as he climbed over him. "I'm already yours."

Nero gasped as he nipped at the bruise on his neck. "D-Dante..."

"You captured my heart the moment I met you and believe me, that ain't happened in a very long time. Demons aside Nero, I don't want anyone but you and that in itself means I can't belong to anyone else."

The teen snickered. "You really can be sentimental, can't you?"

"You love it."

Nero didn't argue with that statement, his eyes closing again as Dante claimed his already kiss bruised lips in another passionate embrace. He moaned into his mouth as he felt a hand rub teasingly at the bulge in his jeans, the other pulling down the zipper on his red hoodie. Smirking a little into the kiss, the younger hunter trapped the elder's bottom lip between his teeth and tugged on it, biting until he drew a few spots of blood. Dante growled deeply, his eyes tinting red and both hands moving to rid his mate of the jacket and undershirt.

"Eager, eh?" Nero teased, running a single blue claw down the centre of the man's chest.

"Why not?" Dante replied. "It's not fair that only you can remember what happened last night. I didn't get to enjoy any of it."

The teen smiled softly. "Just don't Trigger this time, okay old man?"

"You want to claim me, so you need to tell me what you want."

"I don't think that'll be too difficult."

On that note, Nero pressed his weight against Dante's chest and flipped them over so that he was straddling him. He felt his own arousal stir at the sight of the elder beneath him, his blue orbs half lidded with lust. With a teasing smirk, the younger dipped his head low to lick and nip at his chest, enjoying the pleasured sounds made by the older man. He trailed his tongue lower, wriggling it about inside his navel and earning a surprised gasp.

"Nero..." Dante growled.

Hmm, now I have you right where I want you... Nero moved lower until his face was level with Dante's crotch, using his teeth to pull down the zip of his black ripped jeans. He popped open the button with the claws of his Bringer and slowly inched the denim down over his hips, abruptly followed by his red silk boxers. He used his demonic hand to leisurely pump the half devil's arousal, his gaze flicking upwards to observe his face. Dante was already staring right at him, his eyes still half hooded with desire and his mouth hanging open as he panted lightly. Nero swallowed the lump in his throat, fighting not to cum just by simply taking in that lusty expression.

Instead, he distracted himself by unfastening his own jeans, stripping them off along with his boxers and tossing them aside. He placed a gentle kiss on the tip of Dante's arousal, flicking his tongue out to taste the salty fluids gathering there. The elder moaned softly, one hand moving to tangle into the teen's silvery locks. Smiling at that, Nero dipped low and took the head of his erection into his mouth, suckling gently until he heard Dante groan loudly. He held his hips down with his Devil Bringer as he thrust upwards, trying desperately to enshroud himself with more heat. Nero hummed around the cock in his mouth before taking in more of the turgid length, enjoying the intense moans of pleasure made by his lover.

Dante saw stars splash across his vision as teen swallowed him whole, a deep moan of his name leaving his lips. He gripped the red satin bed sheets with his free hand, inching up his hips but only to have them pinned down securely by Nero's Bringer. He moaned again as the suction around his throbbing member increased, his hand leaving the teen's hair to open the top drawer in the bedside cabinet. After a few moments of rummaging, he produced a tube of lubricant, popping open the cap on the pink tube and squeezing some of the vicious ooze onto his fingers. Without warning Nero, he sat up and trailed his slick fingers down the teen's spine before finding his ass.

"Huh?" Nero looked up. "Dante?"

"I can't wait Nero," the elder panted.

The teen nodded and sat up, wrapping his arms about his lover's neck and kissing him as he slowly inserted two lube covered fingers inside him. He moaned into the kiss, arching his hips forward and rubbing their hardened lengths together. Both hunters moaned erotically at the contact, Dante carefully starting a thrusting motion with his fingers. Nero broke the kiss to cry out with pleasure as his prostate was hit head on, shoving the elder back onto the bed. He grunted softly as the fingers slipped out of his ass and he straddled the old male's hips, his hand reaching down to stroke Dante's erection.

"Oh?" Dante purred. "Taking the lead, hmm?"

"You bet I am Dante," Nero panted.

"Such a turn on."

The younger hunter leaned down to kiss him briefly. "I'll give you the ride of your life."

Dante shivered at the lust in the kid's tone and he leaned up slightly to kiss him deeply, their tongues dancing in and out of their mouths. The elder suddenly broke their wet kiss, throwing his head back against the pillow and moaning with desire as Nero impaled himself on his thick shaft with one thrust. He bucked up into the tight heat, fisting the sheets as the younger male slowly rocked his hips up and down. He opened his eyes to lock his gaze with Nero's, his hands travelling up his legs to grip his thighs while he slowly thrust his hips upwards.

Nero moaned softly, shifting himself to get more comfortable as the elder gradually started to thrust to his rhythm. He reached back and gripped Dante's muscular thigh with his human hand, balancing himself as he picked up his pace. A few stabs of pain seared through him occasionally, the glowing blue talons of his Devil Bringer scratching shallow gashes into Dante's abdomen. The elder growled appreciatively at the pain, his eyes flashing red again as his demonic nature stirred.

"What d-did I-ah... say a-about... Triggering..." Nero moaned, his rhythm not faltering.

"I won't," Dante growled. "Don't worry, babe."

The kid tossed his head back and screamed loudly as his bundle of nerves was finally struck head on, his claws sinking deeply into the elder's lightly tanned flesh. Nero lifted himself off Dante's thick arousal and slammed back down hard, ripping a long moan of ecstasy from the man beneath him. The elder's hands worked their way up to the younger's hips, his nails digging into the soft flesh as he helped him keep up the harder pace.

"D-Dante!" Nero cried out, his back arching in pure bliss. "Fuck, I-ah!"

"Oh shit babe," Dante purred. "So... fucking... tight..."

Nero screamed again when Dante sat up and wound his arms about him, flipping their positions so he could press the smaller body into the mattress. The teen's eyes were rimmed with copper as he held the elder's gaze, pants and moans leaving both men as the air heated up. Purring with delight, Dante slipped his hands underneath Nero to tightly grasp the cheeks of his buttocks, picking up his pace and pounding into him. The teen held on for dear life, moaning Dante's name like a mantra and succumbing to the dominating male. His Bringer raked crimson tracks into his lover's strong shoulders, the metallic aroma arousing their demonic senses.

"Ah-D-Dan-te..." the teen moaned. "I... I'm cumming D-ahh!"

"Cum for me Nero," Dante growled into his ear.

As he felt his completion nearing, Nero leaned up and bit down into the side of Dante's neck, his teeth breaking the skin and spilling blood into his mouth. Groaning longingly, Dante slammed into the kid with all his strength in response to the bite, his own release just as close. Arching beautifully beneath his lover, Nero yelled out Dante's name as he came between them, covering their chests in his pearly essence. The elder hunter moaned deeply, his eyes closing tightly as he felt the younger's muscles squeezing him tightly and trying to milk him dry. He held off for as long as he could until he eventually rammed full force into him, growling his mate's name as he overflowed his insides. His thrusting continued steadily as he rode out his orgasm until he ran out of steam, collapsing on top of the younger hunter and slipping out of his tight heat.

"Oh Dante," Nero whimpered. "I... fuck..."

Dante chuckled tiredly. "You're better than amazing, kid."

"Not a kid... old man..."

"Hmm... I love you Nero."

The teen smiled as he was gathered into Dante's strong arms and held against his warm, muscular chest. He nuzzled the mark on his neck as it began to fade and kissed it tenderly, sighing contentedly as he was cuddled closer.

"Love you too Dante," he murmured.

There was a pause for a moment. "You won't walk out on me, will you?"

Nero snickered and squeezed Dante around the waist. "Don't be silly, of course I won't. I'd be a moron if I walked out on you, the guy who finally showed me I had someone who cared. Besides..." he trailed off and caressed the mark he'd made on his neck. "You're mine."

The elder smiled happily. "Good, because I'll kick your ass if you do."

"Just keep your eyes off other men, okay."

"No need to worry babe, I only have eyes for you," he gently cupped the kid's face and tilted it upwards so he could stare into his eyes. "You're everything to me, you know that?"

Nero grinned broadly. "You must have read my mind."

Dante embraced him tightly, almost squeezing the breath out of his younger lover, but he loosened his grip before he could protest. He smiled softly and lightly stroked Nero's cheek, watching as his eyelids slid slowly shut and he drifted off into a peaceful sleep. You're beautiful Nero, more beautiful than anyone I've ever met... and I ain't letting anyone have you, he thought to himself. Shifting again, he drew Nero's body closer and curled around him, making sure to hold him all night as he joined him in the depths of sleep. My Nero.

End! - fluffy chapter is fluffy! Now I need to find some time to get writing again, I have ideas, but I'm back off to uni again soon and I'm a bit behind on reading... O_O