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This is just a short story about when Stoick calls Hiccup a useless Viking – in a kind way because he's not, he's a Dragon Boy (notice 'boy' and not 'tamer'. I don't like to think of the dragons as pets, they are equals to me. God, I sound like I should be preaching :-S).

Anyway, in this, the village of Berk can understand Dragonese, which is written in italics.

So, enjoy!

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'Hiccup, we've talked about this before – you can't do physical training because you... can't' stated the large burly man, known as Stoick the Vast, now famous for sitting on a Monstrous Nightmare's neck instead of slicing an axe through it.

'So what are you saying, that I'm not capable of it?' replied the much smaller and surprisingly related boy, standing from his seat at the table in a desperate effort to seem bigger and more imposing on his father, but as he now only just reached Stoick's eye level, it failed miserably.

'Hiccup, don't take this the wrong way, but yes. Look at you, your arms wouldn't be able to pull a bow string let alone swing a hammer – just lifting it like you do in the forge just isn't the same. Your hands are made for inventing and calming dragons, THAT'S what you do.'

'Oh thanks dad. Training.What could happen to me in training?'

'Hiccup, with the rest of your friends in there too you would get hit and even a blunt sword can break bones. I won't have you putting yourself in unnecessary risks.' With that last fact, Stoick stood up, instantly dwarfing Hiccup in his bear fur jacket, looking like nothing more than a stick insect when the two were compared.

'Dad, please. If we were ever invaded, how would I defend myself?' Hiccup begged, standing in front of the door to stop his seemingly uncaring father from leaving.

'The people of Berk would protect you Hiccup, we all owe you our lives and I'm going to start repaying that debt by not letting you hurt yourself.' The two had been at it for at least an hour now, each one putting forth their argument only to have the other say it was meaningless seconds later, so the big black dragon now taking residence in the Haddock house soundlessly paced towards them; accidentally giving Stoick another point to argue. 'Besides, I think Toothless here would stay with you no matter what happened to the rest of us.'

'Wow Stoick, I must still be dreaming... Did you just say something right?'

'Stop with all your mic taking beast, I'm trying to stop Hiccup here almost killing himself. Again.'

'Are you still arguing about that damn training?'asked Toothless, tempted to return to his bed sensing another long hour of raised voices.

'Yes we are Toothless' commented Hiccup, scratching his best friend behind the ear trying to win his support 'only so far neither has won.'

'Look, I'm not going to let this go. Hiccup, you're not... enough to do this' replied Stoick, murmuring and coughing over the missing word.

'Not what? Big, strong, take your pick!' Shouted Hiccup, this becoming one of the veryrare times he would actually shout, it being the first time it was at his father.

'Not VIKING enough! Ok! At the first sight of an axe you run, at the sheer sound of a sword battle you run' Stoick retorted, looking hiccup straight in the eye. 'Hiccup, you're not war material, your too... cowardly, and weak.'

'ENOUGH'roared the Night Fury, feeling insulted for his friend at the last comment. 'Hiccup is by no means cowardly. He is probably one of the bravest among you. No one tried out Hiccup's inventions on us dragons when we were at war, fearing one would actually work and the 'scrawny' child who made it would put the professionals to shame. I have seen them myself and Iknowthey would work, given a chance.'Growled Toothless, edging forwards towards Stoick who looked at him straight back, not showing any fear.

Not one of you so called 'brave' Vikings dared show a bit of kindness to dragons when we were at war. No one dared to free a dragon that could cause you no harm; not even a TERROR! Was Hiccup so weak he didn't approach me alone? Was he so weak he didn't try and touch the most feared thing in your whole society? Half of the people here would rather go to ragnarok than meet me.

But then Hiccup comes along and dares to free the most sought after dragon, me, and not only comes back after nearly losing his life, he dares to make friends with him, dares to comfort him and dares to fix him. So, Stoick, don't ever call Hiccup a coward while I'm around again or you'll lose that pretty mouth of yours all together.' Finished Toothless, trying to keep his dark-and-scary face on but a smug one was showing through.

'Is that a challenge?' asked Stoick, reaching towards the nearest hammer hanging from the wall, just in case the new, honorary 'Haddock' decided to have a small frenzy.

'No, it wasn't' butted in Hiccup, speaking up from his dazed state his best friends speech had left him in. 'I'm pretty sure it was a fact, besides, you two are not ever going to fight, never, got it?' he asked, glancing between the two much larger beings who both lowered their heads - just only slightly in Stoick's case. Leaning forwards onto the dragons neck, Hiccup breathed a quiet 'thanks' before looking back towards his dad.

'Well, it seems I may have been wrong about you being a complete coward Hiccup, and I'll hold my hands up to that. But you're still not going training.'

Damn that Viking stubbornness!Though Hiccup, but a quick 'persuasive talk' from Toothless soon got Stoick to change his mind. Ahhh, How Hiccup loved his dragon.

Well, here's to the first of many more one shots/drabbles/one-off's, whatever you want to call them. If anyone has any recommendations to short stories that I do, please do tell me in a review or pm. The only condition is that it must involve Toothless!

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