Here is another short oneshot, and there may be more to come!


Summary: hiccup is teaching other Vikings from around the world to become friends with dragons, but some people lack that one thing crucial to a relationship with a dragon... Trust. And some people aren't willing to trust dragon even though they desperately want to have one of their own... So what better than a show of blind trust to change their minds?

"So you're sure these beasts won't just turn on us?' asked Ozur, gesturing towards Toothless without a Viking's usual nerves of steel. It had been around three months since the famous and inseparable duo's battle against her majesty the Green Death, the evil dragon enslaving all of the others into harvesting food for her. Now that the word had gotten around that Berk had made peace with the 'devils' (now that dragon raids had suddenly stopped, numerous Viking scout ships had been sent to other islands to find out why)other clans had paid good money to have Hiccup teach them how to be friends with them.

"Positive" replied Hiccup, summoning a Deadly Nadder that had proved to be trustful of even the most Viking-like Vikings, to make first contact with Ozur. "Just reach out your hand – I promise she won't take it off – and hold it out. When Blue's ready, she'll put her snout in your hand and bang, you're on your way." Looking nervous – ok very nervous, the leader of possibly the most feared Viking clan in existence stretched out his shaking hand, worry plastered all over his beard covered face, in an attempt to prove he was capable of anything. But it was not so.

"I can't do it" he whispered, trying not to look weak in front of the smallest and scrawniest Viking child in existence. They killed my family and my friends, how in Hel's name can you expect me to reach out to one undefended?"

Sighing, Hiccup just held his hands up in the air, admitting defeat. He had been trying for the last hour, alone in the woods, with Ozur and a now sleeping Toothless to try and get to even touch Blue, but the only success that had come from the lesson was that now Ozur didn't need a battle hammer in order to face the Nadder face on. He had tried showing Blue's cute, friendly side by giving her fish and scratching that sweet spot under her neck but even when the dragon was incapacitated, the Chief still wouldn't even lay a finger on her.

"So are you just going to walk away?" belted Ozur after Hiccup, getting slightly angry with eh boys ignorance, "I paid gold for this lesson and I expect to get what I've been promised!"

"Ozur, I have tried with you but you just won't put even the slightest bit of trust into dragon, so you can't expect anything back. I have shown you everything I know to prove to you that unless you do something first, Blue won't attack but still you won't believe me. What will it take to get you to believe that dragons aren't the evil beings we once thought?" replied hiccup, trying to get the Viking to answer his own problem.

"Can't you just... I don't know. I just don't."

"Nor do I, I've put my neck on the line by taking you out here alone, away from the village, bu..." Hiccup trailed off, his face lifting slightly in the same way it did when Stoick admitted his love for his son. "That's just it, I'll put my neck on the line!" he yelled triumphantly, walking over to where Toothless was sleeping –for a Night Fury, he had extremely sensitive hearing yet it was so selective at times, such as when he was sleeping. "Toothless buddy, wake up I need your help," he whispered, trying to coax the dragon back into the land of the living, but all he got in return was a brief, indignant snort from the supposedly dead-to-the-world black log. "Oh come on toothless, if this works then we can go home, fly home even, and I'll get you some fish. Ok?" This time, the small boy was successful in reviving Toothless, who - at the mention of Cod – leapt from his sleeping position, jumped around in a circle, and sat down with his hind wriggling with impatience.

"How's this one going to help?" asked Ozur, still unsure of Hiccups plan.

"Trust me, as I'm about to trust Toothless" snapped back Hiccup – "this dragon has a name, so call him by it, but for now just watch. Toothless, open your mouth wide for me please?" Toothless obliged willingly, albeit slightly confused. "Now drop your teeth too please", this time the dragon 'Gurrred?' slightly in question without actually deploying his teeth, wanting a reason for what to him seemed like an act of violence.

"Toothless, please trust me on this one. Just drop your teeth and hold your mouth open, this won't wake a sec" begged Hiccup, seeing that Ozur was losing interest. In response, Toothless complied, allowing both humans to gaze upon his rows of perfectly formed, pearly white teeth.

"I'm waiting..." pestered Ozur, growing evermore impatient and weary.

"See here, this is how much I trust Toothless and a lot more dragons in Berk" sneered Hiccup, sticking his head inside Toothless's open mouth – if anyone were to enter the small clearing now, it would seem like the small boy was being eaten, but the truth was far from. "I have trusted Toothless with my life and I know he wouldn't clamp shut now, the same way I wouldn't be surprised that he would let me hold a sword over his neck because there's no way I would bring it down on him. That's what you need a taste of – if you ever want become true partners with a dragon, you need at least some of this blind trust of each other, otherwise you haven't got a hope in the world of it ever happening."

Ozur stood in amazement at someone recklessly risking their own life to help him. The chief wasn't only challenged now – no one was braver than him – but he also had a growing amount of respect for the 'Dragon Tamer', even though Hiccup hated that name... He didn't tame or train the fire breathing reptiles, he just showed both species, humans and dragon alike, what could be done if they trusted each other.

"So... Want to try again?" inquired Hiccup, hoping his completely safe stunt (both Toothless and Hiccup knew they would never harm each other) had done the trick. Ozur didn't reply, he just strode calmly over to the Nadder who was watching the event unfold and held out his hand, only shaking slightly but trying hard to hide it. Blue then stood on her two powerful legs and looked at the Chief straight in the eye... deciding on whether this particular Viking was worth a dragons kindness. Throwing caution to the wind she ever so slowly reached out and pressed her muzzle in Ozur's waiting hand.

And nothing happened.

And everything happened.

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