The Rainbow Bridge stretched before him. Angel, at long last, had earned his redemption. His face alight with expectation, he stepped onto the bridge, and fell forward as his foot went straight through the rainbow.

Rubbing his nose as he sat up, Angel spotted a sign to the right of the bridge – Asatru Only. Angel slammed his hand down on the ground; little puffs of clouds floated up at the impact. "They turn me back at the Pearly Gates because I'm not Christian. I'm obviously not about to be reincarnated. Damn it, there's got to be an afterlife for atheists!"

Note: The bit where I claim Angel is an atheist is from an episode where he tells Kate that, because there's nothing more than this life, we have to take care of each other here. I have no idea which episode it's from although I suspect Season 2 because that's the only season I own on DVD.