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Water, Earth. Fire. Air. "Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony." If you believed that, then your head must be up your ass. There was almost never a balance. Not a single history book has the right facts. And you can be damn sure that none of the four nations have the entire story together either. I can vogue for the Fire Nation however. They were always written off as the 'bad guys.' And maybe that was true at one point. But not how I remembered it. The Fire Nation began to expand its territory because we were the smallest nation. Needless to say, I helped them, I was there when it all began; I was involved. I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember it all.

When I was a little girl, my home was destroyed. I was so young that I don't remember much about it. I was separated from my family in the chaos. Scared and alone, I was found wondering the outskirts of towns by a Fire Nation official named General Tsong. He tried gently asking me who I was and where I had come from. But because all the trauma had already gone to my head, I couldn't even tell him what my name was. Somehow, from that early age, I recognized the kindness in his heart. Most other nations thought the Fire Nation to be cold-hearted and selfish. This was not entirely true. Tsong adopted me as his daughter and renamed me, Sankari. And pretty soon, I was boarding a ship with him and other soldiers, leaving the Earth Kingdoms behind. It was strange but the only memories I had left of home were of my baby cousin; she was the cutest thing imaginable. I remembered her smooth, pale white skin; her sweet grin and the bluest eyes I had ever seen. I held onto those memories and I never let them go.

The trauma had a lasting effect on me. I didn't begin to speak until I was five years old, but even then I wasn't very social. Early on, I knew there was something different about me than the other children in the Fire Nation. I never played games or even interacted with them for that matter. Instead, I wanted to learn the fighting arts. My father was a fire-bender, and a good one at that. He showed me simple moves and steps using fire so that I could master the basics at an early age. Surprisingly enough, I was a fast learner. A very fast learner. Within two days of my father showing me what a flame crafted by a five year old would look like, I managed to produce a flame that someone 12 or older could produce. He was a good mentor. He praised me often and told me how well disciplined I was for a child. But fire was only half the battle.

For the next few years I studied multiple forms of martial arts with my father; practicing forms, kicks and punches again and again until I performed them flawlessly. I wanted every move to be precise. I was also guilty of perfectionism. Several years after I had been adopted as a child of the Fire Nation, I was quite knowledgeable in the fighting arts. Also around that time, my father was called upon to undertake an important mission for Firelord Azulon. One night, he explained to me that he would be leaving soon. I wasn't so small and helpless anymore, but I wasn't quite old enough to take care of myself. He informed me that he had something special in mind; while he would be away with the fleets of soldiers, I would continue my training with other children my age, including the ones from the royal family. Though I had never really spend much time with any of the other children, my father encouraged me to think optimistically about the idea. Deep down inside I had been secretly longing for a friend. I went to bed with and open mind that night.

The next day, I dressed in my best training uniform and my father took me to the vast courtyard inside the Palace, with a pond full of Turtle-Ducks and purple and green Willow Tree. There were a few others already there. My stomach felt slightly queasy, but I remembered what my father told me. "Go in with a smile, Sankari. You will never know anything in life unless you accept." As we approached the other trainees, I noticed a girl off to the side. She wore all pink and was all smiles. She instantly waved at me as she caught me eye. I returned the gesture hesitantly. I wished that I could be that happy. But my father was leaving at the end of the week. How could I be happy? My only friend was leaving and I didn't know for how long. There was another girl, to the left of the one in pink; she had a solemn look on her face. Her hair was as black as a Raven's. If looks could kill, nearly everyone in the entire courtyard would be dead. That was almost how I felt, minus the wanting everyone dead part.

As my father and I drew nearer to the group, one of the adults came towards us. His hair was long and partly pulled up in the back, and he wore elegant robes of black, red and yellow. He was one of the Firelord's sons.

"So this is your little one?" Ozai inquired at my father, smiling warmly at me. My father put his hand on my small shoulder and chuckled to himself.

"She's not so little anymore." he spoke the truth. I had indeed grown over the last five years. Ozai laughed with him, beckoning us to join the others.

"I know exactly what you mean, General. My own have grown before my eyes." I prepared myself to meet his children. "This is my son." He placed his hands on the shoulders of a boy a little bit older than myself. The boy looked a lot like his father-obviously younger of course. Also like his father, his his dark brown hair was pulled back but into a high ponytail. The boy gave me a curt smile and reached his hand out to shake mine.

"My name is Zuko." he introduced himself. I took his hand. His grasp was firm but also gentle in a way. He seemed very polite and respectful for someone his age.

"I'm Sankari." I managed to stammer. My speech and social skills were not very good at that age still. Well that wasn't half bad, I thought to myself, for I honestly had thought this day was going to be a train wreck. Funny how I learned that I had proven myself wrong later.

Then, Ozai began to introduce me to his daughter. From the moment I met Azula, I knew she was going to be a problem. Her uniform consisted of the colors light red and blood red. Her arms were folded, clearly showing that she would've rather been elsewhere. She blew one of the strands of hair, that hung down before each of her ears, out of her way. "You sound funny." she jeered at me. Shot to my self-esteem. Azula: 10 Sankari: -1. There was nothing I could say back to her, so I just took the comment like it was nothing. Ozai gave her a stern look. "But daddy, doesn't she sound funny?" she looked up at him. What a brat, I bitterly groaned in my mind. Ozai then whispered something into her ear. I imagined it was something along the lines of 'Don't make fun of the retarded girl in front of you. She has a speech problem because she was traumatized. So even though you probably insulted her enough to make her stop speaking for good, just make sure not to do so again. Have a nice day.'

She rolled her eyes and relaxed her arms to her sides. I remembered that even then her voice was demanding and enticing at the same time. "I'm Azula."she sounded bored, as if she didn't care whether or not I was a human girl or a 400 pound platypus-bear about to eat her for lunch. When Ozai wasn't looking, she stuck her tongue out at me. I was about to do the same back at her, but then decided not to because my father would most likely disapprove. To Ozai's right, Zuko gave me a look that seemed to say 'Don't mind my nutsy sister.' I felt a little better and supposed that nothing worse could happen.

The rest of the other children seemed fairly nice, or at least they pretended to be. With that being said, Azula definitely needed some acting lessons. My father and I left shortly after the meet and greet. I wouldn't actually be practicing with them until the next day."So what did you think of Azula?" My father asked on our walk back to our house.

"I hate her." My father chuckled at how quickly I responded to his question.