Big Time Mall Rush

Chapter 1

"Where are we going first?" I say as we pull into the parking lot in my green VW Bug.

"BUILD A BEAR!" Summer screams from the backseat, and we all groan.

"Not again we spent a half an hour there last time as you decided on which pair of sock to get." Bailey says and she sighs.

"IT WAS A HARD DECISION!" She argues and Geena laughs.

"There are only two different styles." She says and we all laugh pulling into our awesome parking space right by the door. Tyler pulls in next to us with Laurie in the front seat, and Rian and Garrett in the back seat.

"Where's the other car?" Bailey asks worrying about her brother.

"There they are." Geena says hopping out of the car and pointing to a car circling the parking lot with Lucas and Jordan in the front seat and Kellie and destiny screaming at Ruffles in the back.

They drive by us and you can hear Destiny screaming at Ruffles. " Just pick a stinking spot!"

"I want to find a good one!" Lucas yells back and Jordan puts her hand on his shoulder trying to calm him down.

"PICK ONE!" Kellie yells and Lucas pulls into a spot ten feet away from us.

"GEESH!" Destiny say getting out and slamming the door and walking over to Summer and I. "Remind me to never ride in his car again."

"WHEEE!" I hear from a few feet away. Bailey is being twirled around by her boyfriend of 5 years, Garrett.

I look over and Destiny had wrapped her arms around Rian and is making out with him passionately.

"Can we go?" Summer says and Geena and Kellie nod, but we get no response to the four couples kissing in the parking lot. The other two are Tyler and Laurie who are sitting on the bumper of his truck kissing, and the other is Lucas and Jordan who are kissing in the middle of the street.

"HELLO!" I yell and Lucas, Jordan, Tyler and Laurie snap out of their kissing sessions.

Summer walks slowly over to Rian and Destiny who are still smacking on each other, and she sticks her hand in front of their lips when they take a breath. They kiss Summer's hand once and immediately snap back to the real world.

"Summer!" Destiny yells wiping her hand on Summer's arm, Rian wiping his on his pants disgustedly.

"Can we get inside first before you start eating each other's faces off? Geena says and we all laugh. The loud noise snaps Bailey and Garrett out of their own session and we all walk into the mall. The couples are holding each others hands. And I nod over to all of them, and Summer and Geena sigh as we make our way past the food court.

"We really need to get some boyfriends." Kellie says frowning and admiring everyone else's relationships.

"I know but I cant find the right guy," I say as we make our way to Macy's to start our Macy's Tradition.

"I know what you mean," Summer says looking through a rack of blue sparkly dresses, trying to find her size. "Every time I like a guy he always thinks he's to good for me."

"I want a hot sensitive nice guy," Kellie says looking through the rack of pink fluffy dresses.

"Good luck with that," Geena says holding up a green flowy dress and holding it up against her.

"You guys ready?" Destiny asks holding up three dresses and we all nod slipping past the lady at the counter right by the dressing rooms.

"What were you guys talking about?" Bailey asks from her stall.

"Something you already have." Summer says slipping into her fluffy teal dress and strutting out of the stall. "BAM!"

"You look beautiful Summer!" Jordan says emerging from her stall in a tight orange dress with ruffles on it. Just for Ruffles. "But what do you mean about something she already has."

"You have one to, and so does Destiny and Laurie, it's called a boyfriend." I says stepping out with at tight green dress that hugs my curves just right.

"Well in that dress you will catch something!" Geena says and everyone laughs. Geena is dressed in a red dress, that's really short and tight.

"Your one to talk!" Kellie says staring at Geena who is strutting a pose. Kellie has on a pink fluffy dress with layers of more fluff.

"I told Tyler we would come show them our dresses, and he sent me text saying he has something to show us too!" Laurie says in a matching dress just like Geena's but in a bright purple.

"Okay let's go, they probably have tied Lucas up with a pair of skinny jeans," Summer says and we all laugh piling out of the dressing room to go show the boys.

And there standing next to all our guy friends is Big Time Rush.

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