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"Jim, you know your birthday is coming up in a week. You know what happens when you turn eighteen here in our little town."

"Mother. I know what I have to do. Not like I love it."

"Jim, you do realize that you will get married on your birthday. Sadly whether you like it or not."

"Well I think it's dumb that we have a bunch of people come here and MAKE me get married to someone that's just acting all pretty and fancy and whatever."

The mother of the almost 18-year-old boy thinned down her lips as she sighed slightly, walking over to join her son. "You must get married to a handsome prince my son. There are many in this land, many of them wanting to meet you."

Jim, the prince that would soon be married, sighed as he made a move to stand up. "They don't want to see me. They just want to marry into this family for the money and the riches mother." He said sadly as he wandered across his large room. He crossed his arms over his chest as he walked out of his mother's sight. "I don't wish to get married." He said over his shoulder, looking at his mother whose lips were thinned.

"Why would you make your son do something you wouldn't want to do?" he asked with a raised eyebrow as he shook his head, turning and walking out of his room. Walking down the hallway, Jim let out a sigh as he rubbed his face with his hand. "Shit." He breathed, realizing that his most unwanted birthday was only a measly seven days away. He couldn't believe that anyone would want to even look at a boy like him.

Father dying in a war against another land, saving both him and his pregnant mother who was birthing him while his dad was dying. Jim couldn't do anything to save him, he felt awful for that, but he knew he shouldn't. He didn't have one single friend in his whole life. Not one.

Even his brother Sam never loved him as much as he wanted him to. His mother would always see the ghost of is father in his face, his crystal blue eyes supposedly shining with the same excitement that his father's had. His mother didn't allow him to go out much. He had to sneak out and get to bars himself. He met beautiful women that he would sometimes be able to kiss, but they would never allow him any more than that. It was against many many laws in their town. No one was to do anything lewd with the Prince before the age of eighteen. Of course, seeing as Jim Kirk was the prince of the town, everybody loved him and thought he was adorably cute and sexy. However, they would never be able to have him, for Jim could only get married to blue bloods.

Another downside for all women in the town that loved Jim, for he was the baby Prince of the family. Sam was his older brother, so he was the one who was allowed to get married to a beautiful woman once he reached the age of 18. However, for Jim is the second and final son, he was to be married to another prince of another town. He was meant to be a gay child. It was the way of the towns, and Jim did not like it one bit.

His mother quickly caught up with him, sliding her hand on his shoulder as they walked down the long, tall, wide hallway. "Son, I cannot believe you would think you can only be loved for your fortunes." She said with some sort of sadness in her voice. Jim shrugged his shoulders as he mumbled, "Sure I can."

"Jim, I have sent messages to all of the towns nearby to us. They have all replied. Their sons are looking forward to meeting you!" she exclaimed happily as she saw Jim's eyebrows furrow their selves into a scowl. "How many mother?"


Jim smiled softly at the number, sighing with some sort of relieve. "When shall the first one arrive?" he asked, turning his head towards his mother.

"They'll all come at the same time. You shall be together with one each and every day. You will spend a day, morning till night with one." Jim's mother said with a smile as she ran her gloved hand down Jim's upper arm. "While you are not with them, they will stay in our guest rooms and they shall not leave that guest room until it is their day."

Jim smiled softly, unsure of what to make of that. He then sighed once again. "When will they arrive?"

"It does take a while for them to arrive by horseback Jim." His mother assured. "It will all take them different amounts of time to arrive. Whoever arrives first will be the first to bless themselves with your presence."

Jim let out another light sigh. "May I read the letters they sent back before they arrive?"

Jim's mother smiled as they reached the large empty ballroom. "You may."

Jim went straight to asking the helper Rand for help with finding the letters. Rand quickly found them, telling Jim that they are in the library if he wishes to go read them to himself in solitude.

Jim was happy with that idea, so his main mission now was to go and find those letters to hear what the five princes said. While on the walk though, he was talking to Rand about who the princes were, and where they came from. For he wasn't well acquainted with the towns nearby his own small 'Kirkshire' which wasn't very large.

Rand had told him what she knew about each one. Which wasn't very much. She knew the names, and what town they came in, but that was it.

There was Prince Montgomery Scott of Scottsville.

Another one was Prince Hikaru Sulu of Chinatown.

One of the younger ones was Prince Pavel Chekov of Russia.

There was the well-known Doctor and Prince Leonard McCoy of Georgeshire

And of course the only Prince that was never spoken of, simply because he was so royal that he was too good to be spoken on your tongue. He was Prince Spock of Vulcan. The only town that was known to have aliens from a different world.

Jim's interests didn't stay with any of the men. They were all older than him other than the young Chekov who had only turned seventeen a few days ago. For him to get married to a boy that was not as old as him, that would be looked down upon. Rand told him about how the doctor or the Vulcan would be good for him. They were both very well known, and they both have their own riches, so it would be pointless for them to marry into a family that has less wealth than them other than for love. Jim knew that, but he was still skeptical about all the different men.

Once he got the library, and Rand excused herself, he found the letters folded up and in their envelopes on the table between the many large chairs. The fireplace wasn't burning fire, but it had been earlier that day, for the room was still warm. He took a seat in the chair he always sat in when he was in this room with his mother, brother, and his wife. It was a gold chair, very comfortable, and very regal. He always felt so important when sitting in it. As if he was a Captain of something that would do good. He also loved the color gold. It was his favorite color whether it be on money, clothing, or furniture.

He found the letters to be very different. They were all addressed to 'Mrs. Kirk', which wasn't very regal, but hey, it was about getting married to her son who they've never met.

Rand had also told him about how far each town was from Kirkshire. The closest was Russia, where Prince Chekov lived. He was expected to reach them in a day or two. The others were all around the same, Vulcan being the farthest however. Jim knew Chekov would be first, and Spock would probably be last, but the order the other three went in was to be found out.

With a small sigh and the knowledge that he would be married in seven days, Jim grabbed the letter from the seventeen year old, and popped it open.