Jasper POV

I have liked her since he first brought her home. The way her hair fell onto her shoulders, how she dressed so relaxed but dressed to wear her curves showed. She was the girl I wanted and it wasn't fair that he had her. I know that I have a beautiful wife and I adore her but she was just so mouthwatering, and I so do not mean for blood. I have to stop thinking about this Edward loves her and if he finds out I'm thinking about her like this I am so dead.

"Jasper, Honey what are you thinking about?" She was concerned and I didn't know what to say. I just said the first thing to come to my mind.

"You, of course." Which wasn't exactly a lie, but it was the only thing I knew to say that she wouldn't question.

"So, what exactly about me?" Shit she normally doesn't say anything back!

"How sexy you are." Please oh please be happy with that.

"Jasper you would make me blush if I could." As she said that she left the room. Thank you Jesus. I lay on my bed that was just for show. Esme insisted on putting it in our room, why, I have no idea, but it was very soft and It felt like a marshmallow. I reached over and put in my favorite mixed cd. As I laid there listening to All or Nothing by Theory of a Deadman, I thought about Alice. I didn't love her like I thought I did. She just seemed like a friend to me now. I know Bella just arrived, I don't want to move though. Edward will know what I am thinking about and Alice well I just can't see her right now.

Alice POV

He is the sweetest man I have ever met in my entire life. Bella just arrived and she looked like white trash. I am really going to have to take this girl shopping for a new wardrobe.

"Hey bells, what in the world are you wearing?" I sounded surprised but she didn't think anything of it.

"Well I am wearing clothes of course." She giggled as Edward pulled her closer. They were in love deeply and Bella's birthday was tomorrow.

"So Bella are you coming by tomorrow?" I knew she was I have already seen it.

"Yes, Edward is going to pick me up after school. I'm staying home because Charlie thinks it is a big deal that I am turning eighteen. "

"Well it is a big deal Bella!" she didn't like the sound of what I just said.

"No it isn't, It is another year older and I will be older than Edward." Edward and I just snickered at her comment.

"Bella, I think Edward is a lot older than you."

"Alice you know what I mean." She looked at him. "I hope you like older women."

"Trust me love, I don't mind at all." As he said that he whisked her away to their room.

I remember when Jasper and I was in love like that. Something has changed and I have no idea what it could have been. He doesn't seem interested in me anymore. I need to go shopping and clear my head. Maybe I could buy some sexy lingerie, and have a romantic evening at home. I walked to our room to get my purse and I saw him laying on our bed, that Esme insisted on buying.

"Jasper, I am going shopping. Would you like me to bring you anything?" I knew he would say no but I wished he would just come with me, but the male side of him would defiantly put my wish in the shred file.

"No honey but thanks." He stood up to kiss me bye. His kisses are like whisky they get me drunk but this one was different it felt like I was kissing my brother. AWKWARD! I turned around to leave and he pulled me back really planting one on me. That was more like it. When he finally stopped kissing me I left with a smile on my face. Tonight will be amazing.

Jasper POV

I heard her coming. Something was on her mind she was nervous but seemed heartbroken too.

"Jasper I am going shopping. Would you like me to get you anything?" I almost said yes but the male side of me was like no.

"No honey but thanks." I stood up to kiss her goodbye, but something was different. Normally they are wonderful but lately they have been weird. As she turned around to leave I pulled her back and really planted one on her. I guess that helped with the heartbreak cause then I felt anticipation. I wanted to ask her but she left. I can't wait Bella's birthday is tomorrow. Alice will be getting her something probably. That must be why she is going shopping.

Edward POV

Bella laying in my arms is the best thing on this earth. I couldn't imagine life without her. I can't believe she made me promise no gifts. Her birthday is one of my favorite times of the year. I would think she would like it too. When I glanced down to her beautiful face I happened to notice the clock. Shit it was almost time to get her home. I didn't want to wake her. Her breathing is like music to my ears.

"Bella, Love it is time to wake up." She stirred around and looked at me.

"I didn't mean to fall asleep." She looked sleepy.

"Come on lets go home so you can eat, and then I will hold you until you fall asleep. Promise." I smiled the crooked grin she loves. She smiled and I picked her up and carried her to the car. As I drove home I played her lullaby and held her hand.

Charlie was waiting in his chair watching the game. He had a beer in one hand and beside him was his tv dinner. Bella walked in and went straight to bed but before gave him a peck on the cheek and told him goodnight. I went home and parked the car to see Alice carrying bags from Victoria Secret. It was a good thing I am spending the night with Bella. Everyone else saw what she was carrying too and decided to leave. I helped her in the house and took a run for it before I saw or heard anything I didn't want too.

Alice POV

I finally had everyone out of the house. I went in and told him exactly what to do.

"Stay in here please. I want to model what I have bought." I walked out and grabbed the bag and went into Edward's room. I quickly changed and walked out. The expression on his face shocked me. Did he not want me?