Bella POV

"But dad I love him and he isn't going to hurt me." I say this knowing it's not going to make a difference.

"Bella I just don't think it is a good idea to be jumping the gun so fast. Can you atleast wait?"

"That's the thing dad I don't want to wait. I'm finally happy again and I plan to stay that way. It is not like I am asking for your permission for marriage."

"Oh my goodness you're not planning to get married, are you?"

"No dad we're not we just want to live together. That's all, I promise"

"Honestly I can't tell you yes or no. You are eighteen."

"I just want your approval." I think he is cracking. I hope so I love Jasper and I do want to spend forever with him.

"Ok, but one time of him hurting you, he is dead." He smirked and so did I, knowing Jasper can't be killed.

"Thanks dad" I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and ran out of the room. Jasper was leaning up against my baby. I ran into his arms and kissed him with everything in me.

"Bella if you do that again I'm going to have somewhere and have my way." He said in his southern twang.

"Well then you might just have to take me to our home so we can break it in." his face lit up like a light bulb." He said yes, we are finally going to be on our own."

"Well then I might just take you home now."

"We don't have a house yet Jasper."

"Yes we do. Carlisle and Esme bought it this morning. It's just out of the city, close to La Push so you can still go see Jacob and the rest of the pack. "I didn't think much after that. He lifted me into the truck and I watched as we drove a little out of Forks.

When we arrived to the house Jasper laughed at me. I was in such awe, the house was beautiful, and every thing I wanted. It was small with a little fence around it with deep blue shutters, which complimented the white exterior of the house. Jasper helped me out of the truck so I could walk in.

"Jasper it is so beautiful."

"Well I am glad you like it, you deserve the best Bella and I plan to give it to you."

"I love you Jasper." I kissed him slowly at first and he fiddled with the keys to open the door. He lifted me up over the threshold and I continued to deepen the kiss. "So where is the bedroom?"

"Don't you worry about that mam." He smirked and kissed me again, taking off my shirt and unclasping my bra. I raised his shirt of his head. He laid me down on the bed and started kissing up and down my chest. I wasn't paying much attention to the house but I heard a noise that kept getting louder and louder.

"Jasper…I thin..k..someone…is at…the door…" I could barely talk. He was rubbing against my breast.

"It's probably the mailman Bella. Don't worry baby." I tried to forget but I don't think it is the mailman and they aren't leaving. The knocks got louder.

"Jasper just go see who it is." Jasper left me and I felt empty. I was laying surrounded in blankets and pillows of our king size bed. I saw pictures of Jasper and pictures of myself. I wonder how they got these. I was just about to dose off when I hear Jasper yelling


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