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It's been 5,000 years since I was born.
4,985 since I first saw my love.
4,980 since I last saw my love as a human and was transformed.
And 4,650 years since I first saw my love as what I am now.
You're probably wondering how this is possible.
Well, I am a 5,000 year old vampire, yet I look like I'm 20 years old.

Chapter 1: Where It All Started

It all started on my 15th birthday. I was walking towards the market down the street, when I had bumped into someone. Little did I know that, that meeting would have been the start of a very long love.


My mother told me to go to the market to get some groceries for her. I knew that it was an excuse to get me out of the house to set up for my 15thbirthday party today. So I complied and went for her.
I was thinking about what presents I was going to get, I wasn't paying attention and bumped into someone. It caused me to fall down.
The person I walked into started.
"Oh my god, are you alright? I'm so sorry. I wasn't paying any attention to where I was going." The person was male. He was rambling off as he helped me get up off the ground.
I dusted off my dress.

"It's quite alright sir. I wasn't paying attention either. I was off in my own little world." I smiled at him.

"Are you sure you're okay?" He asked me concerned.

"Yes, I am fine. Thank you, though, for asking." I assured him. "May I have you name, kind sir?"

"Marcus, my lady. Marcus Andres Volturi."

"Ah…" The name was spoken a lot around my house. He had two brothers, Aro and Caius. Unusual names, but they fitted I think.

I was brought out of my musings when he spoke. "And yours, my lady?"

"Isabella Ann Marie Sparrow."

Recognition flickered in his eyes. I knew why. My family was well known for their wealth and kindness. The Sparrow's were very close to being royalty, as well as the Volturi's, because of their wealth. This was why I knew their name quite well.

"May I ask why a young lady of your status is out alone, without an escort?" He asked me, bowing. "Not that it is any of my business." He added, quickly.

I giggled. "Your right. It isn't any of your business." His face became saddened. "But I'll tell you any way. My mother told me to go to the market for her. But it was just an excuse to get me out of the house."

He was confused.

"Today's is my 15thbirthday and my family needed to set up for the 'surprise' party for me tonight." I explained, putting quotations around "surprise".

"Oh I see." He thought for a moment. "My lady, I have a question, if I may."

"Yes, you may."

"May I escort you to the market and back home? I mean no offense, my lady, but I don't think that a young woman with such beauty as yours should be out here alone."

Aw…I thought. He cares about my safety. How sweet.

"Yes, you may, Mr. Volturi." I said, curtseying.

He bowed. "Please call me Marcus, Ms. Sparrow." He offered me his arm.

I took it. "Only if you call me Isabella." I said, with a small laugh.

With that, we started back towards the market.


After we had gotten the stuff I needed, he took me to get shaved ice.

When I finished eating, he took me back home.

I remembered the good-bye very well, even after all of these years.


Marcus walked me up to cobble stone path that lead to the porch in front of the front door of my house. I turned towards him.

"Marcus, thank you very much."

"Your welcome, Isabella. I had fun."

"As did I."

There was silence.

I could tell that neither of us wanted to leave the other.

"Isabella, would you like to go for a picnic with me tomorrow afternoon?" He asked me, hopeful.

"I would love to, Marcus." I smiled.

"Until then, la mia stella." He took my hand and kissed it.

I blushed lightly. "Yes, until then."

He grinned. He turned and walked down the path, stopping several times to wave good-bye. When he turned the last time, he almost tripped over one of the ornaments lining the path.

I giggled. I stared at him, shook my head in disbelief, and then went inside.

"Madre, io sono a casa dal mercato." I called out.


As agreed, Marcus and I went for the picnic. Soon, we started to go out more and more, until he asked me to be his girlfriend.

We met each others family. Mine loved him and his loved me.

We were together for 4 ½ years, before he asked me to marry him in front of our parents at a family dinner, consisting of both of our families. My parents were okay with it. I knew they wanted me to marry out of love, instead of a forced marriage.

About three months later, we had the wedding.

Another three months, came my 20th birthday.


Marcus promised me, before he left for work with his brothers, that he would take me out to dinner when he got off work at 6:30.

When he didn't show up from work, I started to worry. He wasneverlate.

7 p.m. rolled by and he still wasn't home. He alsoneverbroke his promises.

I went over to his parent's house, because I knew he always topped by there right after work to drop his brother's off.

His parents told me that he and his brothers hadn't come by yet.

I checked everywhere I could.

I finally went to the police. They searched the woods.

One of the policemen found blood. They couldn't find their bodies, so they assumed that a wild animal had taken them.

I was mourning for months. In those months, my parents and Marcus's parents both died due to stress and heartbreak. My parents had loved Marcus and his brother's as though they were their own children.

I was walking by lake, where me and Marcus had our first date.

Someone came up to me. I could tell from their build that it was a male.

"Can I help you, sir?" I asked. My voice was dead from grief.

"Yes, you can. Will you please tell me where I am?" The male's voice asked me.

"You are in Tisdale, Italy, sir. Is there anything else I can help you with?" I asked him.

"Yes, you can." With that, he struck out at me and bit my neck.

It was about 10 seconds later when I felt the burning start.

I screamed. It felt as I was being burned alive!

This went on for days. Occasionally, I could hold back my screams, but most of the time I couldn't.

Eventually, the pain in my toes and fingertips started to lessen. It seemed wherever it started to cool down, the heat that was there raced towards my heart.

It also seemed like my heart was trying to beat the heat. Unfortunately, it was losing. Soon, my heart gave up and thumped its last thumps.

Thump thump…thump…thump…

My heart stopped, yet I was still breathing and hearing.

I opened my eyes in wonder and confusion. Well, the wonder came after I opened them. I could see the dust in the air as if they were people. They were that clear and beautiful.

I looked around and saw that I was in a meadow in the forest.

All of a sudden, I felt an agonizing burning in my throat. It was almost as bad as the burning I had felt earlier. I grabbed my throat.

"What am I?" I whispered.

I was shocked. My vice sounded like bells and wind chimes.

"You are a vampire."

I flipped over and settled into a crouch. I growled.

"Who are you?" I hissed.

"Philippe." He said. "Who are you?"

"Isabella." I said. If he wasn't going to give me his last name, then I wouldn't give him mine. "Why am I a vampire?" I asked, getting out of my crouch.

"I bit you. I need your help."

"With what?"

"I need to kill a coven that killed my mate."

"How many?"


My eyes bugged. "10?" I shrieked. "The two of us against 10 of them?" He nodded. "Are you crazy?"

"No, because you have powers and they don't have any."

"Powers?" I calmed down.

"Some vampires gain special abilities, like seeing the future, mind-reading, and empathy. I can sense if a vampire has a gift and what it is."

"What are mine?"

"Let's see. You are a seductress, which can help when hunting and luring the coven in. Your main power is a mental and physical shield. You can also copy powers. Which means that if you copy a vampire who has the elemental power of fire, then you cannot be killed what so ever because fire is the only thing that kills us."

I was stunned. "Wow."


"So, how can I copy powers?"

"Um… I think by touch. Do you want to try?" I nodded. He held out his hand. "Touch me." I did and got a slight shock. I took a step back and looked at Philippe.

"What did you say your powers were?"

"Um… seeing what power a vampire has, if any. Why?"

"Are you sure that's all of them?" He nodded. "Because you have two powers."

He was shocked. "What?"

"Yeah, the power you knew you had and you can control minds." I said. "Just not on me."

"Why not?"

"Mental shield." I said in "duh" type of voice.

"Oh yeah. Well, do you want to hunt?"


"Okay. Come on." He turned.

"Wait." He turned back to me. "How do I hunt?" I said.

He rolled his eyes and explained.

We left.


Since then I have killed loads of humans and hundreds of vampires, including Philippe.

Why? He was going to kill me.

Anyways, after me and Philippe killed the coven, and I killed Philippe, I went to travel the world for about 350 years.

Sometimes, I would stay with some covens that fed form humans.

I never knew that there was royalty, until I stayed with the Miami coven. One of them could change appearances. They made it to where the can go into sunlight without sparkling, which is what you do if you do not have that power.

Anyways, I had overheard them talking about the royalty coven.


Kyle, Dylan, Jessica, which was the one who had the changing appearances power, and I were talking.

Then Dylan said something about royalty and Volturi.

I froze.

"What did you say, Dylan?"

"I said that Aro, Caius, and Marcus Volturi are recruiting vampires for their guard. They say that they need it because some covens are trying to kill them because they had killed the Romanian Coven years ago."

"How many years ago?"

"About 300 years ago, I think."

"Oh." I said, shocked.

It couldn't be them. They all died. Then again, they never found the bodies, so they could have been transformed.I thought.

"Hey guys?" They looked at me. "I have to go." I said, quietly.

"Why?" Kyle asked me.

I quickly thought of something. "I need to go see my parent's graves. I have put it off far too long."

They nodded sadly. Jess got up and hugged me.

"Good luck." She whispered. She was the only person that knew my story, so she knew the real reason I wanted to go to Italy. "And be careful."

The rest of the coven gave me hugs.

"I'm sorry." I said.

"Don't be." Kyle said.

I nodded.

"I love you guys. "Good-bye." I said and walked out of the house. But not before making it to where my skin sparkled.


That is what brings me to my current location.

Volterra, Italy.

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La mia stella= My star

Madre, io sono a casa dal mercato= Mother, I'm home from the market.