Having writer's block is not fun. So, to break it, I came up with this. Also, I feel the need to quench my thirst for angst for some awful reason. And to be mean to Jessie even though she's probably my favorite character. (3) Makes you love her more. Anyways...this will be a multiple chapter story, not too long, but long enough. This is a "what if" situation about the imprisonment scene (can you not tell I like that scene?). Read and tell me what ya think, please and thanx!

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SPOILER: TS3. Sorta. If you haven't seen it, go see it already!

You Decide

She never gave up easily. Now was not an exception. The roughest, toughest cowgirl in the west vowed to resist a devious plot produced by a stuffed bear and his lackeys. Two of which, a robot and a rock toy, dragged her across the Butterfly Room's floor toward one of the storage bins settled on shelves. Jessie scraped her boots against the tiles, trying to gain some purchase. Finally, her feet managed to find some grip and she quickly took advantage of the opportunity.

Pushing herself up and surprising her captors, their hold weakened on her wrists. With an arousing 'heya,' she kicked the rock monster from her and swiftly rounded on the robot before he could recollect himself. Jessie barely thought. She merely acted on impulse and began to bolt away from the shelves, thrusting herself forward from a crouched position.

She didn't get very far. Something wrapped around her waist, suddenly and tightly. She yelled in shock as she was torn from the ground and suspended, upside-down, in the air. The cowgirl came face to face with a purple, glitter-speckled octopus, the one she had met earlier that day when they first arrived at Sunnyside Daycare.

"Where do you think you're goin'?" The octopus questioned smartly.

Without waiting for an answer, the tentacle binding Jessie abruptly launched her into the air. Before Jessie could scream, the same tentacle caught her again and instantly tossed her into an opened bin. It took the cowgirl a moment to recuperate and realize she had been caught. She looked up and noticed a familiar, robust figure standing in front of her cell. Her heart swelled and ached simultaneously.

"Buzz!" She cried desperately, tenderly placing a hand on the space ranger's shoulder. "We're your friends!"

He batted her hand away and glared fiercely at her.

"Spare me your lies, Temptress." Buzz snarled, beginning to push her basket in place. "Your emperor's defeated and I'm immune to your… bewitching good looks."

Jessie winced as he emphasized 'bewitching.' She sighed helplessly as she watched him walk toward his 'leader,' Lotso. The caretaker turned prison warden watched amusedly over the success of the new toys' imprisonment. He eyed Big Baby as the doll carried Mr. Potato Head to a cell with his wife, the former spewing insults and curses. Lotso stepped forward.

"Not him." He ordered, pushing the basket closed just as the baby doll prepared to throw the frustrating toy inside. "I think this potato needs to learn himself some manners. Take him to The Box."

Big Baby began to walk toward the bathroom connecting the Butterfly and Caterpillar rooms. Mr. Potato Head squirmed in the baby doll's hands as the spud was elevated above his head, but could do nothing else to save himself. Suddenly, Big Baby slipped on a small puddle of water that littered the bathroom floor and lost his balance. Mr. Potato Head fell from his captor's hands, landing roughly on the ground. His left ear and right eye came loose and skidded several feet across the classroom floor. The plastic spud, however, did not try to run. He only chased after his parts, soon surrounded by five of Lotso's henchmen.

Lotso sighed as he watched the escapade.

"Lightyear, explain to the rest our overnight accommodations as we clean this up." He commanded as he limped over to the ruckus.

"Sir, yes sir!" Buzz saluted and began to march along the cells. "Prisoners will sleep in their cells. Any prisoner caught outside their cells spends the night in The Box. Roll call at dusk and dawn. Any prisoner who misses roll call spends the night in The Box. Prisoners do not speak unless spoken to. Any prisoner who talks back spends the night –"

"In The Box, we get it." Jessie growled, interrupting the ranger's speech.

Buzz whipped around, a flame of ire erupting on his expression, and charged toward her cell until his hands gripped the bars firmly.

"You will follow orders or you will face the consequences." He hissed every word, eyes narrowing to slits.

Jessie wanted to yell, to scream at him until her voice box throbbed. How could he act like this, to her no less? He had never directed his anger toward her before and now he issued it with full force. She couldn't get a darn sentence out of him for ten years and now he was threatening her without flinching! She didn't want to just yell at him, she wanted to yell at Lotso –at the world –for bringing such circumstances upon her and her family. It took every ounce of her sanity to keep quiet.

"Nothing? Good." Buzz snapped as he let go of the bars. He angrily stared at her for a moment, as if considering something, before his eyes darkened unexpectedly. "And keep that loud mouth of yours shut."

That did it. He had gone too far.

"The one that needs to keep his mouth shut is you, Buzz Lightyear!" Jessie roared, gripping the bars forcefully. "Talkin' nothin' but stupid nonsense about something that doesn't even exist! Get your darn little head outta space and bring it back down ta earth for all our sakes!"

Silence descended the entire room after the cowgirl's vibrant outburst. She breathed heavily, staring heatedly at the dumbstruck ranger standing a few feet away. With his mouth slightly open, he gawked at her, frozen in his spot. Nothing came to his mind, not a word, not a thought. Yet, a vague image glowed in his mind's eye. A blurry veil prevented him from discerning the image's contents, but his chest suddenly felt constricted. What was going on?

"Big Baby, put the potato in the basket." Lotso's deep voice brought everyone out of the stupor Jessie's yells had caused.

The baby doll obliged and once again picked up Mr. Potato Head, though somewhat confusedly. The strawberry-scented bear slowly made his way over to the cells again, eyeing the cowgirl intently. Under his stare, Jessie began to feel very nervous and very vulnerable. She backed away from the bars, clutching her hands to her chest as all signs of defiance and anger faded from her features. Lotso stopped just before her basket and suddenly grinned menacingly.

"I think someone else deserves some time in The Box." He commented, his gaze unfaltering. "Don't you think so, Lightyear?"

The space ranger numbly responded to his name, still caught up in his previous trance. He turned to see his commander's daunting gaze upon him, awaiting an answer. His eyes quickly shifted to Jessie, her body suddenly trembling and her eyes wide with panic. Her attitude changed in a matter of seconds, but why? Buzz stared at her for a long moment as she stared back, her emerald irises shimmering anxiously.

"Lightyear?" Lotso ripped him from his thoughts. "I asked what you thought."

He continued to watch her uneasily. She silently begged him, pleaded with him.

'Please don't. Please. Anything but there.'


Buzz finally spoke.

"Whatever you wish, commander."